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Chapter Four

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"It was just a dream Vik!"

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Vikki leaped out of bed and ran downstairs, screaming the entire time. She made it to the living room and then stood there shaking. Quinton, Mia and Taylor ran downstairs, everyone in the living room woke upand finally Amy and Mikey came downstairs "Vikki, what happened?" Mikey asked, putting his hands on her shoulders.

"I just got felt up by Casper the pervy ghost, that's what happened!" Vikki yelled, running her fingers through her hair frantically.

"What are you talking about?" Amy asked, shaking her head in disbelief "It was just a dream Vik!"

"We heard screaming, what's going on?" Penina cried, bursting through the front door followed by Frank.

"What were you two doing out there?" Amy raised one eye-brow "Making out?"

Penina shook her head "No, I've been reading Rebecca Carlton's diary. It's really disturbing. And Frank was outside having a cigarette."

"Penina, Frank, there's a fucking ghost in this house!" Vikki cried.

"Vikki, watch your language!" Amy snapped "And it wasn't a ghost for crying out loud."

"It might be actually." Penina said "This girl Rebecca, her diary ends with her hanging herself in the attic."

"Eww some lady died in this house!" Taylor shrieked.

"And now her spirit is haunting the house." Raven grinned "Cool."

"No, it's not cool, we need to leave!" Vikki yelled "It's gonna get all of us!"

As they all argued, nobody noticed Buster padding out the front door "I wanna leave!" Mia cried, bursting into tears "I'm scared!"

"Hey, don't cry." Frank said, lifting up his daughter "It's gonna be okay, I pro-" Before he could finish his sentence there was a loud whining from outside.

"Buster!" Quinton yelled, running outside. Everyone instantly followed him even though they were all in their pyjamas "Buster!"

They all ran round the side of the house and gasped as they found a message on the wall. It was written in blood this time. It read 'Too late.'

"Alright, we're getting out of here." Mikey said "All of us. Now." They all made their way over to their cars only to find their tires had been slashed.

"Ghosts shouldn't be able to come outside if they're haunting a house should they?" Ray asked, running his fingers through his hair.

"SHE'S THERE! SHE'S THERE!" Vikki screamed, pointing across the field as she saw the girl with dark brown hair and dirt across her face standing in the middle of the field. The others turned around and found she was gone "I swear she was just there."

"Alright, everyone back in the house." Mikey whispered.

"We can't go back in there!" Taylor cried "It'll kill us!"

"Well we can't leave because of our tires and this thing is hunting us. We won't make it." Raven hissed "Now get back in the house."
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