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Chapter Five

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"If you make a circle of salt then the ghosts can't get in and hurt you."

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[A/N] - I've just realised Vikki actually got the part of Gerard's girlfriend but I've been writing her as Mikey's kid? ;/ I'll have to make Veronica Gerard's girlfriend now, I'm sorry! D:

They all huddled in the living room, all the kids crying now, even Vikki "Alright, I have an idea." Penina said "We need salt."

"Why?" Jennifer asked, raising her eye-brows.

"Have you never watched Supernatural?" Penina cried "If you make a circle of salt then the ghosts can't get in and hurt you."

"We have salt." Gerard said, running back into the living room and handing it to Penina. Amy and Veronica started stacking up the mattresses in one corner while Penina made a large circle of salt and made everyone stand inside it.

"It's not a ghost." Frank groaned as she picked up Mia "It's just some little hill-billy bitch who wants to scare us all."

"Well it's working." Amy said, shaking. She felt slightly better when Mikey put his arms around her.

"We just need to call the police." Frank told them.

"There's no cell phone reception." Penina reminded him "All we have to do is stick it out until morning and then we can leave. Why are you in such a bad mood?"

"Because it's so easy. We could just get a knife and kill her or something."

"Knives don't kill ghosts."

"It's not a ghost! There's no such things as ghosts!"


"Would you two be quiet?" Raven snapped eventually "Arguing and screaming about whether ghosts exist or not is not gonna help the situation."

So they sat down and were silent for a long moment. There was a clanking noise "What was that?" Vikki whispered, standing up slowly.

They all looked towards the corner of the room. There was a large wardrobe. The door to it slowly cracked open and a figure appeared. It was Lucy Carlton, the girl from the walls.

"It's okay." Penina muttered. Everyone else was silent "S-She can't cross the circle."

Lucy took slow steps towards the circle, her legs shaking "She can't cross the circle." Penina said again certainly.

Lucy walked closer and closer until she made it to the edge. She stopped just in front of the salt. Everyone in the circle moved away from her to the other side of the circle. Lucy took one step forward into the circle and Penina noticed a knife in one of her hands "I thought ghosts couldn't get into the circle." Mia whispered.

"Yeah about that..." Penina said. Lucy growled and raised the knife above her head "RUN!"
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