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Contagious Chemistry

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“Yeah, but she’s a self-satisfied evil motherfucker who hates anything original which begs the question why are you dating her? Normally she’d be fending you off with a pink and purple glitte...

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Chapter 5; Contagious Chemistry

And so I gave up and they dated for the rest of the year.

I’m kidding, of course. It was only Monday.

I didn’t complain. I didn’t really have much of a choice to do so, unless I wanted Mikyla to set a horde of her angry counterparts in their orange tan armed with hairbrushes and evil-smelling body sprays on me. And honestly, Mikyla and I had had a hard enough friendship all those years ago, so she pretty much went into a rage if I so much as breathed too loudly near her. God knows what she would say if I kind of admitted I had a bit of a crush on her boyfriend.

Oh yuck. Boyfriend. That’s a horrible notion. And here I was hoping he fancied guys.

But what I wanted to know is how she got her hands on him so quickly. Like, she snapped him up into her perfectly manicured pink claws - hands, even - in like, a fucking week. A week. Fuck knows how she managed that. Or why Kayleigh’s cousin - come on, he was related to Kayleigh of all people - would date the Queen Bee Satan of the school? I just couldn’t get my head around it.

I sat in English in silence that morning. Kayleigh had said Saturday, didn’t she? I mean, when Mikyla and Gerard... oh god, I couldn’t even think it without feeling sick. Dating. Ugh. How dare they. Maybe that’s why Gerard looked so weird when I was messing around with Marcy. ‘Flirting,’ as Phoenix put it.

And the evil thing is, Mikyla knew. I didn’t know how she knew, but she did. Um, that I might have possibly could have had a tiny teeny - enormous - crush on Gerard. She smirked at me. And not in the lethal and alluring and sexy and devastating way that Gerard did, not the sort of smirk that sends muscles into spasms and brains into jelly, more the sort of ‘HAHA BITCH’ smirk and sometimes with a bit of that ‘I will fry and eat you first born child’ smirk.

Her hench-women weren’t any better. The whiny blonde one from Germany especially, the one with the stupid pink bow tattooed on her wrist and her stupid blonde hair and stupid smile and the stupid way she was the stupid teacher’s pet... ahem. Perhaps it was my jealousy getting in the way. But instead of sitting with us at lunch sometimes Gerard would leave us and go and snuggle with Mikyla and the stupid blonde girl and her stupid boyfriend and all the other stupid couples and their stupid cuteness and here I was sitting festering in my own...

Okay, let me calm down a bit.

I sulked for the rest of the week. Well, sort of sulked at different parts of the week. There were moments when we had to work in groups or pairs that I wasn’t moping around like a hormonal teenage girl, where I’d forget that Gerard was in fact now off-limits, but then lunch or break or the end of the day would roll around and and I’d remember that Slut Bitch Queen From Hell... you get my drift.

“Hey Frank,” I looked up from where I leant against the school gates on Friday, waiting for Josh to drive by and pick me up to go to his place. Gerard was standing there, hand tucked in his pocket, an adorable sheepish grin on his face. I smiled.

“Hey Gee. Everything okay?”

“Yeah, I’m good. Why are you waiting here?”
 “Josh’s gonna drive by and I’m staying his place tonight. You know, I told you last weekend?”

“Oh yeah, I remember.” Gerard leant next to me and ran his hand through his scruffy black hair. My stomach did a funny little flip.

“Wait, so why are you waiting here?” I asked.

“Mikyla got held back to help with something, she said she’ll be out in two minutes or so. Thought I’d wait with you.”

“Oh.” I folded my arms at the mention of Mikyla, jealousy tugging at my insides.

“You really don’t like her, do you, Frankie?”

“What gave it away?” I spat, carefully avoiding his gaze.

“Oh you know, the general turning into a grumpy little elf whenever I mention her name and glaring daggers at her whenever she comes near you...”
 “Shut up.”

“Hey! You did ask.”

“Yeah, but she’s a self-satisfied evil motherfucker who hates anything original which begs the question why are you dating her? Normally she’d be fending you off with a pink and purple glittery pole with spikes on the end.”

“Because... I wanted to?” It sounded like a fucking question. I looked up at him, but by this point, he wasn’t looking back at me. He was staring off into the distance, or maybe at something just in front of his cute pointy nose, unfocused.

“Hmph. Well, good luck is all I’m gonna say,” I said as Josh’s shiny black BMW pulled up in front of the school gates. “Look, your choice man, and if it works for you, all good for you. I just...” Josh honked the horn and I stuck my middle finger up at him and hopped forwards.

“Hey, Frank.” I stopped moving towards Josh’s car and looked at Gerard. “I get it. You don’t like each other. I’m cool with it, you know? Sometimes people have enemies.” His gaze was sincere, and I felt a small smile playing across my face.

“Well, like I said... good luck,” I said, jerking my head towards where a slimy orangey coloured ‘girlfriend’ was making her way towards Gerard. He grinned.

“Thanks. Oh, Frank?”

“Yeah?” I asked, hand on Josh’s car’s door handle.

“We still on for Sunday?” Gerard was smirking slightly. Only very slightly, but looking right at me with his eyebrow raised. I saw Mikyla look between us two, her nose turning up slightly when she saw me. I grinned.

“Hell to the yeah. Meet you at Starbucks at 12?”

“It’s a date.”

I couldn’t help but giggle at Mikyla’s bewildered expression and Gerard’s smile. I waved at both of them and fell into Josh’s car.


I was at the Starbucks coffee shop at the edge of the park, halfway between my home and the school at 11:30 on Sunday morning. It was a beautiful morning, much to my dismay, which meant we had an excuse to walk through the park in the sunshine and all that summery shit (despite it being September) instead of sitting inside at home with a thunderstorm raging in the background.

I met Marcy on the way, who carried a backpack and a plastic shopping bag both stuffed to the brim of god-knows-what. I raised my eyebrow at her when I saw her in the park but she had just smiled knowingly and we walked along together in relative quiet.

“So what have you got in there?” I asked, nodding towards the backpack that sat by her feet as we sat in Starbucks.

“Just a few bits and pieces,” she said, raising the coffee cup to her lips. I rolled my eyes.

“Bits and pieces that you can’t tell me about?”

“The hair dye and some other stuff to make today entertaining.”

“I’m not even sure I want to know what sort of entertaining you’re talking about...” Marcy sighed.

“Foil. Bleach. Video games...”

“Bit of a change in materials there,” I said. “What else? Gasoline?”

“Not exactly.”

“But if you’ve only got hair stuff, why is there so much of it?” I picked up the shopping bag and began pawing through it. True to her word, boxes and boxes of colourful toxic chemicals - I assumed that the other stuff was in her backpack. There was blue, green, purple, pink, red, black...

“You planning on getting me to dye the entire town rainbow?”

“Well, you said Gerard’s coming around too. And Zoey. And you have your hair. And...”

“A simple ‘yes’ would have sufficed.” Marcy giggled and took the bag back from me.

We sat in the shop for another ten minutes before Zoey arrived, sun gleaming off her bright blue hair seen through the window which preceded her actual arrival. It was duller than it had been a week before but it was still pretty prominent. We were sitting in a booth by the window, looking outside at the trees and grass. But my back was to the window and I couldn’t see if Gerard was coming or not. I felt a little bit sick.

I didn’t know why. But there was of course going to be an incident happening very soon involving a very hot guy with me rubbing chemicals into his hair, a very hot guy whom I found extremely attractive who had a girlfriend that hated my guts... okay, I suppose I had reason to be a bit nervous.

“Oh, there’s lover boy,” said Marcy after another ten minutes, nodding through the window behind my back. My stomach leaped and I turned around.

He was walking along the stoned path towards the door to the Starbucks, looking just like sex on legs. It was really fucking sunny - which I believe I’ve already said - and so he was wearing tight skinny jeans and a tight black sleeveless shirt, showing off smooth pale white arms, hands tucked into his belt loops, black hair falling messily over his face, eyes twinkling over through the window...

“You’re drooling,” said one of the two girls sitting at the table with me. I blinked and tore my gaze away from the godly vision in the window.

“Oh God...” I heard Zoey and Marcy groan in unison.

“He’s got that dazed look on his face...”

“Do you think he’s okay?”

“Morning girls,” came Gerard’s voice from behind me. The little pixies in my brain squealed.

“You calling me a girl?” I asked, scooting over so he could sit down. He smirked.

“I could well be,” he said, reaching over my arms resting on the table and stealing my coffee cup. I pouted but didn’t protest. He looked even better in his casual clothes than he did in school uniform and so goddam lickable close up. He smelled faintly of cigarette smoke and bitter coffee and... well, he also smelled of sickly sweet perfume. Not the cheap stuff, because Mikyla was not a cheap whore - she was a really expensive one. The perfume didn’t suit Gerard. At all.

“Are you sniffing me?” he asked. I jumped and looked up and found his chin right above my nose from where I had inadvertently been sniffing his neck.

“You smell nice,” said my mouth. I didn’t mean to say that. Gerard smirked and folded his hands underneath his chin, raising his eyebrow at me.

“Look, before you two start flirting, can I just remind you that we have business that needs doing? My hair is awful,” said Marcy, waving her hand at us to try and snag our attention. “Plus Gerard has a girlfriend who will remove Frank’s balls if given the chance.”

“Oh, minor details,” I said, waving my hand about. Gerard laughed shook his head and shoved me lightly.

“You’re a fool.”

“I’m a beautiful fool.


“Guys.” Gerard and I looked away from each other. I blinked innocently.

“Oh come on Marcy. Lighten up a bit. We’re just messing around,” said Gerard, shrugging. I nodded in agreement because that is what we were doing, right? Messing around. It wasn’t possible that Gerard had actually been flirting with me, because he was evidently straight judging by the whole girlfriend factor. That’s what friends do, isn’t it? They mess around.


Now, there’s one thing I needed to remember. There was no romantic involvement with Gerard and I whatsoever. At all. Nuh-uh. So there was no reason to worry about accidentally mauling Gerard with a pile of toxic chemicals in the presence of my two best friends, in the same house as my very strict mother. Was there?

Let’s just say I never got around to doing anything to Gerard’s hair.

The sun was a brilliant shade of fucking intense blinding bright, so I did at least have that excuse for walking into things whilst walking next to Gerard who smelled so good while we were talking and laughing...

“You sure you’re willing to let me do this?” I asked as we walked, tilting my head and squinting so I could look at him without being completely blinded by the sunshine. Gerard looked at me.


“You know. You gonna actually let me fuck with your hair? I swear, Marcy has enough for the entire town, it’s ridiculous. Enough dye, I mean, but really...”

“I got what you mean.Well, I should say no, you did offer.”

“Yeah, but you agreed.” Gerard smiled and looked down at his feet. My stomach leapt.

“If I leave your house today and I still have hair, I’ll be very grateful. I’m sure you’re not that bad that you’re having second thoughts?”

“Well... yeah.”

“Oh, fine,” he said. “Hey, guys?” The two girls who were walking in front of us on the path turned around simultaneously and looked at us. “Frank and I were thinking of going to the music shop instead. I can take you to my Mum’s place she can do your hair for you if we go off?” Zoey and Marcy didn’t reply for a moment; they just looked at each other. Then they smirked at each other.

“Your Mum’s place?” I asked. Gerard nodded.

“She’s a hairdresser. Maybe she could give you an apprenticeship,” he said, a smile growing on his face to match the smirk on Zoey and Marcy’s face.

“Are you teasing me now?” I asked, folding my arms and pouting. Gerard widened his eyes and looked down at me. I continued pouting and staring him down, challenging him to continue teasing me.

“Stop eye fucking, guys. Sure, you go and get sweaty and naked in a music shop somewhere...”

“Zoey,” I warned, turning my gaze to her. She just grinned. I sighed and watched as Gerard smirked, scribbling a note from a page torn from the A5 sketchpad he always carried with him for the hairdresser’s his Mum worked at. I remained silent when he turned back to me, the little pout still on my face, watching Gerard. Soon enough, his grin faltered slightly.

“Everything okay, Frankie?” he asked.

“You’re bullying me.” Gerard chuckled.

“Hey, I’m allowed to bully you, silly,” he said and raised his pale hand to ruffle the black strands of hair on my head. I batted his hand away irritably.


“I know. Come on, let’s get to that music shop.”

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