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Chapter Fifty Seven - Love Is Confusing

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"Why did she get pissed? Is it 'cause she's got a thing for Curse or something?" Kobra wondered. He shook his head. "She was pissed 'cause I kissed her."

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A/N Heyo guys! This chapter's kind of on the filler side, but I've already planned out the next chapter and it's gonna be pretty exciting! ^__^ Thankies to YoshikiHide182 and Chemical_30 for reviewing the last chapter, you're both awesome! If you can, please review, I love seeing what you all think of the story so far and any theories on what you think is gonna happen next chapter are welcome! Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy! ;)

Chapter Fifty Seven - Love Is Confusing

Acid had trouble sleeping after everything Poison had said to her. She was extremely confused to say the least since he was acting so bipolar towards her, she just wanted him to make his mind up about his feelings towards her. Was that so much for her to ask of him? Since he was still hot and cold with her, she guessed that it was.
She didn't know why he had to suddenly develop feelings for her when he knew that she was thinking about starting a relationship with Curse.
After hours of tossing, turning and unsuccessfully searching for sleep, the phone given to Acid by Dr. Isoda started ringing.
She picked it up, still in bed.
"Alexandria, it is your mother." Her mom said.
"Hello, mother. May I ask why you are calling so early in the morning?" It'd only just turned five in the morning.
"Yes, I do apologize for calling at this hour, however I was hoping to get some advice from you, Alexandria."
"Advice on what, mother?"
"It is Andrew," her ears pricked up at the mention of her little brother. "I fear that something is happening to him. Andrew will not speak to me about the situation, however as I tried to comfort him and get infromation out of him, he started acting like he should be locked away in a mental asylum."
She instantly worried about her eleven-year-old brother. "What kind of behavior did he show exactly?"
"He pushed me away then started crying and screaming out of rage. He told me that I would not understand and said that I did not even love him and he did not love me. He would not stop talking about you, he said that only you could stop what was happening to him."
"Is he being bullied by other children?"
"No, I asked him the very same question. I have talked to his teachers, they have seen no sign of abuse from the other children towards Andrew. They even checked the security cameras, he is not being taken advantage of by other children."
"Did he say anything else?"
"He talked about your sister a lot, I think he is beginning to suspect that she is not dead. I fear he knows she is a Killjoy somehow and he wants to be like her."
"How do you know he wishes to become a Killjoy?"
"He has made it very clear he does not wish to work for Better Living Industries. He also talks a lot about rebelling against the ones trying to force you to become what you do not wish to be. While he has not told me directly, I fear that he is planning on leaving and becoming a Killjoy."
"Do you have ideas on what to do with him to stop this behaviour?"
"Yes, your father and I are considering the idea of putting Andrew on the Better Living medication earlier than expected."
Her eyes widened. "B-but mother, he is not yet of age to go on the medication."
She sighed. "I know, however we can not have him running away. While some children are harmed mentally by the medication if they are taken too early, Dr. Isoda does not think it would harm him since he is so close to the age of tweleve."
She started panicking big time. She needed more time to figure out a plan to get him out of Battery City.
"Mother, you mentioned that he said I was the only one who could take away what was happening to him, correct?"
"Yes, that is correct, Alexandria."
"What if I were to tell Devo," the Killjoy she who was supposedly with. "that I need to leave to gather more food, that way I can try to find out the problem with Andrew and solve it so there is no risk of the medication harming him?"
"Would the Killjoy not be suspcious?"
"I do not think so. I believe that I have gained more trust since the last time I visited you, father and Andrew."
"Only come if you are sure he would not grow weary of you."
"I am sure he will not, mother."
"When can we be expecting you, then?"
She thought about it for a second or so. She didn't want to leave straight away since Bandit was still a little upset Curse was gone. She wanted to wait a few days before she left the diner.
"Our food supplies should last for another three days, then we will need more. I could come then so he will not suspect anything."
"Very well. Thank you, Alexandria. I shall see you then."
"Goodbye, mother."
"Goodbye, Alexandria."
She hung up, sighing heavily while collapsing on the couch. The last thing she felt like doing was going to Battery City, but she was worried about her brother and as far as she was concerned, she didn't have a choice and she needed to go. She needed to see if her little brother was okay.

Ghoul woke up at around six thirty, expecting Violet to be wrapped in his arms as usual, but then the harsh reality of it all slapped him in the face and made him realize she was gone. She was fucking miles away from him and out of his warm embrace. His body craved her warm touch desperately, he almost felt like he needed it.
While he longed for her touch, he also longed for a drink so he lazily pulled himself out of bed and put a shirt on his tattooed body, hiding some of the artwork and words that were perminantly engraved in his skin.
When he got into the living room, he heard almost silent sobs coming from someone. He didn't see anyone to begin with, but he realized Acid slept on the couch due to the small amount of room that was there.
"Ace? Are you okay?"
She whipped her eyes clear of tears, looking at Ghoul and nodding.
"Yeah, I-I'm fine."
"It doesn't sound like you're fine, Ace. You wanna talk about why you're upset or . . .?" He trailed off.
"I don't wanna bitch to you about it and make you feel as shitty as I do."
"Believe me, with Violet leaving, I can't really much shittier than I already do," he laughed. "I don't mind listening, Ace."
Acid sat up, letting Ghoul sit next to her on the couch. He sat down.
"So, what's been bothering you, Ms. Oliveson?" He spoke in an over exaggerated serious voice, trying to get her to crack a smile. He suceeded and got a small smile from her lips.
She shrugged. "I guess it's a lot of fucked up things that are just getting to me. I mean first of all, there's Poison."
"Death's told me you've been getting kinda upset over him and he's been a dick towards to for a little while now."
"He's kind of stopped the whole absolute dick thing, but . . ." She didn't want to spill the fact they'd kissed since she knew that Ghoul probably had no idea. "I-I think I might still have feelings for him."
"Wait, so you're still in love with him?"
"I don't know. Sometimes, I think there's still some feelings there, sometimes I'm sure that there aren't. Then, there's my little brother. I just got a call from my mom in Battery City. He's hurting and he said he needs to see me, but my parents think he wants to be a Killjoy. They're thinking of putting him on the pills early because of that and I need to come up with a plan to get him out of Battery City as soon as possible without them thinking that it's me who's taken him. All I know is I'm going to Battery City in a few days to see Andy and convince my parents they don't need to put him on the pills."
"What're you gonna say to him? Does he know anything yet?"
"No, not yet. I feel guilty about it, but I don't know if I should tell him. I have a really strong feeling that he's not just some kind of trap into telling him everything, but I can't just go off of a gut instinct. Not when it could put us in danger."
"You really think he's your brother then?"
She nodded. "Everything adds up. My mom just found out she was pregnant when she died, my dad told me while he was still himself. They supposedly died eleven years ago, but Better Living did their shit on them and brought them back. Andy was that baby and he obviosly must have lived. But when I see him . . . I just know that he's my little brother. I can't really describe the feeling very well, I just know I love him just as much as I love Death. He's my brother and I need him here. Andy deserves better than Battery City."
Ghoul completely agreed. "He's only a kid, he doesn't need the shit they give him in Battery City. That's why I'm glad I got Jeremy."
"Speaking of Jeremy, you two seem really close."
He smiled. "Yeah . . . I guess you could say he's my kid since I've pretty much raised him when we brought him back here."
"He's a good kid, Ghoul. You're doing a good job of raising him."
His smile grew wider. "Thanks, Ace. You already know Bandit thinks you're a fucking saint, so I don't really need to say it. I know she loves Curse."
"Yeah, then there's Curse leaving on top of everything, which is definitely catching up with me now."
He nodded. "I know how you're feeling. I can't even begin to say how hard it was to say goodbye to her. After everything with Lo, I feel like I've become kind of clingy, but she understands. She knows how I feel about everything, she's smart, funny, fuckin' beautiful, insane in a good way and I think there's a chance I could fall in love with her and it scares me."
"Don't be scared to fall in love with her. I know it's easier said than done, but if you care and trust her as much as you say you do, I don't think you have anything to worry about there."
"If I'm being honest, I think there's a good chance I could fall in love with her. A huge part of me wants to fall in love with her, but the other part just doesn't want to because of past experiences."
She almost laughed a little. "I know how that feels for sure."
He smiled. "What about you and Curse? Are you two officially together or?"
She shook her head. "Not officially. He's asked me to think about a relationship, but he understands that my head's fucked up at the moment. He cares about me and he doesn't want to pressure me into anything."
"He's a good guy, so I guess this is me putting in my good word for him."
She smiled. "I'm sure he'd appreciate that."
He grinned. "You feel better after talking about everything?"
She nodded. "Yeah, I do actually. Thanks, Ghoul."
"Well you know me, I'm the fuckin' therapist of the group."
"I thought that was Kobra."
"Nah, Kobra's the spirtual advisor. I'm the therapist and the ears that're always listening."
She chuckled. "Well whatever you are, thank you for listening to me bitch about everything."
She hugged him as he wrapped his tattooed arms around her waist. "Thanks for listening to me bitch too."
"No problemo, Acie."
She arched an eye brow. "Acie? Please don't let that catch on."
He giggled. "I won't mention it to anyone else. G'night, Ace."
"G'night, Ghoul."

Kobra woke up the next morning, tangled in bedsheets with his fiancé missing from the bed. His eyes scanned the room to see her in a striped black and dark pink tanktop and denim shorts with black tights ripped at the knees. She was in the process of putting on her jacket as Kobra got up puting on some jeans and leaving the top half of his body naked. He snaked his arms around her waist while he burried his head in her neck, kissing it.
She smiled. "Yeah?"
"What are these and why are they covering your body?" He said, referring to her clothes.
She chuckled. "They're called clothes, Kobra. You wear them to go outside so people don't see your birthday suit."
"We need to take these off."
"We can't. I'd love it if we could, but we can't. The kids wanna go outside, but no one else is fuckin' awake right now. Someone needs to watch them, we don't want Guiden and Zack running off like they did the night we found Acid again."
He understood her point, but he still held her close to him. He loved holding her like he was doing at that moment in time.
He looked down at her stomach, remembering the time she was pregnant with their two youngest children, Guiden and Lacie, letting out a chuckle.
"What's so funny?" She wondered, smiling.
"I just remembered when you were pregnant with Gui and Lace and how you were so cute and cranky at the same time."
"I was cute and cranky?"
"You were cute and cranky. Extremely cute and cranky."
"I don't know if that's a compliment or not, but I'll say thanks anyway."
He laughed a little. "It's meant to be a compliment. You're cute when you're cranky."
"Well shucks, you're making me blush." She laughed.
She turned around, facing him so she could press her lips to his. His hands rested on her hips as they kissed while her hands gently cupped his cheeks. The kiss quickly heated up a little, Kobra's hands were freely exploring her back and her hands were tangled in locks of his blonde hair.
There was a knock on their bedroom door, but neither of them heard it. They were too caught up in the moment with eachother to hear it.
"Kobra, I was- oh shit sorry, am I interupting something?" Poison said as he walked into his brother's room to see him heavily making-out with his fiancé.
Static pulled away, looking at Poison awkwardly.
"Um . . . no I-I was just gonna check on the kids. I'll see you later, okay?"
"'Kay. I love you."
She pecked his lips once more before leaving the two brothers to talk. "Love you too."
Static exchanged a smile with Poison as she walked out the door, then he turned to his brother.
"So, I kind of need to talk to you about something." Kobra knew the tone in his brother's voice. It was troubled, something was wrong and or bothering him. Or at least, that's what Kobra thought.
"What happened?" He said, putting on a shirt.
"Could we talk about it somewhere other than here?"
"Yeah sure, we could go outside the diner or-"
"Could we go outside? I really need a cigarette. . . or maybe ten of them."
Poison didn't want his daughter hearing the fact there was a possibility he was still in love with Acid then get her hopes up that they'd get back together. He also didn't want to risk Acid hearing the conversation with his brother. She'd not reacted to it too well the previous time he'd tried to tell her he had some feelings for her that weren't dead, he didn't want her getting pissed or hurt again. That was one of the last things he wanted to do.

The second they got outside, Poison lit a cigarette, inhaling all the chemicals filled inside it. Relief filled him, almost intoxicating him.
"So, what the fuck's happened now?" Kobra asked.
He sighed, breathing out the smoke. "I fucked up."
Kobra paused. "Care to elaborate on that?"
"Look, you can't tell anyone what I'm about to tell you. I'm trusting you with this."
"Poison, you know you can trust me with a fuckin' secret. We're brothers and I wouldn't blab it to next person I see."
"I . . . t-there's a chance that . . . I think that I still may have some feelings for Acid."
"Like . . . romantic feelings?"
He nodded.
"Have you told her?"
He nodded again.
"How'd she react?"
"How do you think? She got pissed."
"Why did she get pissed? Is it 'cause she's got a thing for Curse or something?" Kobra wondered.
He shook his head. "She was pissed 'cause I kissed her."
"You fuckin' kissed her?!"
"Don't make a fuckin' big deal out of it or anything." The sarcasm was heavy in Poison's voice. "Yes, I kissed her."
"Out of the blue? You just kissed her?"
"It seemed like a good idea at the time!"
"How was that a good idea? After all the shit you two've fought about, you thought it'd just be a good idea to kiss her?"
"I don't know, it just seemed like a good idea."
"Are you even sure you've got actual romantic feelings for her, it's not just a physical thing or anything?"
"I'm about ninety nine percent sure they're actual feelings. It sounds stupid, but when I kiss her, it's different. There's electricity between us, there's history. Everything I felt before she was taken away, it comes back for a moment. It's like she never even left when that happens, it's like we're still in a relationship and we still love eachother. It's never felt that way with people like Pheonix. It's just been a kiss with hardly any emotion with people who aren't Ace."
Kobra sighed. To him, it sounded like his brother definitely had feelings for Acid, maybe even still love her.
"Poison . . . I don't mean to freak you out, but . . . to me it sounds like you're still in lo-" Poison cut him off.
"Don't say it."
"Why not?"
"Because I don't want that, I don't want love. All it's ever done is fuck me over and I'm not putting up with that shit again."
"You don't mean that."
"And how would you know, Kobra? You've got Static and you've had her for like what? Six maybe seven years now?"
"Because I've felt that before. Back when Static and I first got together, we were just friends with benefits. But then I got her pregnant with Zack, she freaked out and she left even though I was head over heels in fucking love with her. I said I was done with love, that I didn't care about it and I didn't want it anymore, but do you know what? I was the fucking biggest liar on the planet. I missed having someone and I wanted it back. I wanted Static."
Poison's head was spinning and he so desperately wanted it to stop. He had feelings for her, he was sure of that and he wanted her, but he didn't want love. He was beyond confused about it all to say the least, but he tried to push it to one side. It wasn't like he even knew if she wanted him back, he knew she had feelings for Curse. He just didn't know what to do.

While her daughter was outside playing with her cousins, Acid decided to spend some quality time with her little sister. She breifly explained what was going on with Andy and their parents in Battery City, but they didn't stay on the subject for long. They weren't in the mood to talk about it when they knew they couldn't really do much about it at that moment in time.
They were in Death's small room on the uncomfortable, worn-out matress Death slept on.
"So, how're things with you and Curse goin'?" Death asked her sister, smiling since she knew they both had feelings for eachother.
Acid cracked a smile. "Well, I guess. He's told me he wants to be in a relationship with me."
"I can sense a but coming along."
"But . . . I'm not sure if I want to be in a relationship yet."
"Why not? He's a nice, funny, attractive guy who clearly fucking adores you. Not to mention he treats Bandit like his own child."
"It's Poison, Death."
Death sighed. Ever since Poison had been acting like an asshole to her sister, she'd not really talked to him much. She didn't really want to since she thought it was pretty discusting how he treated her sometimes.
"What about him? He's been an asshole to you, Acid,"
"He's not really been shitty with me lately, if anything he's been nice. Plus there was last night."
Death's eyes widened. "What happened last night? You didn't have sex with him or anything, right?"
She shook her head. "God no, we didn't have sex. He came home earlier than expected. He had a fight with Pheonix so he didn't end up sleeping with her. We got talking and he said he wanted to try something. He kissed me then he just told me he had all these feelings for me out of nowhere."
"So he's still in love with you?"
She shook her head. "Not love, he just has feelings for me. I stupidly told him I still had feelings for him earlier that day, then he started telling me he felt the same."
"In my opinion, I wouldn't get back together with him. I mean it's completely your choice and I'll support whether you choose to be with him or not, but he's been hot and cold with you. Then there's Bandit to think about. If you two broke up again, it'd break her heart."
"I know. I've thought about this all before. At the end of the day, she's my main priority. I just want to make her happy."
"I know you do. I'm just not so sure you and Poison would be a good idea."
Acid agreed with her sister. "Yeah, I'm not so sure me and Poison is a good idea either. I'm not even sure if me and Curse is a good idea. I don't want to fuck out our friendship over a romantic relationship." Death completely understood. She felt the same way back when she was with Avenger.
"I felt the same way when Avenger wanted to be with me."
"So, speaking of your love life, you got your eye on anyone?"
Death shook her head even though she'd been with a Killjoy called Bleeding Stereo for almost seven months. Stereo was a little older than Death, he was twenty eight while Death was twenty. She didn't know if her sister would freak out a little at that and since she had a lot on her plate, she didn't want to put that on her shoulders too.
"Nope, no one's caught my eye, big sister."
She smiled. "They're gonna have to be pretty fuckin' special to be with you."
"I know they are." She joked. "I love you, Lexia."
"I love you too, Vaimey."
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