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Chapter Fifty Eight - The Truth On Everything

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Why were they talking about his dead sister as if she was still alive?

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Chapter Fifty Eight - The Truth On Everything

After an unsucessful attempt at trying to go to sleep, Andy got out of his bed. His throat was sore and desperately begged him for a glass of water to cure the aching thirst in the walls of his throat.
He shoved the covers off himself then lazily threw his legs off the side of the bed. His crystal green eyes looked over at his night stand, his clock telling him it was almost tweleve thirty at night. He sighed, wishing that sleep had just come to him instead of having to gather all the effort in his tired body to go down stairs and get a glass of water.
As he walked down the stairs, he heard voices coming from the living room. He knew it couldn't be right, his parents made him go to bed at ten o'clock every night then they got in bed an hour later.
He almost went back up the stairs, but curiosity took over him. If his parents were still talking at that hour of the night, he knew it must've been of extreme importance.
He tried to listen in and see if anything they were saying was interesting. They seemed to be half way through a conversation when Andy started listening.
" . . . she is still my daughter so of course I care. Has Dr. Isoda mentioned anything new about her?"
"Nothing new, however she had confirmed that she is still with the Fabulous Killjoys."
"She is still with Party Poison and the child? She has been with them all this time even after Alexandria is no longer with them?"
"Yes. Dr. Isoda believe she wishes to stay with the child since she does not have any other family in the Zones."
"The child, Bandit Lee, is five years old now, correct?"
Why where they talking about his dead sister as if she was still alive? She wasn't alive, was she? Andy had heard of a Killjoy called Party Poison since his father read about him whenever he was in the paper, but who the hell was Bandit? It sounded like Killjoy name to him, but he wasn't sure.
"Is Rosanna close with the child?"
"Rosanna was spotted about seven months ago with the child in Zone three, Rosanna was holding the child close to her and hardly ever let her go. Because of this, Dr. Isoda assumes they are close."
"Has Rosanna been searching for Alexandria?"
"Not to our knowledge, however we have not been able to keep track of where they are."
"She was searching for her for a long time after her death, but it is assumed that she is no longer searching for her since there have been so signs of her searching for her like there was a year after she had transitioned."
Transitioned? What the hell were they both talking about?!
"What about Party Poison?"
"He has never showed any signs of searching for her, not even after her transition."
"If that is the case, I do not think Party Poison, or Gerard Way if you prefer, is a problem. I have heard Gerard Way is now in a romantic relationship with a Killjoy named Blue Pheonix, real name Tiffani Lourcen. I do not think he would search for our daughter while he is with another woman."
"Dr. Isoda is just worried since she knows that Alexandria is spending a lot of time in the Zones and we cannot confirm that Rosanna has given up on searching for Alexandria. The chance of Rosanna finding Alexandria has increased."
Was Andy's supposed dead sister still alive? From the way they were talking about her, it sounded like she was. Andy had no idea what to think of it. Was she a Killjoy? Was that why they'd told him that she was dead? He didn't know, but he wanted to find out more than anything.
"Does Dr. Isoda still have plans for Rosanna if we are to find her?"
"Yes, she does. She still wishes for her to be like Alexandria. She would be an exquisite addition to the Better Living family, but Dr. Isoda is under the impression it would be hard to catch her. You see, Rosanna is in a romantic relationship with a very powerful Killjoy named Bleeding Stereo, real name Jack Brenden."
Andy knew exactly who Bleeding Stereo was and his sister, Fear Fighter. Bleeding Stereo been the headline of pretty much every news paper in Battery City about two years ago. He'd kidnapped the next heir in line to take over Battery City then trained her to become a Killjoy. He'd also come close to killing David Lufrini, that made him a hero among the Killjoys and one of the most wanted Killjoys.
Andy suddenly admired the older sister he'd never met for being his girlfriend. If she was with him, she had to be kick-ass which made a huge grin spread across his child-like lips.
"I had no idea she was with that animal." Karl growled, furious that his youngest daughter was with him.
"I know, I am very unimpressed by this."
"Has she ever done anything like what he has done?"
"She has not done anything similar, no. However it is said she helped him train the once future Better Living heir, Nicolas Dreizen."
His father sighed. "I am very disapointed in her. At least Alexandria has turned her life around. She has gone from being a wanted Killjoy to a hard Better Living worker."
Andy gasped slightly . . . Lexia had been a Killjoy? How was that even possible, she'd worked for Better Living for as long as Andy could remember. It didn't make any sense to him. Not at all.
"Diane, did you hear something?" Andy realized his parents must've heard him gasp.
"Yes, I did."
Karl opened the door that Andy was hiding behind.
"Andrew, what are you doing out of bed at this hour?! Have you been listening to our conversation?"
"N-no, sir, I-I just came for a g-glass of water." He stuttered.
"Andrew, did you hear your mother and I speaking?"
"Do not lie to me, Andrew. What did you hear? You mother and I were talking about confidential information!"
"Father, I didn't hear anything! I swear! I just came down stairs to get a glass of water." Andy's wide eyes were staring up at the man towering over him. He was clearly terrified of his father.
"Andrew, I-"
"Karl, he is only a child. Let him get a glass of water, then I will ensure that he is sleeping. If if makes you feel comfortable, I can lock his door."
He turned to his wife, nodding.
"Make sure he does not get out again."
Diane nodded, walking into the kitchen with her eleven-year-old son and watching him pour a glass of cool, refreshing water. She guided him to his room and when he was inside, she locked his door so he could not get out unless one of his parents opened the door.
Andy sat there, thoughts about everything he'd just heard were running circles wildly through his mind.
Had Lexia been lying to him about everything all along? Did she know everything his parents knew? While he didn't know if she knew or not, he felt betrayed. If she had known everything he'd just heard, she'd lied to him about so much over the years. She'd betrayed him and if that was true, he didn't ever want to see her again. She lied to him about the fact their sister was dead for crying out loud! He just wanted it to end. He was sick of the lies from his family, he just wanted to break out and leave it all behind him in his past.

Acid finished packing some clothes since she was getting ready to leave to go to Battery City.
Her daughter was actually pretty accepting about it. She seemed to understand that and didn't try to prevent her mother from leaving. Bandit knew it was to help her uncle Andy, so she didn't protest in the slightest.
In the past, Poison had been the one to avoid Acid like the black plague, but ever since Poison had kissed Acid, their places had been switched around. Acid never liked being in the same room alone with Poison for too long ever since he'd kissed her and confessed some of his feelings for her. She felt guilty for it, but she didn't know what to say to him and she was done trying to explain herself to him. All it ever led to was yet another fight.
"Mommy, promise me you'll be back soon and safe, okay?" Bandit said, looking up at her mother with huge, hazel eyes while snuggled into her side.
Acid kissed her forehead. "I'll be back soon and safe, baby. Don't you worry about that. Will you promise me you'll be good for your daddy and aunt Death?"
"I'm always good, mama." Bandit giggled.
"I know you are, baby. I know you are." Acid smiled down at her daughter, kissing her forehead.
"Hey, Bandy, you saying goodbye to mommy?" Poison said as he walked closer to his ex wife and daughter.
"Yeah, mommy's leaving soon."
"Do you mind if I steel mommy for a minute or two? You can come right back, B, I promise."
"Okay. Love you, mommy."
"Love you too, baby."
Bandit skipped away back into the diner, leaving her mother and father to talk in private.
"I know the last thing you wanna do right now is talk to me and I understand why, but I just wanna apologise. What I did was extremely stupid and I shouldn't have done it, especially after everything with Curse. I'm sorry, Ace. I guess that's all I can really say about it."
Her arms were folded over. "If you'd said all of that shit to be a few months ago, what happened that night would've been completely different, but that speach was a few months too late, Poison. We can't be together, we can't kiss, we can't do any of that anymore. It's too late for that shit now." She didn't want it to be too late, but it was. She had feelings for someone else . . . then again, she still had some feelings for Poison too.
"I know. I understand that now."
"But Ace, I just want you to be honest with me about one thing."
"What is it?"
"When we kissed, you felt that spark too, right?"
Acid nodded. "Yeah, I did. It'll go away, Poison. We've lived for five years without the spark, I'm sure we'll be fine without it and I'm sure it'll die."
It hurt him to hear that. He didn't want it to die, he never wanted it to die.
"Yeah . . . I'm sure you're right."
"I'd better be going."
He nodded. "Okay."
Acid softly hugged Poison before she said goodbye to him officially.
"Stay safe." She felt his breath on her neck as he whispered those words to her. If she wasn't so warm from the desert heat, she would've had goosebumps.
"Always do, Poison."
She pulled away, her body was still close to his. She decided to press her lips against his cheek for a moment, that was her goodbye to him.
She smiled at him then walked away to say goodbye to her daughter one last time before leaving for her brother in Battery City.
Poison sighed after she'd walked away. He wanted her and there was no denying it for him, not after their kiss the other night.
He felt like a complete idiot. He'd been telling her all this time he didn't have any romantic feelings for yet there he was, wanting to hold on to her and never let go for anything or anyone.
He lit another cigarette to try and relieve the stress. He would've gone to be with his daughter and watch his ex-wife's car drive away into the distance, but he wasn't in the mood for that shit. He just wanted all of the bullshit to be gone and out of his life for good.

Curse dragged his tired body off the floor, he didn't remember how much he fucking hated sleeping on the floor everynight.
Curse felt a yawn coming on when he heard someone behind him.
"Curse, be quiet." Storm whispered.
"Dracs are outside and there's an Exterminators car there too."
His eyes widened. "An Exterminator? Which one?"
"How the fuck am I supposed to know? All I know is that there's Dracs outside and there's an Exterminator's car too."
They weren't even being hidden by a small building, there were mearly two walls accompanied by a pile of bricks hiding them from the Dracs and the unknown Exterminator.
"There's only five official Exterminators in the whole of Battery City, what the fuck is an Exterminator doing here in the Zones?!" Curse's whispering was harsh.
Storm just glared at him. "Again, how the fuck am I supposed to know? I'm not the fuckin' dictionary or Wikipedia."
"Where is everyone else? Why is it just you and me here?"
"They're getting food and water."
"Why didn't we go with them?"
"Because Blondie didn't want to wake up her darling little brother from his beauty sleep and someone had to stay behind incase of something like this happening."
"Then why did you stay behind?"
"Because I lost at rock, paper, scissors." In any other situation, he would've chuckled, but that was no scenario to be laughing in. "They only left about thirty minutes ago, they shouldn't be coming back for another hour or so. That gives us time to try and figure something out.
Curse tried to see which Exterminator it was in the car. It was either Dr. Gregini, Dr. Fredrickson, Dr. Ludena, Dr. Lufrini or Dr. Crowne. It didn't really matter which one it was. The bottom line was that there was an Exterminator less than one hundred yards away from them.
"What the fuck do we do?" Curse muttered.
"I don't know . . . If I did know, we'd be fuckin' outta here. If those guys catch us, we're done for, Cursie."
"I know . . . should we call the Fabulous Killjoys?"
"How? They'll hear us and it'll take those guys at least an hour and a half to get here and that's if they step on it."
"It's worth a shot."
Storm was hesitant, but eventually nodded. "Do it."
Curse tried to send out a transmission without making too much noise or drawing too much attention to themselves. It proved to be difficult, but they managed to do it without them noticing.
"You think they'll get the transmission?" Curse wondered.
"I pray to fuckin' God, Cursie. I really do. If it comes down to a fire fight, you got a gun, right?"
He pulled out his bright green lazer. "New batteries too."
She nodded. "Good. You're gonna fuckin' need 'em."

Jeremy fiddled with the radio in Ghoul's room, desperately trying to find a channel with something on to entertain him for a little while.
"We need the fabulous Killjoys . . . If you're listening, it's Curse . . . we've got an Exterminator on our hands. We're hiding for now, but they're only a hundred fuckin' yards away . . . we need help, we're in Zone Two roughly a mile east from Route Guano hiding behind an old crumbling building . . . we need help."
"Ghoul!" Jeremy shouted, causing Fun Ghoul to rush in.
"What is it? What's wrong?" He panicked.
"There was one of those thingy messages, a transmission is it? Anyways, there was one of those from Curse, there's an Exterminator." Jeremy rushed all in one go. "They need help, they're in Zone two a mile east from Route Guano hiding behind an old crumbling building." Ghoul barely got what Jeremy was saying, but he got enough and understood what was happening.
"You stay here with your cousins and Dr. Death, okay? We've gotta go to Zone two, Jere."
"Can't I come?"
"Why not?"
"You're too yong, Squirt." Ghoul talked to him as he searched for his gun and jacket in the cluttered room.
"When will I be old enough?"
"When you can handle a gun."
"When will be able to handle a gun?"
"I don't know yet."
"Don't do anything stupid."
He cracked a smile at him. "Hey, would I do something stupid?"
"Yeah, you would."
Ghoul laughed. "Well I promise I won't this time."
"Okay. Love you, Ghoul."
"Love you too, Squirt."
Ghoul playfully ruffled Jeremy's hair before leaving the room to get Kobra, Poison, Jet and Static, who were all in the living room.
"Guys, we got an emergency in Zone Two. Curse and the Killjoy Bitches've got an Exterminator."
"They've got an Exterminator and they're still alive?"
"They've not been spotted yet, they're a mile east from Route Guano."
After that, everything was rushed. They all swiftly started putting on their bandanas, jackets and gloves while making sure they had their guns incase of a fire fight. Kobra, Static and Poison breifly said goodbye to their children before they wanted to leave, but Grace held them up.
"I'm coming with you." She knew there was a chance the Exterminator could be her father. He wouldn't shoot at her, she knew she could help in some way because of that.
"No you're not." Poison said sternly.
"Poison, I'm not three. I can make my own decitions and I'm deciding to go with you to kick this Exterminator's ass."
"That's the problem. We're not going there to kick the Exterminator's ass, Grace, we're going here to save our friends. If it comes to a fight, then that's what it comes to and we gotta be prepared for it. You're too young to understand shit like that, you just want to fight and it can get you killed. I'm not risking that."
"So it's okay for you to chose to risk your own life, but when I want to it's suddenly out of the question?"
"Grace, this isn't about-"
"Guys, this is not the fucking time to be fighting now. We've gotta go now so if Grace isn't coming, fine she isn't coming, but if she is, she needs to get her ass in that car right this second, understand?" Static said.
"Understood, I'm coming."
Grace grabbed her helmet, jacket and gun as Poison's eyes were bassically begging her not to come. She didn't pay the sightest bit of attention to her father's begging gaze.
They were all panicking in the car about the whole situation. This was an Exterminator they were talking about. They killed for fun for god's sake.
Grace hoped it was her father there. If it was, she could gaurentee everyone would get out of there safely. She knew he wouldn't hurt her or anyone she cared about if she told him not to.

As Lexia got pulled up outside her parents' house, her nerves were starting to get to her. She knew there was a possibility she'd have to tell her little brother everything about herself and her past. There was also a possibility she'd break down crying while telling him everything since there were some memories she'd much rather forget about.
She was still wearing an outfit that was more suited to a Killjoy rather than a hard Better Living worker, but she figured it'd fit into her story. Since she was supposedly in such a rush to get away from Devo, she wouldn't have had time to change into more formal clothing.
Lexia took off her seat belt and slammed the door shut behind her, wearing dirty white jeans, her black boots and a bright red leather jacket.
Her mother opened the door before she even knocked twice. She wasn't putting on a false smile for her daughter as usually would, she stood there looking like she'd seen a ghost.
"Thank goodness you are here, Alexandria."
"It is no problem mother. How is Andrew?"
"Your brother may have heard us talking about your sister and Bleeding Stereo last night," Who the hell's Bleeding Stereo? Lexia wondered "we talked about the fact she is a Killjoy and the plans Dr. Isoda has for her if we are to ever find her alive. Your father was furious when he saw Andrew was downstairs, possibly listening to our conversation. He has been locked in his room ever since so he cannot escape. Alexandria, if Andrew heard he could go searching for her. He could really become a Killjoy."
"Mother, calm down. As far as Andrew knows, Rosanna is dead. We must not blow things out of proportion, he may not know a thing about any of this."
"He may know, Alexandria. He will not tell us, but he will tell you. He is close to you, shows affection towards you and more importantly, he trusts you. You need to find out, Alexandria."
"I will, mother, do not worry. While I talk to him, I do have one request."
"Andrew would most likely be more comfortable and relaxed if we were to be outdoors as we usually are when I come to visit. I wish to take him out of his room."
Her mother was hesitant. "I am not sure that is a good idea."
"It will work, mother. Everything will go according to plan, I just need to appear normal to him and he will trust me."
She nodded. "If that is what you really need, then it is done."
"Thank you, mother. I shall talk to him now."
"Okay. His room his locked, here is the key."
Lexia hopped up the stairs, tightly holding the key in the palm of her hand. Her heart beat started increasing because of how nervous she was quickly becoming.
She unlocked the room then slowly opened it.
"Andrew? It is Alexandria." She said, still opening the door.
She saw her little brother curled up in the corner of the room. He didn't look up at her or even acknowledge the fact she was there.
"Andy? Andy, it's me."
Again, he showed no signs of acknowledging she was there.
"Andy, talk to me. You know I'm not like mom and dad, you can tell me what's wrong."
"Why are you even here, Lexia?"
"To see you, buddy."
"No, I want the real reason. Is it to try and brainwash me? Is that it?"
"Andy, what're you talking about?"
"You know exactly what I'm talking about. God, you're just like mom and dad, Lexia. I thought you were different. I thought you loved me." Where was all of that coming from?
"I do love you, Andy."
"No you don't. You just wanna keep me in the dark about everything just like mom and dad. You wanna keep me dumbed down so I won't ask questions or go looking for answers myself."
"I mean, how could you not tell me about any of it? You've been lying to me for what, five or six years now?"
"Andy, I've done a lot of bad things in my life. I've lied, I've cheated, I've hurt people I care about, I've even killed people before and I regret all of it. But there is one thing I'm not and that's our parents, Andy. I don't treat you like they do for a reason."
"If you're so much better than mom and dad, when were you gonna tell me that our sister, our own flesh and blood, was still alive and a Killjoy in the Zones?"
She sighed. "I will explain everything to you, I'll explain every little detail of everything that's happened in my fucking life so far if that's what you really want. But I need you to give me a little trust. I've told mom that you'd be more comfortable if we talked out side, so you can come with me and get out of this fucking room."
"How do I know I can trust you?"
"You don't, but I'm promising you that I'll tell you everything. No lies, no bullshit, just the truth, Andy."
He paused. "Fine."
"Right. You wanna go to the boarder line?" The boarder line was Andy's favourite place to go with his sister.
He just nodded and got up off the floor and left with his older sister.
The ride to the boarder line was quite, the only sound that filled the car was the news in Battery City.
"How've you been?"
He glared at her. "How do you think? I found out my whole family's been lying to me since I was born."
"You'll understand soon, I promise."
He didn't reply to her, he just waited until they got to the boarder line to speak again.
The second she pulled over, he wanted to know everything.
"This could be a long story, Andy. A really long story with bad shit in it that I might get emotional about so I'm sorry if I do, but this is all so complicated."
He waited for her to start talking.
"When I was born, the world wasn't how it is now, but you already know that. I was a normal kid, I had a mom, a dad, a sister, I went to school, I did my homework, I was just normal. There was nothing beyond normal about me or my life. I love my parents and they loved me, they would've done anything for me just they would've for our sister. It all changed in 2012. That was when the bombs hit and it changed everything. Most of our family died, it was just me, mom, dad and Vaimey.
"We struggled a lot to find the bassics like food, water, fresh clothes, et cetera. We struggled for a few years and in 2014, the year you were born, changed my life and it changed Vaimey's. Mom and Vaimey were getting food while dad and I stayed back. He was trying to fix his car when he told me that mom was pregnant with you. Moments later, mom and Vaimey were running back with Dracs on their tail and an Exterminator called Korse. Have you ever heard of him before?"
"Yeah, we learned about him in school."
"Well . . . they were chasing them. They shot mom and dad, but they kept me and Vaimey alive. I couldn't keep my mouth shut and I kept insulting him. Because of that, he . . . he did some bad things to me."
"What kind of bad things? Did he try to kill you or something?"
She shook her head. "He cut me with a knife in a few places. I still have the scars on my wrist and back," She pulled back her jacket to show her brother the scars. "Then he . . . abused me and he left me and Vaimey in the desert."
"Why didn't he just kill you then and there?"
"He thought it was too kind. He said we'd die slowly in the desert 'cause of things like starvation, but if killed us then and there, it would've been quick and painless. Vaimey and I became Killjoys. She was known as Death Day, Death for short, and I was known as Acid Bullets, Acid for short.
"We became pretty well known. Dad taught me how to handle a gun before he died and I was a pretty good shot. I killed on average about twenty Dracs a week, I even got an Exterminator or two back when there were more of them. I became on of their most wanted after that, but I was starting to see and hear things that weren't really there. I wanted to die, Andy. I didn't want to fight anymore and I tried to end my life a few times because of the voices I heard in my head. I tried going back to Battery City to let Korse finish what he started, I went back so he could kill me. They knew I was ill, so they took me to a hospital were I got better, grabbed pills to help me deal with my mental illness then I left.
"I found Death, but there was barely anything left of her. She was only a kid and she couldn't really defend herself so she hadn't eaten much. She was dying and she became mentally ill too. When we ran out of pills, I'd go back to Battery City, get them and leave again. We never really had much food, for a while we were almost like walking skeletons. I don't really know how we didn't die, but then a man called Dr. Death Defying found us. He took us in and treated us like his daughters. We stayed there for a while but because of my reputation and because I was a wanted Killjoy, I felt I was putting him in danger, so Death and I left again.
"We were getting more meds in 2019 when Death got shot. It was pretty bad and I didn't know how to fix it properly so we went back to Dr. Death for help. That was where we met the Fabulous Killjoys. You know who they are?"
He nodded. "Yeah. I don't know much about them, but I know the group name. Dad doesn't want me to know too much about them for some reason."
"There's a reason he doesn't want to. While we were there, I fell in love with one of them. His name was Party Poison and it didn't take long for me to fall in love with him. He told me he loved me when I was dying 'cause I was shot by Korse. I got meds and I got better, so we stayed together." There was a slight smile on her face as she talked about Party Poison and Andy could see it.
"You still love him." It wasn't a question, he already knew the answer.
She nodded. "Yeah, I guess I am still a little bit in love with him."
"What happened to him? Is he still alive?"
"That'll come into it later, buddy. Anyways, we had a few happy months together. He had a friend called Layla who passed away, but she had a daughter named Grace who he treated like a daughter. I guess all of us were like a family for a little while. We had to leave since we thought they found us. There's some stuff that happened that's not important, but we had to leave. There were other Killjoys there too, Andy. One of them was Poison's brother, Kobra Kid, then there was Fun Ghoul and Jet Star. They went one way and we went the other so it'd be harder to track us all down. Long story short, they ended up killing me, Party Poison, Jet Star, Kobra Kid and Fun Ghoul."
He rose an eye brow. "They killed you? How are you still alive if they killed you?"
"This may be hard to believe. As you know, they have cures for cancer, heart desease, stuff like that . . . well, they had a way of bring people back from the dead."
"Ha, good one."
"I'm being serious. They can bring people back, Andy. That's how mom and dad are still alive. That's what they did to us. They erased our memories and replaced them with fake ones. I was set to become Korse's wife whilw Poison, Kobra, Ghoul and Jet worked for Better Living. I met Poison again, we fell in love and had an affair. Poison slowly started remembering what was happening then the day I was getting married to Korse, he made me remember too. We went back to the diner and Death had an idea to take down Better Living, so we did it and we did it sucessfully. I died again and came back and I got engaged to Party Poison. His real name was Gerard." As she talked about him, she remembered how she felt, how much she loved him and would've done anything for him.
"We had an apartment together and life was perfect for us. A few months before we got married, I found out I was pregnant."
"Pregnant?! You had a kid?!" Andy almost screamed.
She smiled. "Yeah, I did. And I still do. We got married and the pregnancy was fine, but Isoda was still alive. She came back for me and almost killed me and my baby. Gerard found me before I was dead and he took me to the hospital. They took the baby out and we had a baby girl. Her name's Bandit Lee Way and she was, and still is, absolutely perfect. I recovered and didn't remember anything about Isoda."
As she explained it all to her brother, the feelings of how she felt about Poison haunted her. She tried shaking them off, but they weren't going anywhere. They were still there and they weren't moving.
She continued for a little while, explaining the tangled mess of her life. He didn't ask her questions until she got to the part where she was being turned into Better Living's weapon, when the chip was inserted.
"So they started controlling you?"
"In a sense, yeah. They told me what to do and I didn't ask questions. I killed whoever they wanted me to kill, I hurt innocent Killjoys and I left my family. I didn't even know who they were anymore."
"What changed?"
"Five years later, I'd just killed someone else. My car broke down and I didn't have an battery on my phone left. I walked for a while and tried to find someone but eventually the heat got to me and I passed out. You remember Kobra Kid, Poison's brother? Well, he had three kids, two boys and a girl. His two boys ran out at night and found me. Kobra knew who I was and he took me back. They took the chip out and I remembered everything, but I had barely any memory of the last five years. My daughter was five and Poison hated me. He didn't believe that I was still he, he thought it was all just an act. I spent a lot of time with Bandit, that's why I was gone for so long, but I came back and I met you and I loved you from the moment I saw you, Andy. You're my brother and I love you."
"You're still a Killjoy now?"
She nodded. "I'm still here to get any information I can from Isoda so if anything important happens, we can stop it."
"So Death's still alive?"
She nodded. "She's very much alive. We've also been talking."
"About what?"
"Getting you out of Battery City and into the Zones."
He smiled. "You wanna get me out of here?"
"Of course I do. I can't stand the thought of you being here longer than you have to, neither can Death."
"Then why don't we just go right now? We can just leave, I'll be in the Zones with you, Death and Bandit, it'll be perfect."
Her heart ached. "I can't. Not yet, Andy."
His face fell. "Why not?"
"They'll know I did it. They'll know I'm still a Killjoy and they'll come after me, they'll come after Bandit. I can't risk that yet, but I promise you we'll get you out of here before you're on the meds. You'll be with me and Death soon, I promise you that."
He felt a little hurt, but he understood. He was just one person, but at the diner they had a lot of people. They couldn't risk all those people getting hurt for one person, they needed to make a plan to get him out safely.
"Okay. I just don't wanna be on the meds, Lexia."
"So you believe me?"
He nodded. "I'm sorry I was a dick before. I just panicked."
"I know and it's okay. I understand completely, Andy."
"So mom and dad . . . they're not really themselves?"
She shook her head. "No. They were nothing like that before 2014, they haven't been themselves your whole life, Andy. They're not really the assholes that they're both being right now."
He nodded, trying to grasp everything that he'd just heard.
"Are you okay? I know that's a lot to take in."
He nodded. "I just can't get over mom and dad."
"I know, I find it hard to believe too sometimes. But Andy, I love you and when they're back to normal, they'll love you just as much as I do."
Andy wrapped his arms around her. "I love you, Lexia. I love you."
She didn't hesitate to hug him back. "I love you too, Andy. I'll always love you."
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