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Chapter Fifty Nine - Spilled Blood

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All he saw was the blood of his little brother mixing with the dirt and sand. He'd been hit and he was bleeding bad, really bad.

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A/N Hey guys, sorry it's a little late, but it's been a super busy day today and I haven't really had the chance to upload anything. This chapter's an exciting one, as I think I said last chapter, so I really hope you enjoy this one since a lot of shit's happening in it! Thankies to YoshikiHide182 and Chemical_30 for reviewing, you're both awesome! Please review if you can, I love seeing what you think! Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Fifty Nine - Spilled Blood

They arrived outside Zone Two just over an hour after they recieved the transmission. Poison went at a rediculously high speed, but it got them there as quickly as they could.
When they got there, Storm and Curse were all tied up by Dracs and the Exterminator. They knew they'd sent out a transmission and wanted to wait so they could capture the Fabulous Killjoys. The rest of the Killjoy Bitches where there, tied up just like Curse and Storm were.
As Grace climbed out, she was eager to see if it was her birth father there like she'd hoped it was, but it wasn't him. She recognized the man there, but she didn't know who he was exactly.
"It is so nice of you to join us, Killjoys."
Ghoul noticed straight away Violet was tied up. She looked terrified, but her expression looked a little more relaxed when she saw him. He wanted to run over to her, untie her and tell her it was all okay, his body screamed at him to do that.
"What is the matter, Fun Ghoul? Does this mean something to you?" He grabbed Violet's bright blue hair and harshly pulled it back. He brought his gun to her head, making Ghoul's pulse increase dramatically.
"Let her go."
"And why would I do that? She is a Killjoy, she is scum to me, just like you are. Why should I spare her life? Why should I let any of you walk away from here?"
"Why should we let you walk away from here? We've got guns, just like you do, Livanni." Static growled his name while raising her gun.
He laughed. "You will not shoot me, not when I am holding a gun to your close friend's head, sweetheart."
"Don't call her sweetheart." Kobra couldn't help but get a little defensive of the mother of his children.
Livanni laughed at Kobra for growling at him.
"Shut the fuck up." Grace muttered.
"I am sorry, what was that?" Livanni asked.
"I said shut the fuck up."
"Who are you to use that kind of language with me, child?"
She smiled. "I'm not a child, honey. But I'm important."
"How are you important."
"Call Lufrini."
He was instantly confused. "Exuse me?"
"Call David Lufrini, he'll know exactly why I'm important."
"How do you know David Lufrini?"
She shrugged. "Call him and find out. He'll tell you." Grace had a plan mapped out in her head. She was gonna hand herself over to them, they'd take her to David and he'd help her escape, just like he did before.
"Draculoids, make sure they do not escape."
They obeyed him as he called David, who confirmed that Grace was important. He wouldn't tell him exactly why, but David was a good friend of his. If he said she was important, he trusted him.
"David agrees that you are important and you are wanted by him."
"If I'm wanted, I'm willing to make an arrangement."
Livanni was intrigued. "Go on."
"You let everyone here go and I leave with you. I won't scream or protest in the slightest and you know David would be happy with you. He said I'm important, right?"
He was unsure.
"Or you could dissapoint him. I know he's got a higher power than you do, he's told me himself." She was speaking the truth. Out of all the Exterminators in Battery City, David was the most important and had the higher power over all of them. "So what's it gonna be? Are you gonna have a fire fight and risk your life or leave peacefully and make good ol' David happy?"
"You're not going with him." Poison insisted.
"I know what I'm doing, Poison."
They all turned to Livanni, waiting for him to either start shooting or take Grace.
"Fine. I shall take you to Dr. Lufrini, child."
Poison held his gun up and prepared to fire. "You're not taking her anywhere."
"It's not your choice, Poison.
"You're being an idiot, Grace. He's sending you to Lufrini for fuck's sake! You're acting like you have no idea what the asshole's capable of!"
"I know exactly what he's capable of and I know what I'm doing, so please stop questioning it and let me go." She snarled, wishing he'd just let her go. She understood why he didn't want her to go, but she wanted him to believe her when she said she had a plan.
"You're gonna get yourself killed. I never should've let you come here in the fucking first place."
"Stop treating me like I'm three."
She started walking over to Livanni, but he grabbed her wrist and lightly pulled her back.
"If the girl does not come with me, you will face a fire fight with me."
"Then so fucking be it."
Poison started shooting at the Draculoids first, but that was all it took for hell to break loose.
There were guns and laser beams flying everywhere, the Fabulous Killjoys were barely managing to dodge them.
Grace attempted to stop them several times but failed to do so. She didn't stop the Killjoys nor did she stop Dr. Livanni and his Draculoids.
As they shot at the Dracs and Livanni, Kobra glanced over at Static only to realize there was a Draculoid that was continuously shooting at her. He tried shooting them down a few times, but Kobra had to hand it to them, it was a sneaky little fuck. It ducked and dived whenever a bullet got close to them.
Kobra found himself getting frustrated with the Draculoid but a mixture of anger, adrenaline and panick cursed through his veins when he saw a second Draculoid shot at her. The laser beam was heading straight for her without her realizing.
He didn't have time to think, he just did what he thought he had to do and pushed her out of the way, both of them falling to the sand of the desert.
Static hadn't even realized what he was doing until they fell to the groud. He'd taken a bullet for her.
Her eyes widened and she screamed, "Kobra!"
Poison turned when he heard Static cry out his little brother's name.
All he saw was the blood of his little brother mixing with the dirt and sand. He'd been hit and he was bleeding bad, really bad.
Poison started shooting at the Drac who'd hurt Kobra then ran over to his bleeding brother and a crying Static.
"What the fuck happened?"
"What the fuck looks like happened?! He's been fucking hit!" She snapped. "The idiot took a fucking hit for me."
Kobra wanted to speak, but the burning pain in his stomach prevented him from lying to her, from telling her it wasn't that bad when it clearly was. It took every little ounce of strength he had not to scream out in pain because of the burning flesh.
Suddenly, the Dracs stopped shotting. Poison turned his head to see what'd happened only to find rage and worry burning in the pit of his stomach.
Grace had walked over to Livanni. She looked over at Kobra, guilt plastered all over her face.
"Is he okay?" She found herself asking.
"Peachy." Kobra managed to weeze out without screaming.
"I'm doing this for you guys, you'll understand later." She promised them then looked over to Livanni. "Promise me the Dracs won't hurt them anymore than they have."
"You have my word."
She nodded. "Kobra, hang in there. I've got a plan and I'll help."
He didn't reply, he couldn't even if he wanted to. They quickly drove away as the Killjoys got Kobra into the Trans Am.
The Killjoy Bitches followed the Fabulous Killjoys back to the diner. They needed to make sure Kobra was okay before they continued their search for Silk in the Zones.

Lexia took Andy back to their parents' house not long after she'd finished explaining everything to him.
Lexia convinced Andy to start behaving normally, that way she could gaurentee he'd be off the pills for as long as possible.
Andy wanted to hear more about the sister he'd never met so she told him all about her. She told him everything from her appearance to her glorious personality, from her likes to her dislikes.
Andy already liked the sound of her and couldn't wait for the day he'd finally meet his other big sister. He remembered the fact that she was dating Bleeding Stereo, who'd become one of his heroes.
"You gotta tell me, have you met Bleeding Stereo yet?"
Lexia was confused. "I don't even know who that is."
His jaw fell. "You've never heard of Bleeding Stereo?"
Lexia shook her head. "Should I've ever heard of them?"
"Yeah! He kidnapped the future Better Living heir and trained them to become a Killjoy. He's also almost killed Dr. Lufrini a few times too. You do know who Dr. Lufrini is, right?"
She nodded. "Yeah, I know who Lufrini is," She almost spat his name. "I remember meeting him a couple times while I was still being controlled. Anyways, why should I've met this Bleeding Stereo guy?"
"Mom and dad said he's been going out with Death for a few months now. I wondered if you would've ever met him before."
That just made her even more confused. "No, Death isn't with anyone. She would've told me if she was."
"Oh . . . I guess they got it wrong then.
"You never know. I'll ask her about it when I get back."
He smiled. "Lexia?"
" "Yeah?"
He chuckled slightly. "I'm going to the Zones soon."
She smiled, still driving in Battery City.
"You sure are, buddy. You excited?"
"Yup, I'm real excited."
"You'll be there soon, I promise."
"I know I will. You wouldn't break a promise to me just like I wouldn't break a promise to you. I love you, Lexia."
"I love you too, Andy."
As she pulled up outside their parents' house, Andy's face fell, realizing before he went to the Zones, he'd have to endure another few months in Battery City with his parents. Lexia noticed he didn't want to go in.
"Hey," He looked at her. "You'll be with me, Death and Bandit in no time. I know Bandit already loves you, so does Death."
"They love me?"
She nodded. "They sure do love you, Bandit's already calling you uncle Andy."
He smiled. "I'll be the best uncle ever. I can't wait to meet her, Lexia."
"I'll warn you now, you've got a few competitors for the 'best uncle ever' title."
"How many uncles does she have?"
"There's you, Kobra, Ghoul, Jet and Curse, so she's got five."
"I'll kick their asses and become best uncle."
She laughed. "I know you will, buddy. I know you will. I know you don't want to, but mom and dad'll be wondering where we are now."
He nodded, knowing he'd have to go back sometime or another.
"I'll try to come back as soon as I can but Bandit and Death don't like me leaving."
He nodded. "I know and I understand why. They worry like crazy about you just like I do sometimes."
Guilt ran through every cell in her body. "I'm sorry, Andy. I really am."
"It's fine. You've got a family to take care of. Soon, I'll be a part of that family too."
"You already are apart of that family, Andy."
He wrapped his arms around her. "I love you."
"I love you, too, Andy. I'll always love you, never forget that."
"I promise I won't."

When they arrived back at the diner, the first thing they did was get Kobra into his room and get their medical supplies.
Static was determind to stay by his side, but Ghoul stopped her.
"What is it?"
"Jet told me you're not gonna want to go in there."
"Why not?"
He opened his mouth to talk, but he was cut off by the sound of him screaming out as if he was being tortured slowly and painfully.
Hearing him pushed her over the edge. She broke down in tears, knowing it should've been her in there.
Ghoul hugged her then she decided to sit on the couch.
Zack ran over to his mother while his brother and sister managed to nap through the ear-splitting screams.
Zack panicked when he realized his father wasn't in there and there were wild screams coming from his room.
His mother was crying hysterically when he realized it must have been his father screaming.
"Mommy . . . where's dad?" He already knew the answer, he didn't know why he was asking her where he was when they both knew.
She looked at her son, but she wasn't able to reply to him. She couldn't even open her mouth and try to tell him where he was.
Zack's bottom lip shook then he wrapped his arms around her. Static held her son close to her, praying that Kobra would be okay. She didn't know what else she could do except hope he'd come out okay if not for her sake, but for their kids.
Violet almost ran over to Ghoul, panick and worry was all over her angelic face.
"I know how fucking stupid this question is, but is Kobra okay?"
He shrugged. "Jet doesn't know. He said he said he's gonna do anything he can, but there was a fuckin' hour and a half drive and he lost a lot of blood. Jet thinks he needs a blood transfusion but he doesn't know what blood type Kobra is and he doesn't have the equipment to give him a transfusion."
"Oh god." Violet's tears spilled over. She couldn't stand the thought of him dying, not after what he'd done for her all those years ago. "He can't die . . . not after what he's done for me. Not after he saved me." She shook her head, her brightly coloured curls bouncing.
Ghoul wondered how Kobra had saved her before, but he didn't ask. He just wanted to comfort her so he wrapped his arms around her shoulders and kissed the top of her head. She cried into his chest and he found himself crying too. Kobra was one of his brothers, there was no way he could die, not that way. Kobra deserved so much better than that.
Everyone was nervously waiting together except for Poison. He was in his room alone with his daughter.
Bandit wondered what was going on and why her father was crying, but she didn't ask him. She didn't want to ask him then make the crying even worse than it already was.
Her father just sat on his matress and cried. Bandit couldn't really remember ever seeing her father cry before. She'd seen him angry and a little upset, but she'd never seen him cry once in her life.
She climbed onto his matress and snuggled into her father's side, she noticed there was something bright red staining his clothes. Was it blood? If it was, whose blood was it? She had no idea but she was sure she'd heard screaming before.
They sat there for a while in silence as he cried. She didn't speak once or try to find out what'd happened. She just didn't want to make it worse.

When Grace and Dr. Livanni arrived at Better Living, the first thing he did was go to Lufrini's office.
As they walked there, Grace was in handcuffs and there was one Draculoid on each side of her, uncomfortably gripping the tops of her arms. Livanni had also alerted Dr. Isoda that Grace had arrived in Battery City. She was eager to question her, but since Lufrini had such a fascination with her, she decided it would be okay if Lufrini talked to her first.
Livanni opened the big, white door which had Lufrini behind it.
The Draculoids practically threw her on the shining marble floor.
"Fuckin' bastards."
Livanni laughed. "She is definitely a Killjoy with that kind of acid tongue. Not to mention the dirty clothes and poor choice of lifestyle."
"No one asked for your fucking opinion on my lifestyle, asshole."
Livanni ignored her comment. "I have alerted Dr. Isoda of her arrival, Dr. Lufrini. Since you were so eager to have the girl, she allowed you to speak to her first."
"Thank you, Dr. Livanni. I greatly appreciate it, really."
"No problem. Dr. Isoda is coming by in an hour or so to take her into questioning."
He nodded. "Thank you. You all may leave now."
Livanni nodded and all three of them left the room while Grace angrily picked herself up off the floor.
"Right, give me another one of those doctor coat thingies and keys to a car and I'll be on my way. I need to go as soon as possible, a friend of mine has been shot and-"
"Do you have any idea how idiotic you've been, Grace?" He said, completely ignoring what she was saying.
"How could you have been so stupid to believe that Dr. Livanni could bring you here, tell Dr. Isoda that you, a friend of the Fabulous Killjoys, had arrived and then expect to be given supplies to get out of here?!" He snapped, filled with rage.
"I thought that-"
"Dr. Isoda knows you are here. Dr. Isoda thinks I have never let anyone escape, Grace. Not ever in all my years of working for this company. If I let you go, she will know that I let you escape. She will become suspicious and find out who you are and your relation to me. We will both be punished and so will my family!" He shouted.
"So what're you gonna do? Just leave me in here? Let Isoda question me and then when I refuse to speak, let her torture me? You'd do that to your own fucking daughter?" She shouted back, completely unafraid of him. "I am not, I repeat, am not going to tell that bitch anything about my family! I am not telling her shit, not even if she tortures me, so let's face it, she's not gonna be interested in me anymore and she's gonna kill me. Are you gonna let her kill me, dad?" He almost flinched what she called him that.
David didn't say anything, he didn't know what to say to her.
"Yeah, that's what I thought. So get these goddamn handcuffs off me then let me go."
"I already said I cannot let you go, Grace. I am trying to figure out what to do with you." His voice was calmer than before, but he was still clearly irritated.
She sighed and felt incredibly pissed off with him.
"Look, a friend of mine's been shot and he was bleeding badly. He has three kids, a six-year-old and two-year-old twins. He's got three fuckin' kids that need him. Not to mention he has a fiancé, a brother, friends. He has a fucking family that need him. I need to go back there and help him. I'm begging you to let me go and help him."
"I apologize, Grace, but he is a Killjoy. He is my enemy and I cannot let you go simply because of that."
"I'm a Killjoy and I don't see you calling me the enemy."
"Well you are my enemy. We should not have ever even met eachother and I especially never should not have helped you."
"So if your two kids, my brothers, ever become Killjoys," he cringed at the idea. "you're gonna treat them this way? You're gonna let them be tortured by Isoda?"
"And you think I want her to hurt you? Well I do not. You are my daughter and I wish you nothing but happiness, but I cannot let you stroll out of here, Grace."
He turned away from her.
"What about mom, David? What about her, I am the only thing left of her. Her blood runs through my veins and I know you loved her. You were a complete dick to her, but you loved her in your own little way. You're gonna let the only thing left of her just die for no good reason?"
If David wasn't on the Better Living medication, there was a chance he could have cried at what she was saying.
"Grace . . . I cannot let you go. I wish I could but-"
"Oh for fuck's sake, fine. Just let her kill me then."
"Grace, I-"
"I don't wanna hear it. If Isoda's gonna fucking talk to me, let's get it out of the way. I don't want to sit here and argue when you're not even gonna change your fucking mind about this."
David kept his mouth shut and picked up the phone.
"Dr. Isoda . . . the girl, Grace Jeanette, is ready for you."
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