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Chapter Sixty - Hallucinating

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She almost drifted off to sleep when she heard a creaking door open slowly. She looked over to see Jet standing there, his hands and shirt covered in her fiancé's blood.

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A/N Heya guys! I've just realized that this story's at chapter sixty now. It feels like three seconds ago since I actually started writing Burn This City Down and now it's sixty chapters into the sequel! Thankies to Chemical_30 for reviewing the last chapter, I really appreciate it! If you can, please review, I love seeing what you guys think of it so far :D Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Sixty - Hallucinating

Dr. Isoda didn't waste much time after David told her that Grace was ready to go into questioning.
Isoda was eager to see Grace since she was heavily involved with the Fabulous Killjoys. She was even like a daughter to Party Poison, she was fully aware that it could be used to their advantage.
The second Isoda walked into the room with two Draculoids and two S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W agents, reality kicked in for Grace. He was really going to let it happen. David, her own father, was going to let them take her away and use her as they saw fit.
She turned to him. "You're a fucking traitor."
"My, my. The child I met several years ago has turned into the Killjoy she was unfortunately raised to be."
"What else did you fucking expect?" While she was talking to Isoda, her eyes remained fixated on her father's face.
David couldn't even look at her. When he looked at her, he saw her mother.
"I think that a part of me may have hoped that you were not as," Isoda searched for the right word. "vile as they are. You have kept a low profile all these years. I assumed you were not as much of a troublemaker as your adoptive father is."
David grew curious and wondered who her adoptive father was. He didn't remember her mentioning a father, had she just kept him a secret from him?
"My father raised me the best way he could. He taught me to rebel against the bullshit you and your company spurt out on a daily basis. He did a good job of raising me as far as I'm concerned and he's gonna do an even better job of raising his and Lexia's daughter. Do you remember what you did to her?"
"We must leave now, Miss Jeanette."
"Fine," Grace looked at David one last time before letting them take her away. "I can't even tell you how disappointed my mother would be in you right now."
He hung his head in shame. "Goodbye, Miss Jeanette."
She spat on the floor. "Fuck you and fuck your goodbies."
The two Draculoids grabbed Grace and harshly pulled her out of the room and down the hallways.
She tried to pull herself away from them a few times, but she failed to run away from them and go back to the Zones.
They threw her into a brightly lit room with a table and chairs with a one way glass on the wall.
"Please, take a seat and make yourself as comfortable as possible, Miss Jeanette."
Grace glared before taking a seat.
"Well, I do believe you have some questions to answer for me."
"And if I refuse?"
She smiled and took a tube of pills out of her pocket. She put them down on the table.
"The fuck are they? Your pills that kill emotions?"
"No. This is my most recent invention. When they're taken, they twists and distorts people's minds. It makes them see and hear things that are not really there, it makes them see terrible things, Miss Jeanette. It makes people see things that they would much rather forget. They also come in the form of injections, which is obviously much easier to give to someone when they rufuse to answer questions."
"It's to torture me."
"Well done for figuring that out."
She continued to glare. "I don't care what you do to me. I'm not ratting out my family to you."
"I have not even told you what I wish to know."
"You don't have to. You want my family, the Fabulous Killjoys in particularly. I know you want them dead and I know where they are. You want to know that. You can make me see whatever the fuck you want, I'm not going to tell you a single fucking thing about them, bitch."
"Well then, we had better get started."

After hours of crying and wondering if her fiancé was going to live, Static managed to calm down a little by the time it was pitch black outside.
Since they were low on their medical supplies, it was taking a lot longer than usual for them to see to Kobra's wounds from getting shot during their encounter with Dr. Livanni and his Draculoids.
Static was curled up on the couch, Zack and Guiden were sleeping in their room while her daughter was snuggled into her side.
Lacie looked up at her mother, her wide, innocent eyes were the same emerald green as her Static's were.
"Mama, I ask you somethin'?"
"Anything, honey."
"Daddy gonna be okay?"
If there were any tears left to cry, she'd be in histerical tears again. Her two-year-old daughter shouldn't have to ask if her father was going to be okay after being shot in the stomach.
"I-I don't know, sweetie. I don't know."
"Daddy hurting?"
"Daddy's hurting a little, baby."
"What happen?"
"Something bad. Someone else was gonna get hurt, but daddy was brave and tried to stop it from happening. Daddy got hurt instead of someone else, baby."
"That's no fair, mama. Daddy was helping."
"You're right. It's not fair, sweetie."
Static soothingly stroked locks of her daughter's hair while she tried to keep her tired eyes open.
She almost drifted off to sleep when she heard a creaking door open slowly. She looked over to see Jet standing there, his hands and shirt covered in her fiancé's blood.
She carefully moved and got off the couch so she didn't wake her peacefully sleeping daughter.
"What's happened? How bad is it? Is he okay? I mean, I-" She panicked.
"Static, try and calm down."
She nodded, taking deep breaths. "Okay, sorry."
"Well, the good news is he's stable right now and he's resting."
"I'm sensing there's bad news."
"But the bad news is . . . I didn't have enough supplies so I obviously couldn't do certain things like clean the wound. With the environment we're in, there's a fifty fifty chance it could get infected. If it gets infected-"
"He could die." She finished for him.
He nodded.
"Well then I guess we need to get more meds. I'm not gonna just sit here and watch him die when I know I could've done something about it."
"Static, you know what happened last time we went."
"That was a one off thing."
"Ghoul almost died, so did you and Kobra."
"Jet, you don't understand. This is Kobra, I can't just sit here and watch him die. I'm not just thinking about him, I'm thinking about our kids too. They can't lose their dad, Jet. They can't."
"Static, what if that happened again but you actually got caught and died? I'm not trying to sound like an asshole here, I mean I want him to live too. He's my brother, but you need to think about yourself too. What if, god forbid, Kobra didn't make it and you died trying to save him? Zack, Lacie and Guiden'd be left without both of their parents."
"What about Acid? She's in Battery City still, what if we get in touch with her and tell her to get some meds? She could help Grace, too, since she's stuck with Lufrini in Battery City."
Jet paused, considering the idea for a moment. "It could work. Do we have the cell phone?"
Static looked through dirty piles of clothes that couldn't be worn anymore due to the amout of rips and tares and found a pair of jeans she thought the phone was in.
She tried getting in touch with Acid, begging that she'd be able to help. If she couldn't, she didn't know what she'd do.
After the phone rining several times, it was answered by a very tired sounding Acid.
"Hello?" She almost moaned in frustration at the person who'd dared to interupt her beauty sleep.
"Acid, it's me, it's Static."
"Hey, Static. Is something wrong?" The frustration in her voice faded and sounded calmer.
"Actually, yeah. We need help."
"What's happened?"
"The Killjoy Bitches had trouble in Zone two with Dracs and an Exterminator."
Acid instantly panicked, her thoughts going immidately to Curse and his well being. "Holy fuck, are they okay?"
"Y-yeah, they're fine . . . it's Kobra and Grace who aren't. I was gonna get shot and like the idiot he is, he took the fucking bullet for me and got himself shot in the stomach. And Grace . . . we don't know what's going on with her, but remember when she was kidnapped by Lufrini?"
Even though Static couldn't see her, Lexia nodded. "Yeah, I remember that."
"Well, I don't know what happened while she was there, but Lufrini seems to want her so she traded herself for our safety and now she's stuck in Battery City with him. We were wondering if you could try to get meds and get Grace back. We just don't know what else to do." She started to get a little emotional again.
"I can guarantee meds, Isoda lets me take them incase something were to happen to me in the Zones, but with Grace it's gonna be hard. All I can do is promise to try and get her back, but this is Lufrini we're talking about."
"I know. All we can ask is for you to try."
"Okay, I'll try."
"God, thank you so fucking much. I honestly can't say how thankful I am, Ace."
"Don't mention it, Static. I'll be back tomorrow night, okay? Just tell Kobra to hang on and I'm coming."
"Thank you."
With that, they both hung up.

At around noon in the Zones, Curse woke up feeling great after sleeping on a warm, comfortable matress instead of the cold, dirty floor of the desert ground.
He yawned and stretched out his arms, recalling what'd happened the day before his glorious sleep.
He pulled himself off the matress and onto his feet then started walking into the living room where he saw Bandit drawing by herself on the floor.
To begin with, Bandit didn't even notice Curse had walked into the room. She was too caught up in trying to draw a picture for her father to cheer him up after what'd happened the day before. Bandit still had no idea what'd even happened, but she knew it must've been bad if her father was crying.
"Hey, B, what're you doin'?"
She looked up to see him, a smile spreading quickly across her face. "Uncle Curse!"
She got up and wrapped her arms around his legs since she wasn't tall enough to hug him properly.
"Hey, B."
"Mama said you wasn't comin' back for a little while. Are you back for good now, uncle Curse?"
"No, not for good, B. We're just here to make sure your uncle Kobra's okay."
Bandit frowned. "What happened to uncle Kobra? Is he okay?"
Curse realized that no one told her what'd happened yet. He instantly felt guilty, but he didn't want to be the person to tell her that there was a strong possibility her uncle was going to die.
"Your uncle Kobra . . . he got hurt yesterday, B."
"Is that why daddy was cryin'?"
Curse just nodded. "I think so, B. Was your dad upset?"
She nodded. "He was cryin' but I didn't ask what happenin'. I didn't wanna make it worse, uncle Curse."
"I know you didn't, B. I know you didn't. I was wondering-" Before Curse could finish, Bandit's father walked in. Curse couldn't lie, he looked like an absolute mess. His skin was ghostly pale, his bright red hair was heavily matted, there were thick bags under his eyes from lack of sleep, he was still in the same clothes from yesterday and he quite frankly, looked like he'd been to hell and back.
The thing that bothered Curse the most was that his eyes were extremely bloodshot. He just hoped it was because of the amount of sleep he had and because of tears rather than him being hungover. The last thing they all needed was for Poison to be drinking again.
"Morning." Curse said.
Poison just glanced at him for a moment, not saying a word. He just walked into the kitchen and picked up a bottle of water.
Curse looked at Bandit then nelt down so he was on her level.
"Hey, B, do you wanna go play with Jeremy while I talk to your dad?"
She frowned. "Can't I stay with you an' daddy?"
"We just need a grown-up talk for a minute, then you can come back okay?"
"Is it about uncle Kobra?" Bandit's voice was full of sadness when she mentioned her uncle. She knew something had happened to him.
Hearing his daughter say that made Poison realize that Curse told her about what'd happened. The anger burned in his veins. Curse didn't have the right to tell his daughter about what'd happened to his brother. Just because he liked Acid and just because she liked him back, that didn't give him the right to act like her father. Poison was her father, not him for fuck's sake.
Poison found all of his anger being directed on Curse, even though it wasn't his fault what'd happened to his brother or Grace.
"Okay." Bandit said, defeated.
Curse smiled and hugged her one last time before she left.
As Poison stood in the kitchen with his back turned to Curse, he could hear his footsteps getting closer and closer.
"Poison, we need to talk-"
"There's nothing to talk about."
"Are you kidding me? There's so fuckin' much shit that needs to get talked out right now."
"Well I'm sorry, but I'm not in the fuckin' mood to talk about it."
Poison was about to walk away, but Curse gripped onto the top of his arm.
Poison glared at him and growled, "Get your hands the fuck off of me."
"We need to talk." He repeated.
"And I said I don't want to."
"Well that's the thing, sometimes you don't always get what you want. Now let's just get this talk out of the way and we can move on with our lives."
"Fuck you, I don't need this shit."
"What happened to us?"
"You heard me, what happened to us? We used to be friends. We could talk to eachother, we could share a few laughs and now . . . now you're struggling to even say one word to me without getting pissed off."
"That all changed when you decided you wanted to fuck my ex-wife."
Poison's anger started spreading into Curse. "Don't talk about it that way, that's not how it is."
"Then how is it?"
"Look, right now you're pissed and you're looking for a reason to fight. Just calm down and let's talk."
"Just answer my question."
"I care about her, there's nothing more to it."
"Do you love her?"
"Are you in love with Acid, yes or no?"
He paused. He didn't know the answer. Curse knew he cared about her, he cared a lot but he didn't know about love yet.
"You are, aren't you?"
"It's really none of your business. We're getting off topic here, we need to talk about what's happened with Kobra and Grace. If you really fucking want to, we can just fight about how I feel for Acid later, but right now we've got more important shit to be focusing on, you got it?"
He sighed. "Fine, we'll discuss it later."
"I need to ask you something. Last night . . . were you drinking?"
He found hiself getting irritated by Curse again very quickly. "You're accusing me of drinking?"
"Not to offend you, but you like crap. The last time I saw you like this was when you were drinking and you'd wake up every morning with a hangover from hell. I just wanna know if you're drinking 'cause of what happened to Kobra and Grace."
"Well, I didn't touch a drop of that shit so you can stop worrying about that now, Curse."
"Good. That's the last thing we all need right now."
"I know it is, I'm not stupid. I wouldn't go something like that, not when my family needs me."
"Good. It'd better stay that way."

When Ghoul woke up, he half expected to be alone with Violet missing from the bed as usual, but then he realized he could feel the warmth of someone else's body on his skin. He remembered what'd happened from yesterday. While he wanted to be overwelmed with joy at the fact Violet was with him again, he couldn't. Not while Grace was in Battery City and not while Kobra was dying.
He snuggled into her, planting a soft kiss on her shoulder.
Violet felt his kiss and turned around to face him.
"G'morning." He said.
"Morning." She kissed him for a breif moment, but she didn't look particularly happy to him like she usually did. The little gleam in her eyes was missing and so was her warm, comforting smile.
"Are you okay?"
"I'm happy to be here with you, but I just can't help but think of the circumstances. Grace is in Battery City with Lufrini and Kobra might be dying. I guess I just can't really stop thinking about that."
He understood completely, he even agreed with her.
"I know. I wish the circumstances were better, too. Did you even find anything on Silk while you were gone?" He hoped they had since that meant they could follow that lead and come back sooner.
She shook her head. "No, we didn't have time to. I already know Storm's gonna want to leave the second we know Kobra and Grace are okay. She fucking hates wasting time when we've got any kind of information."
He nodded, sadly.
"Do you think this'll ever end?"
He smiled slightly. "You're gonna have to be a little more specific than that, Vi."
"Do you think Better Living'll ever end?"
He sighed. "I hope so, but I can't say for sure. We tried to take them down once, we even suceeded for a little while, but it came back. So I guess what I'm say is, I don't know. I wish I did, but I don't."
"I wanna be normal someday."
"I think we all do."
He kissed her forehead and held her close to him for a little while.
"If we ever get to be normal, I think that I want to be normal with you."
She smiled. "Yeah. I want that too, Ghoul. I want that too."

Grace tried to focus on what was going on around her, but it was extremely hard since she'd been injected several times with Isoda's poisons.
Her vision was blurred and she felt uncomfortably warm. A layer of sweat was starting to build up on her skin, but she couldn't do anything about it. Her arms were strapped to the chair and she couldn't move since the injections made her weak.
"Gracie," A faint, familiar voice whispered. "Gracie, it's me." The voice was slowly getting louder and clearer. If she didn't know any better, she would've said that it was her mother.
She looked around the unclear room for a moment, trying to see if there was a face to the voice she could hear.
"Gracie, it's me. It's your mom." A blurred figure walked out from behind Grace. They started to become slightly clearer to her.
When the figure was clear as day to her, she tried hard not to freak out. The person standing in front of her was how her mother looked when she died. There was a bullet wound in her chest and blood leaking out of it, the blood stained her dirty clothes and dripped onto the white, shining floor.
"M-mom . . . fuck, you're not real. You're not real. I'm hallucinating right now, I know I am."
"No. You're not real." She looked down, refusing to look at her.
"Grace Danielle Jeanette, look at me." Her voice was still calm as she leaned in, getting closer to Grace.
She looked up only to wish that she hadn't. Her mother's eyes were vacant and stained and her skin was deathly pale. She looked down again, she didn't want to remember her mother like that. That was the whole reason Poison wouldn't let Grace see her mother's body after she'd died. He wanted Grace to remember her mother as the person she was. He wanted her to remember her as the girl who was full of life. Not as a corpse.
"Grace, I just want to talk. That's all."
"Grace, look at me."
"I said no!"
"Why, Grace?"
"Why what?"
"Why did you do this to me?"
"I didn't do anything to you."
"But you did. Don't you remember, sweetheart? You were there the day I was killed, the day I was murdered because of you. I died trying to protect you, a stupid kid who got in the way when I was just trying to do my job as a Killjoy."
"I didn't do anything!" She screamed. "God, why am I even talking to you. You're not even really there, my mother's dead and in a better place now. I know she loved me."
"But did I love you? I want you to think about it, Grace. You took everything away from me. Absolutely everything. I mean, when I found out I was pregnant, I told David. He was supportive to begin with, as you know, but then things changed. He didn't want me anymore because I was knocked-up with you. I lost the one person I ever actually fell in love with because of you."
Grace said nothing.
"Then there's my family. I lost them because of you, too. I knew if I told my step dad he'd beat me. He'd hurt me because you were growing in my stomach. My mom would be just as pissed too, she'd disown me completely. My dad would've wanted nothing to do with me anymore. If he didn't see me, I wouldn't have been able to see Iris and Claudia anymore. You know, they were like sisters to me once upon a time. But then I was forced to runaway because of you. I lost them, just like I lost everyone else. Do you know how that feels knowing you're alone with a bastard child you don't want?"
Grace started crying silently. She knew it wasn't her mother, but it didn't stop the tears from falling down her cheeks.
"Aw, you're crying? Is Gracie upset?"
"Shut the fuck up."
"Does little Gracie think she has problems? Try having mine."
"Do you wish for us to stop it, Miss Jeanette?" Dr. Isoda's voice said, but it sounded distant to her. "If you tell us where your family is, we can make it stop right this second, Grace. All you have to do is tell us where they are."
Her dead mother stared her in the eyes. "You gonna tell her to stop, Gracie, and make me go away?"
Grace looked between her mother and Isoda. She knew what she had to do.
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