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Chapter Sixty One - Rescued

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With most Killjoys, they put them in the cells and they'd be exterminated almost straight away. But Grace wasn't most Killjoys.

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A/N Hey guys, sorry I'm posting this later than usual but it's been such a fucking busy week again filled with stress, panicking and all good shit. Because of all that, I've barely had any time to write. Fingers crossed this week'll be calmer the past few so I can do more writing and post a chapter on time. Thankies to Chemical_30 and YoshikiHide182 for reviewing the last chapter, it's much appreciated guys! If you can, please review, I love seeing what you think about it so far. Any theories on what you think might happen in the future are than welcome! Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Sixty One - Rescued

Curse sat awkwardly in the diner with Poison facing him. Neither of them looked eachother or even breathed a word.
The atmosphere was thick and heavy in the room and it was beginning to get to Curse.
"Any news on Kobra?" He asked.
"He's the same for a few hours now. Jet says he's stable for now."
"Is that a good thing?"
Poison shrugged. "I don't know. He still needs meds and a blood transfusion, so I guess it doesn't really matter that he's been the same for a few hours now."
Curse nodded, but the awkward air was quickly returning to the room.
"So . . . how is she?"
"How's who?"
"She's fine. She's in Battery City right now getting meds for Kobra."
"Is she alone?"
Poison simply nodded, refusing to make eye contact with him.
"She could get into trouble, it's dangerous for her there."
"Lexia's been there on her own before, she'll be fine. She always is."
"You know it's not safe for her there, Poison. Why do you let her go? You know they could find out she'd not really herself at any time? What'd happen to her then?"
"We're not forcing her to go. She wanted to go. I've said this before, she can make her own choices, Curse. If you tell her she can't do something, she'll fight like hell against you to prove that she can and she will. I mean, I should know, we were married for Christ's sake." He almost chuckled a little.
"Can I ask you something? It's a little personal."
"You can ask but if it's too personal, I can promise an answer to it, Curse."
"Do you . . . do you ever miss her?"
"Does she ever feel the same way?"
He shrugged. "I guess you'd have to ask her."
"Do you think she ever feels the same way?"
"I think she misses loving someone, but I don't think she actually misses being in love with me. Why do ask?"
He shrugged. "I don't know. I mean once upon a time, you two were as serious as a relationship could get. I just wondered if I was getting in the way of that."
"Curse, I don't know if you've noticed, but we haven't been together for five, almost six, years now. We're not together anymore and we don't love eachother anymore, we haven't for years. You're not getting in the way of anything." It wasn't all a lie, but he still had feelings for her.
"I just wouldn't want to do that. I know how it feels to have your family ripped apart by something like that. I don't want to do that to Bandit."
"You're not doing anything to her that's hurting her, believe me if you were, I would've said something about it and kicked your ass by now." He tried to lighten the mood a little, making Curse smile a little.
"I miss us being friends, y'know."
Poison nodded. "Yeah . . . I guess I missed it too."
"I care about her a lot and you know that already, but I don't want shit to get weird between us."
"Do you really care about her? You wouldn't hurt her intentionally, screw her over or anything?"
"God no."
"Good. She's been through too much shit already for you to do that to her. There is just one problem."
"And what's that?"
"If Lexia wants to be with you too, you're gonna have to tell Bandit. She's the one who'll kick your ass if you hurt her."
He laughed. "Oh I know she will."
"Well, good luck with that."

After Lexia had said goodbye to her parents and little brother, she went straight to the Better Living headquarters to get the medication she knew Kobra desperately needed.
Almost everyone at the Better Living headquarters knew who she was, she wasn't questionted once about taking medication, just like she thought. However, when it came to figuring out how to get Grace out of there without anyone noticing, she had no idea how to do it.
She started out looking around in Dr. Isoda's office. Since Isoda wasn't anywhere to be seen, she decided to look through her computer to try and find any information she could on where Grace was in the building.
With most Killjoys, they put them in the cells and they'd be exterminated almost straight away. But Grace wasn't most Killjoys. She was directly linked to the Fabulous Killjoys, so she had to have been in one of two places. The questioning room, which is usually used for torturing since most Killjoys choose not to cooperate with them, or the isolation room which is where they are left while Isoda decides what she wants to do with them. Either way, it wasn't good. They only let in people who Isoda said could come in. There was no way in hell she'd let Lexia see her since she knew her form the life she'd had previously.
Lucky for her, the rooms weren't too far away from eachother. The only real challenge was getting in there without being noticed.
Lexia searched through the computer, trying to see which room Grace was in.
She looked through Isoda's private information to try and find out where she was. It took her a while before she found a message sent to her by Dr. Livanni.

Grace Jeanette, a direct link to the Fabulous Killjoys, is in my possesion. Dr. Lufrini has requested he sees her immidately after her arrival. Since he is of higher power than me, I have given him permission. I understand you will most likely wish to speak to her to gather any information on the Fabulous Killjous you can. I have told my Draculoids to take Miss Jeanette to the questioning room after she is done talking to Dr. Lufrini.
If you wish to speak to the girl before Dr. Lufrini, I ask you contact Dr. Lufrini first as he will most likely want to see that you yourself wish to speak to her first.
Kind regaurds
Dr. Livanni

Lexia carried on to find Isoda's reply to the message.

Thank you, Dr. Livanni. Your fantastic work is greatly appreciated here at Better Living.
Dr. Lufrini may speak to her first, however he must contact me once he is done with her and send her straight to me so I may take her to the questioning room and find out as much information as I can about herself and the Fabulous Killjoys.
Thank you again, Dr. Livanni
Dr. Isoda

"Shit." She said when she knew Grace had most likely been tortured for hours now, if she hadn't already cracked and told them what they wanted to hear. Lexia didn't blame her if she had ended up cracking. She knew that they used some horrible techniques to get what they wanted from people. Afterall, she'd used them on people herself in the past before she became their killer.
She grabbed her bag, that was filled with medication, then ran to the elevators on the same floor as Isoda's office was. She had a plan formed in her head. All she had to do was find the uniforms office and she was good to save Grace without being identified.

When David arriaved home, his youngest son, Steven, almost jumped on him.
"Daddy, you're home!" He beamed.
David smiled at his five-year-old son. "Yes I am. Have you had a good day at school?" "I have, we had a test today and I got highest as usual, daddy."
He pecked his son's forehead. "I am proud of you, Steven."
"David? Have you arraived home?" His wife, Audrey, called as she walked into the hallway to greet her husband after a long day.
"Indeed I have."
"Steven, have you told your father about your impressive test results?"
"He has and I am very proud of him, as I always am. I assume that George is at his night class?" Their eldest son, George, attended both daytime classes and nightime classes. They wanted him to have to best education possible. They would have sent Steven to night classes too, however since he was just five, he was too young to attend them.
"Yes he is."
"How is the child today?"
Audrey looked down at her stomach and carefully placed a hand over the small bump that was only just beginning to form.
"The child is well. The nurse said they have a very strong heartbeat and are growing at the right pace."
"What do you think we are having this time?"
She smiled. "The nurse says it is far too early to know however, I think we may have another son. I think I would like to have a daughter some day aswell. I think we would both enjoy having a daughter to take care of since it is a new challenge to raising a son."
David's thoughts immidately went to Grace. He already had a daughter and he just left her there to be tortured by Dr. Isoda. For all he knew, they could have killed her by then. She could be dead and he just let it happen. He didn't fight for her or even defend her in the slightest. He almost felt like he'd just handed her over to them.
David found himself having very little respect for himself.
"David? Is something wrong, dear?"
"N-no . . . I-I think I would like a daughter too."
Audrey smiled and kissed his cheek. "I love you, David." She didn't love him. She didn't even know what love was, but it was hard to feel any kind of affection for someone when you barely felt any emotion yourself.
"I love you, Audrey."
"Well, George should be home soon and I have already prepared dinner. Do you wish to eat now?"
"Yes, that is a good idea."
They walked through the marble halls to get to the dining room while the lights danced on the marble floor and made them shine brightly.
They ate in silence, as usual, then watched their television afterwards. They always watched the same news channel, but Audrey began to fall asleep just like his son was. Pregnancy made his wife sleep a lot more than usual, but it wasn't news to him. She had constantly craved sleep when she was pregnant the first and the second time.
He looked at the forming bump and thought about the child growing in there. They would be just like his other sons. They'd grow up around Better Living and their mind-controlling pills, but they wouldn't care. They would know nothing else and neither did the other children in Battery City. They were just born, raised, fed and then when they reached tweleve, they were given the emotion-killing pills. They wouldn't ask questions, they'd obey because it was how they were raised.
His sons would one day take them and then grow up to, most likely, be Exterminators, just like their father. If his wife had a third son, they would have the same fate. If they had a daughter, she'd grow up to be a housewife. She'd be a very famous housewife since she would be the daughter and sister of Exterminators, but nonetheless, she'd be a housewife to her husband and end up just like her mother.
Grace had escaped that fate. She'd gotten out before it was too late and she made her own choices in life. Yet he'd left her there and prevented from being who she wanted to be. That was when he realized something. He was glad Layla had taken Grace away from Battery City and into the Zones. He was glad because it meant Grace could be her own person instead of just like everyone else, he eas glad because it meant she was a Killjoy. Grace was free to make her own choices and live her own life, but he'd refused to help her in her time of need.
The more he thought about what he'd done, the less sense it made. She was his daughter. He couldn't let her die there and wouldn't.
He got up and grabbed his car keys. He was going to do what was right. He was going to set her free.

Once Lexia got to the right floor, she travelled down hallways to try and find the right room.
She'd disguised herself as a S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W agent. She was wearing a body suit, which covered her face, along with a thick, black bullet proof jacket which covered her feminine curves. Since her hair, face and feminine figure were covered, no one could identify her name or gender. No one would've been able to tell it was her.
First of all, she had to disable the cameras in the torture room.
She snuck into the camera station on the floor of the torture room where there were several Draculoids and other S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W agents.
They said nothing as she walked in since they thought she was just another one of them.
Her eyes scanned through the screans until she saw the one with Grace on it. She was alone, tied down to a chair. She'd definitely been messed with in there, but she didn't know what it was exactly they'd done to her.
"Dr. Isoda has demanded you all go to room 12 on the top floor. She said there has been an emergency and needs immidate assistance from all Draculoids and S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/S that are currently in the building." She used her best robotic voice to speak to them. "Dr. Isoda has left me in charge of watching the girl while she needs your help."
They all exchanged a look.
"What is your identification number?" One of the S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/S asked her.
"55306." She said, handing it her badge, which had come with the body suit she was wearing.
After looking at her badge, it accepted she was who she said she was.
They all ran to the elevators to help Isoda. That gave her atleast twenty minutes to get Grace since it took ten minutes to get to the top floor then to Isoda's office. By the time they realized there was no emergency, it'd take another ten minutes to get back there.
The second they were gone, she disabled the cameras with no problems at all. She'd been taught how to do things like that during her training a five years ago. She almost found it amusing that she was using the knowledge they'd given her against them.
She ran into Grace's room effortlessly.
"Please no more." Grace sobbed. "I can't take anymore. Please, I'm begging you to leave me alone. I'm fucking begging you."
"Grace, calm down, it's me. It's Acid." She temporarily showed Grace her face to prove it was her then got on her knees and started untying her from the chair.
"Acid? What are you doing here? Fuck, you're not really here, are you? I'm still hallucinating, aren't I?"
"What? No, I'm here. I'm really here, Grace, I promise. I'm getting you the fuck out of here."
"Won't you get caught?"
"No. It's a long story and I'll explain it back at the diner, but right now we need to concentrate on getting you out of here, okay?"
Grace nodded, her cheeks stained with tears.
"Are you okay?"
"I am now."
"Good." Acid said, freeing her from the chair. "Can you walk?"
Grace stood on her shaky legs. "Just about."
"We really need to run, Grace, can you do that for me? I don't exactly know how much time we've got left here."
"I can try."
"Good. Now we gotta go, okay?"
She nodded, but just before she left, the door was opened. Not just by anyone, but by Lufrini.
Acid instantly pointed her gun towards him, defending both herself and Grace.
"Put your hands where I can see them." Acid demanded, her face still covered.
He obeyed, holding his hands up. While he was fearing for his life, he also couldn't help but wonder why a S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W agent was pointing a gun at him. S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/S were on his side, why was it threatening his life?
"What are you doing here?" Grace was angry and worried at the same time. She was clearly pissed at him after he'd just left her there to die, but she was scared because she knew he could stop them from escaping.
"I came back for you. I could not just let you die here, Grace."
"Why do you care? Not too long ago, you were happy to leave me here to die."
"I realized I was being foolish."
"You, shut the fuck up," Acid demanded. "Do you have any weapons on you?"
He shook his head. "I came here without any weapons."
"Good. Why did you come here to save her?"
"Because she is my-"
"David, don't say anything." Grace didn't want Acid to know that David was her father. It'd just bring up more even more questions Grace didn't want to answer. "You said it yourself, we've gotta go now."
"Who are you?" David asked.
"None of your business." Acid was thankful he didn't recognize her voice, but then again they'd only met very breifly in the past. "Grace, my car's out back, start running."
She did as she was told and started running on her unstable legs while Acid tended to David. "Get on the floor and don't move. Don't you dare follow us, you understand me?"
"I understand you."
"Good. Now if you want to live, you'll stay away from Grace and you won't hurt her hand her over to Isoda again, do you understand that?"
"I understand."
She started running in the same direction as Grace so they could get out of there as quickly as humanly possible. All she had to do now was save Kobra . . . that is, if it wasn't already too late to save him.
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