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Chapter Sixty Two - Saved

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Kobra's once ghostly white skin was returning back to it's normal pink-ish colour, his breathing was getting stronger and stronger by the second.

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A/N Heyo guys! This chapter's a little shorter than usual, but because of that, I'll try to make the next one longer to make up for it. Thankies to Chemical_30 and YoshikiHide182 for reviewing, if you can please review, it's always appreciated! Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Sixty Two - Saved

The drive back to the diner was quiet for both Acid and Grace. Only the sweet sound of Green Day filled the car as they drove drown Route Guano.
When the sun had set in the desert sky and only darkess surrounded them, Acid glanced at her, wondering what Dr. Lufrini wanted her for in the first place and why he was so interested in her.
"Grace, I need to ask you something."
"Shoot." Grace said, staring outside the window of the car.
"I want to talk about Lufrini and I want the truth from you, okay?" She just nodded. "First of all, what did he want you for?"
She paused then eventually shrugged. "I don't know," she lied. "I wish I did, I really do, but I honestly have no idea."
Acid sighed. "I thought I said I wanted you to tell me the truth, Grace. Why did he want you?"
"Because I'm important to him."
"And why are you important to him exactly?"
She shrugged.
"Grace Danielle Jeanette, what did I say?"
"You wanted the truth and I told you. I honestly don't know why I'm important, he's just told me I'm important."
She tried to think of reasons he might be interested in her, a few reasons came to mind, but it didn't make much sense to her.
"Grace, does he . . . is he, y'know . . . romantically interested or something?" Since Grace was only fifteen, almost sixteen, and since Lufrini was in his thirties, she begged it wasn't true. But she'd met Lufrini before, he seemed happy with his wife, they even had kids together. It didn't make sense for him to want Grace in that way, but she was desperately trying to figure out what it was that facinated Lufrini with Grace.
"What? Fuck no, he's in his thirties for Christ's sake! Plus I have Des. I haven't seen him in a while, but we're still together. Oh fuck, I can't believe you even thought I'd go for that sick bastard. I'm insulted, Ace, really. I-"
"Jeez, Grace, calm down. I'm only trying to find out why he's so interested in having you around. I mean, you're a Killjoy and he's an Exterminator. You'd expect the two of you to fucking hate eachother."
"I do hate him," She defended herself. "After what he's done, not just to me but to everyone else, I'm shocked I even listened to anything that came out of his fucking mouth."
"He never hurt you, right?"
"Until tonight, no. He didn't cause me any physical pain."
"What about emotional?"
Grace paused. "I guess, but I don't think he did it intentionally."
She nodded, letting the silence fill the car again. It stayed there the rest of the journey, neither of them inturupting it.
When Acid pulled up outside the diner, Grace grabbed her jacket then managed to stand up on her weak legs.
"Are you okay?" She asked as Grace walked towards the diner.
She almost smiled at her. "Peachy."
Grace opened the door and walked in freely, Acid shortly following her.
Grace was bombarded with hugs and I'm glad you're okays from everyone while Poison rushed Acid into his little brother's room.
Acid was amazed Kobra had been able to hang on for that long with the way he looked. His skin alone was enough for someone to think Kobra resembled a dead man; it was pale and waxy with a layer of cold sweat, his eyes were closed and his lips were slightly parted. The only indication he was alive was through his chest slowly moving up and down.
He wasn't wearing a shirt, there was just a bandage wrapped around his abdomen.
"He's . . ." Acid couldn't finished.
Poison noddded. "I know he is. Did you get the stuff for him?"
She nodded. "Yeah, I did."
Acid nelt down next to him, getting out all the equipment necessary to nurse Kobra back to health.
Poison didn't recognize any of it while both Acid and Jet knew exactly what it was and what it was used for.
Jet started cutting away the bandages, exposing the bloody wounds that'd been stitched together only to be ripped out again. Some the blood had dried and formed scabs, but most of it was still flowing freely.
"Do you need any help?" Acid asked Jet.
"You know about this stuff?"
Acid nodded. "It was apart of my training to be one of their agents, I needed to learn down to nurse wounds, how to clean them, what equipment does what, et cetera, et cetera."
"How are you with stitches?"
She nodded. "I can do that."
Jet cut open the other stitches he's previously made and took them out, small groans of pain came from Kobra as he took them out. The wound was clearly infected, there was pus slowly seeping out of the wound. The pus mixed with the blood, sickening Poison and forcing him to leave the room.
Acid started cleaning the wound, wiping away the bloody scabs and pus so she could see what she was doing. The flesh around the wound was badly burned, but it always was whenever someone'd been shot by a lazer beam.
Jet numbed the wounded so he wouldn't feel the worst of the pian.
Acid started patching Kobra up again. She stitched up all the wounds then rubbed a clear substance onto it, which Jet didn't recognize.
"What's that?"
"It'll kill any bateria trying to get in the wound and bacteria that's already there. It'll speed up the healing process too. Do me a favour and pass me that seringe."
She searched in her bag again, grabbing a small plastic bottle filled with a clear liquid then filling with her seringe with the liquid.
She injected the liquid into Kobra's arm.
"Okay, that's something else I don't know about."
"It's gonna help with the amount of blood he's lost. It'll make his body produce more blood quickly, he should be walking and talking again in no time."
Acid pulled out the needle once it was empty while Jet put more bandages over the freshly stitched-up wound.

When Poison left the room, Static was woken up by the sound of him softly saying her name followed by a gentle nudge.
She opened her eyes and instantly started panicking since Poison was the one who told her to rest. Poison was the one who insisted she got some more rest yet he was waking her up? Something must've been wrong.
"Poison? What's wrong? Is Kobra okay? Don't tell me that he's-"
"Static, calm down. I just wanted to tell you Acid came back, her and Jet are in there now helping him. He's gonna be okay, Stat."
She almost didn't believe him. "What? K-Kobra's gonna be okay?" She smiled.
Poison smiled back. "Yeah, he's gonna be okay."
She wrapped her arms around him. "Thanks for waking me up. Do you know when I can see him?" She pulled away.
Poison shook his head. "I don't know, but they will. When they come out, I'll ask."
She nodded. "How did he look? He looked so bad yesterday, Poison. He looked dead and I couldn't handle seeing him that way. Did he look better before they used the meds on him?"
He shook his head. "I didn't know it was possible, but he looked worse. Be glad you didn't let the kids in there."
"Believe me, I already am. Lacie's pretty cut up about this whole thing anyway, seeing him would've just made it worse."
A few minutes after Poison and Static started talking, Acid walked out, carefully closing the door behind her.
Static rushed over to her. "Did everything go okay?"
Acid nodded. "Kobra's gonna be fine. I can't give an exact time he'll be awake, but it should be soon. You can go see him if you want."
Her eyes filled with tears as she smiled and wrapped her arms around her. "I can't thank you enough, Acid. I really fucking can't."
Acid hugged her back. "It's okay, Stat. It really is."
She pulled away from her and smiled then practically ran into the room which her fiancé was inside.
Poison turned to her and then pulled her into a tight, bone-crushing hug. She was taken by surprise, but then she slowly managed to hug the man she once loved back. He held on to her for a while, refusing to let go of the woman who'd just saved his brother's life.
"Thank you." He said, his arms still wrapped firmly around her waist.
She nodded and closed her eyes. "It's okay, Poison. It's okay."
He didn't let go straight away, he held onto her for a short while longer before letting her go completely.
She coughed a little. "So, where's Bandit?"
He sniffed, brushing off the memory of what'd just happened. "Bandy's fine, she went to sleep about an hour ago now."
"That's good. I swear that girl'd go to bed at three in the morning given the chance."
He laughed. "Yeah, she probably would. She was the same as a baby, do you remember that?"
"Yeah, she'd go to sleep at one thirty in the morning then wake up at three wanting food and wouldn't go back to sleep."
"I remember that," there was an awkward pause and they just looked at eachother, smiling. "I'd better go, but I honestly can't say how fucking thankful I am, Ace."
"Don't mention it. As long as he's okay, right?"
"Right. G'night."

Static stayed up for most of the night by his side, waiting for the moment he woke up.
She had to admit, he looked better already. Kobra's once ghostly white skin was returning back to it's normal pink-ish colour, his breathing was getting stronger and stronger by the second and she couldn't stop the flutting sensation of happiness in her stomach because of it.
Four o'clock in the morning was fast approaching when he started mumbling. To begin with, the words weren't clear to Static, but they started getting louder and clearer for her to hear.
"Stat? Stat, where are you?" He said softly with his eyes still closed.
"I'm here, Kobra. I'm right here." She held his and placed a gentle kiss onto it.
"Stat . . . I . . . Love you, Stat."
She smiled, on the verge of happy tears for the second time that night. "I love you too, Kobra. I love you." She repeated.
"You okay? You didn't get hurt?"
"No, no. I'm fine, there's not a scratch on me."
He smiled slightly, his eyelids still closed. "Good."
"Listen, if anything like that ever happens again, don't you dare take that bullet for me, do you understand me?"
"But I saved you." He argued back.
"I'm not worth you dying over. Why did you even do it?"
"Isn't it obvious? I did it to save you."
She planted a second kiss on his hand, not replying. "Don't scare me like that again, okay? Promise me."
"I promise I won't. Now c'mere."
She got onto the bed with him, snuggling into his side but trying to mind the fresh stitches. They slept soundly in eachothers arms.
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