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Chapter Sixty Three - An Old Friend

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While he didn't know who was there or who to expect was there, he definitely didn't think the woman standing infront of him would be there, knocking at the door of the diner.

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A/N Hey guys, I know that this chapters late, but this is what happened that stopped me from posting it yesterday. I had the chapter all typed up and ready to post, but as I was reading through it I realized something. Is was SOOOO fucking boring. It was to a point where I didn't even want to post it, but then I had an idea for the story that I thought would be pretty exciting for you guys. So I scrapped the original chapter and did this one insted. Believe me when I say this one's better than the other one I was gonna post! Anyways, moving on. Thankies to Chemical_30 and YoshikiHide182 for reviewing the last chapter, you're both awesome! If you can please review, I love seeing what you guys think of the story so far. Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Sixty Three - An Old Friend

For the next few days after Kobra was shot, he mostly spent his time with Static, relaxing with her.
His wounds were almost completely healed because of the medication Acid had given him, but Static insisted he rested for a few days and didn't do anything too crazy.
Static was snuggled into his side, her hand resting on his chest when she started thinking.
"Do you think we'll actually ever get married officially?"
He shrugged. "I hope so, Stat. I really do."
She smiled. "The kids'd look insanily cute," she giggled a little. "imagine Zack and Guiden in little tuxedos. Then there's Lacie, she'd be in a bridesmaid outfit or something. She'd want something lilac, I know she would."
He kissed her cheek. "I want it to happen one day too. I love you, Static. I don't feel like I say that enough."
"Well you're saying it now. And I love you too, but you're still an idiot for taking that bullet for me."
"C'mon, don't deny you wouldn't have done the same thing for me."
"I probably would've just pulled you away rather than jump on you."
"Yeah, that probably would've been easier . . . I just panicked."
"I know you did. I love you."
"I love you too. I'll always love you."

Violet stared intently at the ground as she sat on the worn-out couch, biting her thumbnail almost nervously as she recalled everything that'd happened exactly two years to that date.
Storm noticed Violet acting strangely out of character. She wasn't the normal, funny Violet that Storm knew and loved dearly, she was quiet and kept to herself. Violet was usually full of life and making the people around her smile, but if anything she seemed a little upset.
Storm gently put her hand on Violet's shoulder and asking soothingly, "What's wrong."
Violet looked up at her, her wide eyes were filled with fear. "It's two years today."
"Two years today since what?"
Violet took a deep breath. "Two years since . . . y'know . . . what happened with him." She couldn't even force his name out of her mouth. It was too hard for her to spit out, but Storm knew exactly what she was talking about. It was two years since the situation with Electric Faliure, or Tric as he'd once prefered to be called.
"Honey, don't let that asshole get to you after two years. You're with Ghoul now and he treats you right, that's what matters now."
"Storm, you remember what happened. You remember what he did."
"I do, but having said that, you're happy now. You need to focus on that, not Tric."
"It's just hard after what he did to me, y'know? You can't just forget something like that easily."
"I know, I understand, honey. Have you told Ghoul about that yet or not?"
Violet shook her head, her curls bouncing and she did so. "Fuck no, I'm scared he'd go running if I told him."
"He wouldn't do that and you know it," she tried to convince her. "he's not like that. If anything, he'd probably want to find and murder Tric for what he did to you. I know I almost killed him, Silk had to take my gun so I didn't shoot him then hold me back so I couldn't strangle him."
"I know, I remember. You know, I still have some of the scars from that." She held up her arm, showing Storm the tiny marks he'd left on her skin for the rest of her life.
A jolt of burning red anger shot through Storm's body for a brief moment. "God I wish Silk'd let me kill him."
"He wasn't worth it, Storm. He really wasn't."
"Yeah, that's what everyone told me, but I still wish I'd fucking done it. If you're still thinking about the asshole two years after it even happened, then believe me, he would've been worth the kill, Vi. He's not even . . ."
After that, Violet completely zoned out. She could hear Storm talking, but she wasn't listening to a word she had to say. Her mind was focused on something else.

The party was crowded and too loud for Violet's liking. The place reeked of cheap booze, old perfume and sweat, it wasn't a cobination that she liked one little bit and she wanted to get away from it as soon as possible.
She pushed passed the blissfully drunk and dancing Killjoys as she searched for a familiar face in the mess of people. Violet would've been happy to see any of her friends, but the one she particularly wanted to see was Curse. She knew he wouldn't hesitate to go outside with Violet and make she she was okay and she was in desperate need of some comfort.
After twenty minutes of searching, there was nothing so she gave up on looking for Curse and went outside to find an escape from the loud, pounding music.
She wasn't alone outside, but she didn't recognize any of the faces. Most of them were either passed out on the floor after consuming too much alcohol or puking from too much alcohol. She was pretty sure she was the only sober one there.
Dispite the fact she was one hundred percen sober, her stomach was uncomfortably twisting and turning in her stomach, she felt like she was going to throw up any second.
She nelt to the floor and prepared herself to empty the content of her stomach when she felt someone place their hand on her back.
"Hey, are you okay?" The man she saw was a complete stranger to her.
"I-I think I'm gonna throw up."
"Do you have any friends here that can help you?"
She nodded. "Yeah, but they're inside the party and I can't stand the loud music right now."
"Do you think-"
"Hey, who the fucking fuck are you and why the fuck are you t-talking to my woman?" Violet's boyfriend, Tric, demanded to know from the stranger. Just like everyone else at the party, Tric'd clearly had too much to drink but there was one problem. Tric got extremely angry and violent after he'd had too much.
"Hey, I'm just trying to help, man, calm down."
"I don't need to fuckin' calm down. Just can the fuck away from her."
"Dude, she's not you're property. Just relax a little, okay?"
"Stop telling me I need to relax and get the fuck away from my girlfriend!" He screamed violently.
Tric stared down the Killjoy for a moment, but the the Killjoy turned to Violet.
"Fine. Honey, I know I don't know you and your situation with this guy, but if I were you, I would've broken up with this asshole a long time ago."
Tric swung his fist and hit the stranger's face with a loud, cracking thud. Tric continued to bombard the stranger with puches after he'd fallen to the ground.
"Tric! Tric, stop it, you're hurting him!" Violet tried to pull her boyfriend of six months away from the kind stranger.
Tric stopped then harshly grabbed Violet by her arms and shoved her against the wall.
"Are you fucking this guy?" Violet could smell the strong scent of the alcohol on his breath. She tried not to gag at the awful stench.
"What? Of course not, I've never seen this guy before in my life. I-"
She slapped her across the face.
"Don't lie to me! Are you fucking him?"
His hand gripped her neck. "You told me you'd never fucked someone before now you're fucking him behind my back. How many other guys have you fucked aside from him, huh?"
Violet cried while she struggled to breathe under his tight grip. "I-I . . . haven't . . . slept with . . . anyone." She barely managed to choke out her words to him, she couldn't breathe for cying out loud!
He laughed sickeningly at her then released his tight grip from around her neck. "You know what? If you've started fucking guys when I've been in this relationship with you for six fucking months with no action, I'm fucking you now to make up for it."
He grabbed her wrist and started dragging her towards his car. Her pleas for him to stop, to let her go were deaf to his ears. He just continued as if she'd never even spoke to him.
Violet cried hysterically and tried to pull herself away from him, desperate for him to stop and to just let her go. He shoved her into the car forcefully then proceeded to violently kiss her.
"Tric, please stop! Let me go!"
He ignored her and held her down as he forced his kisses on her soft lips.
When Tric attempted to take off her denim skirt, that's when it really sunk in for Violet. She struggled harder against his grip, but it barely did anything. He just got angrier.
"VIOLET, STOP MOVING!" She struck her again, causing another bruise to form on her delicate cheek.
His hands started roaming her body until they found her breasts. He painfully gripped them, causing Violet to let out another cry of pain.
He ripped off a part of her shirt effortlessly, exposing apart of her bra.
"Please stop, Tric. Please. Please stop." She begged him over and over again quietly.
His lips started biting her neck, creating even more bruises while completely ignoring her begs for him to leave her be.
As he created bite marks on her neck, she heard him unzip his pants and she prepared herself for the worst, but the worst never came.
Tric was harshly pulled out of the car by Curse then thrown to the floor.
"What the fuck were you gonna do to her?" Curse punched Tric, knocking out a tooth along with a pool of blood falling out. "You think it's okay to treat her that way? Yoy think it's okay to treat anyone that way?" Curse swung more punches at him again and Violet fearfully climbed out of the car, both her skirt and shirt were ripped.
Her sisters were there too, all of them rushed towards her except for Silk and Storm. Storm was squirming widly as Silk held her back screaming, "He's not worth it!"
Violet put her hand on Curse's shoulder as he punched the man who'd almost raped her. [/"Curse, stop it! The fucker isn't worth it, you'll only hurt yourself here." She screamed with tears streaming down her face.
Curse puched him one last time before leaving him behind, bleeding on the desert floor.
Violet could barely even walk to the car, Curse had to help her walk because of the way Tric had just violently treated her.
He constantly asked her if she was okay, if she needed anything, but she just cried. She couldn't bring herself to speak.

"Violet? Vi?" Violet looked at Storm, realizing she'd not listened to a single word she'd said. "Vi, you're zoning out on me."
"I-I'm sorry, it just-"
"You were thinking about what he did." It wasn't a question, Storm already knew her answer.
"Yeah. I guess I was."
Storm wrapped her arms around her sister. "He's not gonna hurt you anymore, Vi. He's never coming back and you'll never have to see his fucking disgraceful face again. I promise you that."
Violet hugged back, closing her eyes. "I know I won't, Storm. You'd kill him first." She tried to lighten the mood slightly.
Storm smiled. "You know I would, Vi-Vi."
Storm pulled away and smiled. "You wanna go outside, get some unearthy warm air?"
Violet nodded. "Yeah, sure."

Driving in the desert wasn't really what she liked doing, but after spending almost six years in the desert alone it was something that she'd gotten used to.
She repeated what she was going to do over and over again in her head, rewinding the tape in her mind when she'd rehersed it once over and over again.
Surely she was crazy, there was no way he'd want anything to do with her after six years. She'd not seen him since and the thought of being face to face with him again terrified her, but the thought of him just slamming the door in her face scared her even more.
She had no where else to go and she had herself and her daughter to think about. She wouldn't stay with them for another second, she refused to stay there when her daughter, Willow, was in danger.
"Mama, we seeing daddy?" Willow asked, innocently.
"No, Willow. We're seeing some old friends of mommy's."
She paused for a moment before answering then took a small breath. "They're called the Fabulous Killjoys, Willow."
"They like you an' daddy?"
She smiled. "Yeah, they're Killjoys like me."
"Is daddy comin'?"
"No, daddy isn't coming. He couldn't come, sweetie."
"Okay. What friends called, mama?"
"Well . . . there's one who I used to be real close friends with, honey. He's called Fun Ghoul."
"Fun Ghoul?"
"Yeah, Fun Ghoul, but we used to just call him Ghoul."
"That funny name, mama. Like yours."
She smiled. "You think my name's funny?"
"Yeah," Willow giggled. "your name funny, mama. I like it though."
"You like my name, honey?"
"Yeah, it pretty. Did Ghoul think it pretty?"
She shrugged. "I think he did, he was nice to me, Willow."
"Will he like me, mama?"
She didn't want to say yes since there could be a chance he'd tell her to go where the sun didn't shine. She didn't want to get her own hopes up or her daughter's.
"Hopefully, sweetie. Hopefully."

Ghoul didn't know what was wrong, but he knew for a fact that something was bothering Violet. She'd been acting strangely towards him all day and he was beggining to think he'd done something wrong or hurt her.
Violet sat next to him awkwardly on the couch. There was just silence between them and it was begging to bother Ghoul.
He looked at the time, it was getting close to midnight and he felt himself growing a little tired.
"Hey, you, uh . . . you wanna go to bed? It's getting a little late." Ghoul asked her.
She shook her head. "No, I'm not tired yet. Go to bed if you want to though." Her voice was dull, almost cold.
Ghoul sighed. "Okay, what did I do?"
"You've been acting weird all day and I don't know what's wrong. You've been fine around Storm and Curse, but around me, you've been distant. Did I do something wrong?"
"Ghoul, you've done nothing wrong."
"Then why have you been acting so cold towards me all day?"
"It's not just been you, it's been everyone but Storm and Curse."
"Because they're the only ones that remeber what today is for me."
"What's today for you."
She paused. "It's a touchy subject. I'm sorry I've been acting like a cold bitch to you all day. It's just been difficult."
"Can I ask what happened?"
She sighed. "You remember me saying that I've never had the best relationships in the world?" He nodded. "Well, my last boyfriend . . . he did something fucking horrible. Today's two years since . . . since I was beaten badly and then he . . . h-he tried to rape me, Ghoul."
Ghoul's heart sunk. "He did what?"
Violet explained everything to him, about how he'd gone crazy when she was talking to a stranger, about how he'd beaten her, everything.
By the time she'd finished explaining everything, Ghoul just embraced her in his arms. He didn't understand how someone could do something like that to anyone. He couldn't fathom it one little bit.
Violet managed to hold herself together, she didn't cry over what'd happened. She knew what Storm was telling her was the truth. She was done crying over Tric.
"I'm sorry that happened to you."
"Yeah, I am too, but it's in the past and I just need to keep reminding myself about that."
"Still, I . . . I just can't believe someone could do shit like that, y'know?"
"I know. I couldn't either."
She rested her head on Ghoul's shoulder. "I think I'm ready for bed now."
He smiled. "You got it."
Violet went into his room and started getting changed into an old pair of shorts and one of Ghoul's band t-shirts while Ghoul stayed on the couch.
He was about to leave, but he heard a frantic knock on the door.
Curious, he went to the door of the diner and slowly opened it.
While he didn't know who was there or who to expect was there, he definitely didn't think the woman standing infront of him would be there, knocking at the door of the diner.
She looked more athletic than the last time he saw her, her hair was no longer curled but straight and her skin was slightly tanned, but dispite the changes he saw, it was definitely Lo that stood infront of him. The same Lo he'd loved almost six years ago.
A smile tugged at the corner of her lips slightly. "Hey Ghoul."
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