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Chapter Sixty Four - The Return of Demolition Lover

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"Lo . . . Willow . . . She . . . S-she's not my daughter . . . Right?"

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Hey guys! This chatper's continuing the whole Demolition Lover subject, which I'm actually enjoying writing about. I missed writing about her, so it's nice to get an older character back into the story. I'm also thinking about including Cherri, Lie, Attack and Hurricane in the story again since it's been a while and I miss writing them. Do you think I should bring them back? Thankies to Chemical_30 and YoshikiHide182 for reviewing the last chapter, I really appreciate it! If you can please review, I love seeing what you guys think so far! Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Sixty Four - The Return of Demolition Lover

"L-Lo? What are doing here?"
"Look, I know it's been a while. I know you probably hate me for leaving, and I can't say how fucking guilty I feel asking for a favour right now, but . . . I need a place to stay. I've been on the run for a while now and . . . God, I just need to keep her safe."
"Who do you need to keep safe?"
"My daughter."
Ghoul was close to gasping. Lo was a mother? He couldn't really imagine her with a child, Lo never wanted kids back when they were together. Was she with someone else now? He didn't even know why he was even wondering that, Ghoul was with someone else and he thought he found himself falling in love with Violet.
"You have a kid now?"
She nodded. "She's in the car sleeping."
Ghoul sighed. He couldn't let a child be in constant danger in the desert. At least if her daughter were inside the diner, she'd have a few people to protect her. Then there was Lo. She deserved to be save too, he couldn't find it inside him to turn them away. "Come inside."
Lo ran to get car and picked up a small, sleeping child with a head of chocolate brown, curley hair. Her curled locks were just like her mothers once were.
Ghoul couldn't help be stare, unable to wrap his head around the fact she had a child.
"You'll have to sleep on the couch, there's not a whole lot of room here anymore." Ghoul was thankful that Acid ended up falling asleep in Curse's room, that way Lo and her daughter could sleep on the couch instead of the floor.
"That's more than okay. I'll be honest, I was expecting you to slam the door in my face after what I did to you." Lo sat on the couch, cradling her daughter in her arms while brushing her hair out of her angelic face.
"What's her name?"
Lo looked at her daughter and smiled. "Willow Jesseyca. Willow's named after a Killjoy
called Vintage Rainbow, her real name was Lianne Willow. If it weren't for Vintage, I wouldn't be alive right now so I named Willow after her. Her middle name, Jesseyca, is after Jessey, obviously."
While Ghoul didn't know how old her daughter was, she looked between three and five years old to him, which worried him a little. If she was around five, there was a possibilty that Willow was his child. He started to panick slightly, the colour of his lips slowly ran away and turned white.
"Are you okay? You look a little freaked out." Lo noticed.
Ghoul paused for a moment, turning his gaze to Willow. "Lo . . . Willow . . . She . . . S-she's not my daughter . . . Right?"
"No. She isn't. If she was, I would've told you and I wouldn't have left. I wouldn't have taken your child away from you, Ghoul." She looked down, the emotion was drained from her face. "Her father's actually the person we're running from."
"Who's her father?"
"He's call Snake Bite. After Jessey died and when we broke up, I was in a bad place. A really fucking bad place. I was drunk almost all the time, it wasn't long before someone took advantage of that, it just so happened to be Snake Bite. He's a violent asshole, I don't trust him around her anymore. I've been running away from him for a while now, but he always seems to find me and he . . ."
"He what?" He felt anger burn inside him, had he hurt Lo or their kid?
She shook her head. "It doesn't matter. It's not even important."
"Hey, Frankie, is everything okay?" Violet walked in, only wearing shorts and one of Ghoul's shirts.
"Um . . . Yeah, it is."
Violet noticed they were no longer alone, she felt exposed since she was barely wearing anything.
"Shit, sorry for the lack of clothing. I didn't know anyone was gonna be in here," Violet smiled nervously. "So, not to sound rude, but I don't really know who you are."
"Violet, this is Demolition Lover. Lo, this is Violet Silhouette. My girlfriend."
Violet knew who she was straight away. Ghoul talked about her, they'd been together for a few years then she left and never came back. Violet didn't know how to feel about Lo. Of course, she thought the way Lo left Ghoul was horrible, but she also understood what it was like to lose someone who was so close.
"Oh . . . Well, it's nice to meet you, Lo. I've heard a lot about you."
"Yeah, it's nice to meet you too, I guess." Lo wanted to like to Violet, she seemed nice, but she was with Ghoul. Lo was fully aware that it was a stupid reason not to like someone, especially since she'd been the one to leave him in the first place, but it didn't stop the little green eyed monster inside her from creeping up.
The air was silent, awkward.
"Well . . . You still remember where everything is from last time you stayed here, right?" Ghoul asked, trying to ease the awkwardness and failing at the same time.
She smiled kindly and nodded, still craddling her daughter. "Yeah, I do. Thanks again Ghoul."
"No problem."
He walked back into his small, cramped room with Violet, running his fingers through his hair the second they walked into the room.
"Well . . . that wasn't expected." Violet tried to lighten the strange mood.
"You can say that again."
She paused. "So . . . where does this leave us?"
"Well . . . I know who she is, Ghoul. I know what she meant to you, you were together for two years, but us . . . we've only been together for around three. If you still have feelings for her, I-"
"Okay, Violet, that's crazy. Lo's in the past, it's been over five years since I've seen her. But you, you're who I'm with now. You're who I want to be with, Vi. You're the one who I'm pretty sure I'm falling in love with."
Her heart couldn't help but soar at his words. "You're not just saying that after what I told you about what happened with Tric and after Lo came back, right?"
He shook his head. "No, I'm not."
She smiled a goofy, child-like smile, giggling slightly. "You're falling in love with me."
Ghoul laughed slightly. "That's what I said, isn't it?" He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer to his body.
She kissed his cheek, his arms still firmly wrapped around her slender waist. "Just for the record, I feel the same way."

Acid woke up the next morning with her head resting on someone's shoulder. She tried to recall the moments before she fell into a deep sleep since it was all a little hazy to her.
She got up and looked at the person she'd fallen asleep on. Curse lay there, sleeping. His mouth was wide open with a little bit of drool in the corner of his lips.
Acid couldn't help but giggle, his slight snores alone were enough to send her into hysterics, but the facial expression was the cherry on top of the cake for her. He looked like the cutest, goofiest idiot on the planet to her.
Acid tried to keep her giggling to a minium, but eventually, they got louder and woke Curse from his little dream land. His smile spread like wildfire second he saw her lips beautifully curve into a smile.
"What is it?" His sleepy voice asked her as she continued to fill the room with sweet laughter.
"You look goofy when you sleep. It's funny."
"How am I a goofy sleeper?" Curse wondered, his lips had curved into a smile, just like hers had.
"Your mouth was wide open and you were drooling. Not to mention the snoring."
He arched his eyebrows. "Okay, I can admit that I'm a dooler, but I do not snore." He insisted.
"It's quiet, but you're still a snorer, Curse."
"Aw, I'm crushed. I never considered myself a snorer."
"Sorry to break it to ya, Cursie."
He rolled his eyes. "So now you're calling me Cursie too?"
"I guess I am, Cursie. Now c'mon, let's go get food. I'm fucking starving."
"Sure." Acid picked herself up off the matress then offered Curse a hand to help him up. He took it.
"So, how'd you sleep?" He asked as they walked slowly to were the food was located in the diner.
"Yeah, I slept good. I must've been fucking tired last night, I don't remember much about going to bed."
"Yeah, you were. You zoned out a little then fell asleep on my shoulder. I didn't wanna move you so I just let you be."
"Well thank you, Cursie." Acid smiled.
"Ace, can I ask you something?"
"Go ahead."
"You don't have to answer it if you don't want, I guess it's a," He tried to find the right word. "difficult subject to talk about, but . . . do you still have dreams? Y'know, about your past?"
"Sometimes, but I'm getting better at handling it. I've not had one for about two weeks so far."
"Is there a pattern to them?"
She shook her head. "I don't think so, I seem to remember certain things at random moments."
"Can I ask you another thing?"
Acid nodded and they stopped walking. He looked her dead in the eyes, his glorious smile had faded and turned into a more serious expression.
"I know my dad, Marcus Landara. . . he still trains Dracs or S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W agents or some shit like that . . . I was wondering if you ever met him or knew anything about him?"
Her smile faded too and she nodded. "Yeah, I met him."
"Last time I saw him, I was only a teenager . . . is he still the asshole that I remember?"
She took a deep breath. "He, uh . . . he trained me a couple times and he was pretty tough, he was dedicated and wanted me to be the best killer I could. Compared to other people, he was actually pretty hard on me."
"Can I ask what he made you do?"
She paused for a while, "He made me kill people." Her voice was low and quiet. She was ashamed.
"The bastard made you kill people? Who did he make you kill?"
"Killjoys. When we'd capture them, they'd put me in a room with a Killjoy then they'd give me a weapon. Sometimes it was gun, sometimes it was a knife, then with whatever I had, I'd have to kill them with it."
"Oh fuck . . . and he made you do that?"
She nodded with her arms crossed and tucked into her chest.
"Fuck, I'm sorry. I've just turned a perfectly good mood into a shitty one, haven't I?"
She smiled sadly. "It's okay, really."
"Just forget I ever mentioned it, 'kay?"
"I'm fine with that. Now breakfast." She smiled a little and he returned it as they walked to their food supplies.
Acid grabbed a bottle of water and two granola bars, Curse grabbed the same things as she did. When they turned around, a small girl, no older than four, stood there staring at them with big bright eyes.
"Hi." She said.
"Um . . . hi. What's your name?" Acid asked, completely confused as to why that child was there.
"Willow. What's your name?"
"I'm Acid."
"When's my mama gonna be awake?"
"Who's your mama, honey?"
She arched an eyebrow "Lo? Your mama's name is Lo?"
Acid just became even more confused. Lo wasn't around anymore, she'd been gone for five years.
"Do you know where your mama is, honey?"
The little girl nodded. "Sleeping on a couch. Mama gets sleepy."
Acid walked into the room, the little girl followed behind her and wondered when her mother was going to wake up so they could play like they usually did, dispite the fact her mother told her it'd be different since they left Willow's father and his violent gang of Killjoys, the Dead Flies.
Willow lead Acid and Curse to the couch her mother was still peacefully sleeping on. They both stared for a little bit before either of them spoke.
"Well Ghoul has sure has some explaining to do."

Poison, Ghoul, Lo, Acid and Curse all sat in the living room in silence.
"So . . . are either of you gonna say what you're doing here?" Poison asked Lo and Ghoul, his arms crossed around his chest.
Lo took a deep breath. "Don't worry, Poison. I won't be a pain in your ass for too long. I'm just staying here while I figure out what to do about Willow and myself, then I'll be gone and you'll never have to deal with me again."
"I never said you were a pain in my ass." Poison defended himself.
"You didn't have to. I know you have enough Killjoys here as it is. I also know that Willow and I are just two more mouths to feed and just more people taking up space here. All I'm asking is for a few days to figure out where I'm gonna go next."
"If you don't mind me asking, what're you doing here anyways? Why are you back all of a sudden?" Poison didn't trust Lo. She'd been gone for five years then turned up out of the blue. For him, it was just like the situation with Acid except he was never in love with Lo and never had a child with her.
"After Jessey died, I was ten kinds fucked up. I stayed in Zone six for a while in a run down house, I met a few people and started liking my booze a little too much. I stupidly started getting involved with more dangerous gangs then I met the Dead Flies."
Poison raised his eye brows. "The Dead Flies?" The Dead Flies were one of the most dangerous gangs out there, they were definitely on the most wanted list. What separated the Dead Flies from the Fabulous Killjoys was the fact that the Dead Flies didn't care about who they hurt. They'd kill Killjoys without thinking twice about it if it meant they could get closer to anyone with any kind of relation to Better Living Industries, they'd done it before. They were extremely violent and even considered a little bit insane by most Killjoys.
"Yeah, the Dead Flies. I got close to one of the member's little sister, Vintage Rainbow. She wasn't anything like them. She was so fucking caring and helped me through a lot before she died. Her brother, Snake Bite, liked me a little too much. The feelings weren't mutual, I hated the bastard but after Vintage died, I started drinking more often. It wasn't long before he took advantage and got into my pants a couple times. A few months later, I found out I was pregnant with Willow. I tried leaving, but Snake wouldn't let me. Not while I was having his kid. Anyways, not too long ago, he started getting worse when it came to his violent behaviour. I knew Willow deserved better than that and I was scared for her safety, so I ran."
"Why didn't you just not tell him you were pregnant?" Curse wondered even though he'd never met Lo in person before that day.
"I wasn't going to, I was gonna run away so my kid wouldn't have to grow up around them. But then he found the pregnancy test and refused to let me leave."
"Why didn't you leave when Vintage Rainbow died?" Ghoul asked, his voice was low and uncomfortable.
"The only reason I didn't leave them sooner was because I didn't have anywhere else to go. If I did, I would've been outta there in a heartbeat."
"You could've come back here."
"I was a mess, I didn't want you seeing me that way. Plus, I thought you would've hated me after I left you."
"I never hated you."
"Will Snake Bite come looking for you?" Poison wondered, ignoring their conversation.
She nodded. "Probably, but I'll be gone by the time he realizes I'm not there."
"Will he come looking for you here?"
She shook her head. "No, I don't think so. I never really talked about Ghoul or you guys to Snake. He wasn't interested in any of that shit, but I told Vintage a lot about me and my past. I have no idea what Vintage told him about it all before she died."
"Does he know where we are exactly?"
She shrugged. "Vintage did, and again, I don't know if she ever told Snake."
"You do realize if he comes here, you've put my daughter, Ace and Death in danger."
"How so?"
"From what I've heard, he's a fucking crazy bastard who'll do anything to get his dirty fuckin' hands on someone like Ace. She worked for Better Living, she knows things not all of us do. If he comes here, he'll either want to know what she knows or kill her. Bandit and Death are her family, he could use them to get to Ace. He could hurt them to get to Ace."
"You can relax about Bandit, he wouldn't hurt a five-year-old girl. As for your wife and sister-in-law, I-"
"We're not together anymore." Acid inturupted.
"Since when?"
"Since five years ago. After I came back, we thought it was best we didn't get back together."
"Well anyway, I don't think he'll recognize her. His main focus has been an agent, like Acid, called Maria Larden. He's obsessed with finding her, she's been the main focus. He doesn't know the idenities of any other agents, only her."
"You're sure about that?"
"If you're sure no one's gonna be in any danger . . . I guess you can stay, but I want proof you're not being controlled like Ace was." Poison decided.
"How can I prove it?"
"If you've got the chip, you'll have a small scar on the back of your neck where the chip's been inserted." Acid informed her.
She lifted up her hair and showed them the smooth, scarless skin of the back of her neck. It was completely undamaged, there was no evidence to show she was working for Better Living.
He nodded. "I've not met Snake Bite and I don't want to, I'm not gonna force you and your daughter to go back to him."
"Thank you. If, god forbid, he does find us here, which I think is unlikely . . . I'll leave with them without a fight. I won't put you guys in danger and I won't put your kids in any danger, I know how it feels to have them in danger and I wouldn't wish that on anyone."
"Okay, then it's settled."
"Thanks again. I can't say how much I appreciate it."

A/N Lo's officially back! I'm pretty excited for this, I've got some ideas that include her which I think could be interesting x) So like I said before, I'm thinking about bringing back some of the older characters that haven't been in the story much since Acid came back. This includes characters like Cherri, Lie, Attack, Hurricane, Lypse, Pen, Devi, et cetera. Just wondering what you guys think about that ^_^ Thanks for reading and I'll see you guys next week!

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