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Chapter Sixty Five - Daddy

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She was about to question her sister when a tall, slender man walked through the door. The second he walked in, it made perfect sense.

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A/N Hey guys. I'm sorry there was no update last week. I can't even say how fucked up/busy the past week's been for me and my family, but I did manage to write a chapter in between all of the shit that's been going on. I'll be honest, this one's more of a filler but this chapter's leading up to something pretty big, which'll be happening next chapter :D Thankies to Chemical_30 and YoshikiHide182 for reviewing the last chapter, you're awesome ^_^ Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Sixty Five - Daddy

A week had passed since Lo arrived at the diner, in that time Violet, Curse and the rest of the Killjoy Bitches had left to continue their search for Silk. Violet was hesitant to leave Ghoul alone with Lo. She knew how much he'd once loved her and it terrified her those feelings would return in the time she'd be gone. She had discussed it with him and eased her fears completely. She left trusting him and knowing that she was the one he was in love with.
Lo and Willow adjusted to the diner quite well. Lo avoided spending time with Ghoul and mainly focused her attention on Willow. Out of all the Fabulous Killjoys, she mainly talked to Jet Star. To begin with, they talked about Jessey a lot then moved on to happier subjects.
It felt nice for Lo to be in an environment that was fairly safe for her daughter. Where ever Willow's father, Snake Bite, went danger, Draculoids and or S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/ agents shortly followed. The only thing that worried her is if he somehow managed to find both her and her daughter again. He'd done it before, she just hoped he wouldn't do it again.
Acid missed Curse after his departure, as usual. While she had her sister, daughter and friends at the diner, it didn't feel right to her not having Curse around. She just felt happier when he was there with her.
Acid was in her sister's room, both of them re-loading their guns with new batteries.
"You remember when you taught me how to use one of these things?" Death wondered aloud.
"Do I remember? Of fucking course I do. I hated it having to teach a ten-year-old how to use a gun."
"It's a shame, in five years Bandit'll learning how to use one. And when Andy gets here, he'll have to learn how to use one too."
Acid cringed at the thought of her daughter and brother learning how to use guns. "I know they will. God, I don't want teach either of them how to do that. It's like we're teaching them how to and kill they're only kids for crying out loud."
"I know. It ain't gonna be easy. Who knows, maybe something will've happened by that point and Better Living won't be around any more." Death didn't believe a word that was coming out of her mouth, Acid didn't either.
"So, you and Curse?" Death quickly tried to change the subject.
Acid blushed slightly. "What about us?"
"Are you . . . y'know . . . together yet?"
Acid arched an eyebrow. "You sound like you know it's gonna happen."
Death cracked a smile. "That's because I do. I know how much Curse likes you. He's talked to me about it before."
"What's he said?" She asked out of curiosity.
"Oh, y'know, just how much he wants to fuck your brains out."
Acid laughed, slightly freaked out by what her sister said. "Fuck you."
"Nah, but seriously, he likes you a lot. If I didn't know any better, I'd say he's falling hard for you."
"Well, lucky for you, you do know better."
She smirked. "Lucky me. So, are you gonna be all in love and shit with Curse soon?"
"If you mean in a relationship by 'all in love and shit', then I have no idea what to tell you."
"Oh c'mon, just tell him you wanna be with him."
"But I don't know if I wanna be with him, Death. If we were to go out, I wouldn't wanna fuck up the friendship we have."
"You took that chance with Poison."
"Yeah and look what we've become now."
"Okay, that's different."
"If you and Curse were to get together, get married, have a kid and then break up, Curse wouldn't be a complete fucking asshole about it."
Acid was tempted to glare, but instead she went for an eye roll. "Poison wasn't always that way and you know he wasn't."
"But he is now."
"Poison and I . . . well, I guess we're friends now. We've not fought in a while."
"I just don't understand how you can forgive him that easily after how he acted towards you. I haven't forgiven him for it and hell, we were even friends after you died."
"I do it for Bandit's sake. I don't want her to get upset because of Poison and I constantly fighting."
"Well, you're a saint for it."
Acid smirked and said jokingly, "I know I am."

Cherri Cola drove to the diner with her boyfriend, Beautiful Lie, sitting beside her while three other men were sitting in the back. There wasn't a sound in the car, but it was full of the awkward tension that was starting to drive Cherri close to insanity.
"So, Lie, how long've you and my little Claudie been together?"
"Don't call me Claudie or Claudia, it's Cherri now." The irritation in her voice was strong.
"Okay then, how long've you and my little Cherri been together now?" Cherri rolled her eyes.
"Six years."
"Woah, six years? Hey, Clau- I mean, Cherri, how long've Iris and what's his name been together?"
"Seven years."
"How many kids they got again?"
"They married?"
"They've been engaged for five years."
"That's nice." The tension quickly built up again, making Cherri want to rip out her bleached blond hair.
Lie saw the irritation in Cherri's eyes and remained quiet. He didn't want to make it any worse than it already was.
When they pulled up outside, Cherri pounced out of the car then marched to the door of the diner. She didn't bother waiting for any of them to get out, the only thing on her mind was apologizing to her twin sister.
She opened the door effortlessly, the flimsy lock had been broken for years. Her sister was on the couch with her daughter, Lacie.
Cherri wrapped her arms around Static.
"Cherri? What the fuck are you doing here, we-"
"Before he comes in, I'm sorry."
She pulled away while Static gave Cherri a confused look. She was about to question her sister when a tall, slender man walked through the door. The second he walked in, it made perfect sense. Roger Ramone, Cherri and Static's birth father, stood there with the same stupid grin on his face that Static remembered clearly from being a child.
Her father's fight bear grip almost crippled her. "Dad, it's Static."
"I don't care, I've not seen you in years."
"Dad, can you, y'know, let the fuck go? You're hurting me a little."
He pulled away and looked at her. While Static was glad to know her father was still alive after years of not seeing him, she wasn't thrilled to see him. He wasn't a horrible person or anything, he just wasn't there for either of them. Dr. Death had always been more of a father to Static and Cherri than Roger had. In their eyes; Dr. Death was their father.
"So, I hear I got three grandkids now."
"Um . . . yeah, you do. Two grandsons and a granddaughter."
He smile grew wider. "They got names, kiddo?"
"Zack, Guiden and Lacie. And please don't call me kiddo."
"So . . . when do I get to meet your fiancé or whatever he is?"
"Uh, I don't know. He's a little busy training with his brother right now. Uh, this is my daughter by the way. This is Lacie." Static used her innocent daughter as a distraction.
While her father was cooing at her two-year-old, she pulled her sister to one side. Cherri prepared herself for Static's wrath.
"What the hell is he doing here?!" Her voice was quiet but dying to scream louder.
"We found him in the Zones, he asked how you were, Lie stupidly told him about Kobra and the kids and then he wanted to see you, Lacie, Guiden and Zack."
"Oh fuck, now he's gonna want to stay here and we don't have the fucking patients for it."
"Oh and we do?"
"You don't have six kids staying with you in one small diner as well as a lot of fucking Killjoys."
"Wait, six? I thought there were five. Oh fuck, Poison didn't knock up that Blue Pheonix bitch since I last came here, did he?"
"No, thank God."
"Then who's the sixth kid?"
"You remember Demolition Lover?"
"Did Ghoul get her pregnant or something?"
"No. She came back not too long ago with her daughter. Apparently her father's an asshole and she needs a place to stay to hide from him. Ghoul offered for them to stay, so that makes six. Anyways, back to the point."
"Right. Well . . . he can't stay with us anymore, that's for sure."
"There isn't enough room for him here. The Killjoy Bitches have been using up the only spare room lately. They're not here right now, but we don't know when exactly they're gonna be back."
"It's clear neither of us wants him here, so what the fuck do we do then?"
She shrugged. "I don't know."
"Well . . . what if we both suck it up and stay here with him together? You said there's a spare room since the Killjoy Bitches aren't using it."
Static paused for a moment. "What about Dr. Death? Roger blamed Dr. Death for mom leaving him and Dr. Death hated him for the fact that he'd rather be with his band than he would with us and mom."
"Well . . . a guess a few days wouldn't hurt. If dad and Dr. Death still hate each other that much, he can't stay. Not here."
"Sounds a little harsh, don't ya think?"
"This is his diner. At the end of the day, he decides who stays and who goes. He'll be lucky if Dr. Death even lets him stay for a week."
"True." Static sighed heavily. "Anyways, where's my fuckin' hug? I haven't gotten one yet."
Cherri cracked a smile and wrapped her arms around her sister. "I missed you."
"Missed you too, Cher. I missed you too."

Poison looked through the small amount of food they had at the diner and quickly came to the conclusion that they desperately needed to take a trip to the black market. They'd run out of the decent food a long time ago, but when they were even running out of crappy food, that's when they knew they had to go soon.
He looked around the diner, searching for the rest of the Fabulous Killjoys.
"Hey, guys we really need to- what the hell happened here?" Ghoul and Jet were sitting on the floor with Lacie, Willow and two slightly torn stuffed animals. Lacie and Willow were dressed in old clothes none of the Killjoys wore anymore, but Ghoul and Jet had been heavily made up with make-up and old tutus.
"Uncie Ghoul an' Jet are having a tea party!" Lacie shouted.
Poison chuckled. "Oh really?"
"Yeah. We make Ghoulie and Poof-Poof pretty." Willow was equally as excited at Lacie was. Willow never had many interactions with other children growing up in the environment she was in, it was nice for her to meet other kids for a change.
Poison arched an eye brow. "Poof-Poof?"
"They're talking about his fro. Willow started calling him it." Ghoul giggled while Jet looked completely unimpressed by the senario.
"I know, we should call him princess Poof-Poof. I'm sure uncle Jet would love that." Ghoul encouraged them, receiving an ice cold glare from Jet.
"Fuck you, man." Jet muttered while Ghoul just giggled in response.
"So, either of you motherfuckers wanna come get food with me or what?" Poison said, completely unaware his daughter was behind him as he spoke.
Poison felt small hands tug on the bottom of his jeans. He turned around and saw Bandit looking up at him with her giant, bright eyes.
"Daddy, can I ask you something?"
"Sure, B. Anything."
"What does motherfucker mean?"
Ghoul erupted in a fit of laughs, as did Jet. Poison just stared for a moment before replying.
"Something bad and you're never ever gonna repeat that to mommy, okay?"
Bandit nodded. "Okay."
"Anyways, you coming Ghoul and princess Poof-Poof?"
"Can't. We're too busy, right Willow?"
"Yeah, we busy."
"Do you know where Kobra is?" Poison wondered.
"He won't go either. Static's dad's here and she's pretty pissed about it. He's been trying to calm her down a little."
He nodded, knowing it wasn't a good idea to go alone. "If you want, I can go." Poison turned around again, but instead of Bandit, it was Acid. "It's been a while since I've gotten out and I don't mind helping."
"You're sure? I mean . . . you remember what happened last time."
She almost cringed, remembering shooting the men who wanted her dead. "That was a while ago now. I wanna forget about that."
"You're sure?"
She nodded. "Yup. I'm sure."
"Okay then. I guess it's just you and me going, Ace."
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