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Now that they are married, its honeymoon time, as Harry and Ginny take advantage of their time in Tahiti before they have to go home

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A/N I know you guys probably have some questions after that last chapter. Like how did they get to this point or even when this is...but this chapter should answer all of those questions. It's longer than the first and I hope you all enjoy!!!!

Ginny was confused for a moment when she woke up. She tried to work out where she was and why someone had their arm around her. When she turned over and saw it was Harry, she was surprised until the previous days events came flooding back to her.

Oh yeah...this is okay because were married now. She thought to herself with a smile. I cant believe I ran off and got married, my mother is going to kill me.

She lay there content just to watch Harry sleep, as she thought about how they had gotten to this point. It wasn't as if getting married was completely out of the blue. They had been together over a year and a half, since Christmas holiday of her 5th year, Harry's 6th. They had talked about marriage once, at Hermione and Ron's engagement party, but they had decided to wait to talk about it again until the war was over.

Well the war is over now she thought. The war that had started the day Voldemort's return was announced, had ended the day before Harry's 18th birthday when Harry finally defeated Voldemort for the final time. It had felt like the war was going to last forever and Ginny was grateful that it was over and none of their loved ones had been killed. It had only ended two weeks ago but it already seemed like a lifetime ago.

Her birthday which was just two days ago, when Harry proposed, already seemed like a life time ago as so much as changed since then. Just thinking about it made her smile so wide that she felt like her cheeks might break. They were having a party at the burrow when Harry pulled her aside and asked if she wanted to go for a walk. They went outside and strolled together arm in arm until they reached the pond. Ginny remembered fondly how this was the spot that Harry asked her to be his girlfriend and subsequently this was the spot where they shared their first kiss. Ginny had been shocked when he got down on one knee.

"Ginny, will you marry me?"

"Yes, Harry of course!" she had squealed with delight.



Harry stood up, "Tomorrow, will you marry me tomorrow?"

Ginny looked at Harry's face and she noticed that he looked quite flushed. "Harry, have you been drinking, are you drunk?"

Harry didn't seem to be offended. "No Ginny, I'm completely sober and completely serious. In fact I have never been so sure of anything in my whole life. Ginny, Love, I can't live another day without knowing that you will be mine forever. I love you more than I would have thought possible to love another person and I want to scream it from the rooftops, I want the whole world to know that I love you. Ginny, I want you to be my wife. And I want you to be as soon as possible."

She looked into his eyes and could tell that he was quite serious. She didn't know what to say. Suddenly she heard herself speak, "Yes. Okay."

The words were out before she could stop them but as soon as she heard them she knew it felt right.

The next morning they woke up early so they would be able to get out of the house without seeing anybody. It was Harry who thought to leave a note, Went on holiday be back in two weeks. H & G It wasn't a complete lie and they didn't want them to worry he reasoned and they could tell them what they did while on "holiday" when they got back.

With that they Flooed off to the Ministry so Ginny could get her Apparating license then they were off to Diagon Alley so Harry could go to his vault to get some gold to exchange for Muggle money for their trip. When they opened his vault Ginny couldn't help but gasp. She knew that Harry was rich but this was unfathomable. The huge vault was overflowing with gold. He had laughed at the expression on her face as he informed her that Sirius had left him all his gold which along with his parents money made him and soon to be her, a very very rich witch and wizard.

After their errands were done they Apparated, (thank gods she passed her test) all the way to Tahiti. And with that, they got married and nothing she had ever done had felt so right. The only problem though, was what was going to happen when they got home. How would her family react and besides she had another year at Hogwarts to do.

She pushed these thoughts out of her mind resolving to do as Harry said, and to cross those bridges when they came to them.

As she watched him sleep she noticed how much Harry had changed physically over the past few years. He had truly become a man, he was tall at just over 6 feet and his shoulders had broadened and he was tan and muscular from hours upon hours of Quiddich practices. He occasionally wore contacts now as his glasses were so recognizable, but when he did wear his glasses he opted for a more square frame instead of round ones. But beneath those glasses he still had those piercing emerald eyes that she could look into forever. His eyes which, even after all he had been through, still had that sparkle, that mischievous glint when he was up to something, that still lit up when he saw her. He still had those eyes which she fell in love with. Ginny was brought back to the present when the eyes she was thinking about fluttered open.

"Hey," he said in a horse I just woke up voice, a smile spreading across his face when he saw her.

"Hey," she answered softly. "I thought you were going to sleep all morning. How are you?"

He considered this for a moment, "Hungry."

She laughed at him, "Yeah, me too."

He leaned forward to give her a kiss. "Why don't you go and take the first shower and I'll order us up some room service."

She grabbed the robe that was on the chair next to the bed and tied it up as she walked to the bathroom. She could feel his eyes watching her go, so she swung her hips a little extra just to entice him.

When she got out of the shower she was excited to be able to magically dry her hair. I'm never going to get tired of being able to do that. When she walked into the main room she laughed at the sight before her.

"Are we expecting company?" She asked referring to the rather large array of fruit and pastries and sausages and bagels and other food that was piled on the table.

"Well I didn't know what you would be in the mood for, so I got a little bit of everything."

She laughed again as she sat down across from him and begun to pile up her plate. "You know if you keep feeding me like this," she said biting into a Danish pastry, "you're going to had a fat wife, instead of the beauty you have now."

He laughed. "Only more of you to love," he replied leaning across the table to give her a peck.

They started feeding each other grapes, but not in a traditional romantic way. Oh no, they were throwing grapes at each other from across the table trying to get them into each others open mouths, both of them cheering every time one of them made it and cracking up every time someone missed and bounced one off the others forehead. Ginny who had been a chaser for the past two years had better aim, but Harry wasn't half bad either.

When they finished off the grapes they sat in a comfortable silence for awhile eating.

"So what do you want to do today?" Harry asked after a while.

"I have a few ideas." She said suggestively.

"Well besides that..." he chuckled. "I thought that maybe we could take advantage of being on the beach and go snorkeling or something."

"What's that?"

"It's this thing that Muggles do, you go swimming in the ocean wearing goggles and a tube thing in your mouth so you can breath while you look at the fish and stuff."

Ginny looked at him doubtfully.

"Come on, it might be fun."

She reluctantly nodded her head. "But I don't have a bathing suit or really any clothes for that matter except the clothes we came in and the dress I wore for the ceremony. You told me not to bother packing other stuff."

"That's because first I'm going to take you shopping." He stood walked behind Ginny's chair and gave her a hug burying his face in her hair. He took a deep breath inhaling her scent, she always seemed to smell citrusy, it was such a clean and refreshing smell, like oranges he thought. "I'm going to hop in the shower while you get ready."


Ginny had never been to a Muggle mall before and found it very exciting. Their first stop was bathing suits and she had never had so much fun trying them on. Usually she just tried to find one that didn't make her butt look to big and leave. But shopping with Harry was different, he waited diligently outside the dressing room giving his opinion every time she came out in a different suit. He liked some better than others but he always made her feel beautiful.

"Okay I like these five, but which one do you think I should get, I cant decide which is my favorite." Ginny asked pointing to the pile she made.

"Get them all." He stated as if it was the obvious solution.

"Harry, I don't need five bathing suits" she replied sensibly.

"But I want you to have them," he countered. "Besides we'll be here for two weeks and you don't want to keep wearing the same one."

She was going to object but he swooped in and picked up the suits. "Now go get dressed while I pay for these." He kissed the tip of her nose, "We have a lot more shopping to do."

Several hours later they took a break for lunch and Ginny mused over the mornings purchases. Even after the bathing suits Ginny had been reluctant to spend Harry's money until he pointed out that it was her money too and that it made him happy to get these things for her. He also threatened to send her back to the hotel and pick her out all pink clothes (knowing very well how she felt about redheads in pink) if she didn't stop worrying about it. She finally gave in and just started enjoying picking out clothes for herself and her husband. She had been pleasantly surprised at Harry's good taste when it came to clothes and she quickly came to rely on his opinion as they made their way through the mall.

As she dipped a french fry in her ranch dressing she couldn't believe all the new clothes she had gotten. She had never gotten so many new things in a year, let alone a morning. They had been to every kind of store imaginable and they had both gotten clothes for all different occasion. They had gotten daywear and nightwear, for formal restaurants and clubs, for hiking and boating, for lounging on the beach and strolling through town, and anything else they might decide to do. Ginny's favorite part however was the shoes. She now had sandals and trainers, heels and boots, wedges and platforms, flip-flops and slip-ons. She was sure she would never need another pair of shoes for the rest of her life.

She laughed softly to herself when she remembered Harry's reaction to one store in particular. It was the only store that she couldn't get an opinion out of him.

"What's so funny?" Harry inquired looking up from his hamburger.

"Oh, I was just thinking about you in Victoria's Secret." The look on his face had been priceless when she told him that she had to get underwear.

"I wasn't that bad," he muttered, his ears turning red at the thought of it.

"You were as red as a tomato and stared at your feet the whole time until you bumped into and knocked over that mannequin. I had to send you to wait outside." Her eyes were tearing up as she tried to hold in her laughter. "I don't get it, you were fine when I was getting bathing suits, it's practically the same thing."

"It's just different okay. Now are you done laughing at me?" he asked tersely, but she could see the smile that was playing at the corners of his mouth.

"Yeah I'm done...besides when you went outside I got you a surprise," she stated nonchalantly.

"What did you get me at-" his eyes widened with realization. "oh, Oh, OH"

She reached across the table and squeezed his hand. "Are you done eating because if you still wanted to go snorking or whatever it's called we should probably get back to the hotel and change."

They never did make it snorkeling that day, Ginny had been to eager to give Harry his surprise, not that he minded. However in the remainder of their trip they did manage to find time to not just to go snorkeling, but to go on hikes, lounge on the beach, go to romantic dinners, party at a few clubs, see a couple of movies, have a spa day, swim with sharks, buy souvenirs for her whole family, and spend plenty of "quality time" together.

As she felt the warm water of the shower flow down her back she couldn't believe how fast the time had flown by and that they were going home tomorrow.


"Mmmmm...." was all he could say as he was preoccupied with the way her collar bone met the nape of her neck.

"I don't want to go home tomorrow."

He stopped kissing her and looked into her eyes. "I don't either, but term starts in a week and you still have to get all your school stuff together. Not to mention that we have your family to deal with."

She gave him a small smile, "You can't push them just on me anymore, their your crazy family now too."

She stared at him for a while as if she was memorizing this moment to keep with her forever.

"Harry, I'm scared."

"Don't worry your...our family will deal with it."

"No, not just am I going to live without you for 10 months?"

He pulled her close to him resting her red head on his chest then placing his cheek on the top of her head. "Love, I'm Harry bloody Potter. I'll figure something out."

A/N So guys what did you think.... I know that nothing really happened in this chapter but I like writing about their relationship and just their interaction with each other. I liked this chapter and I hope you did and let me know!!! Love Always~
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