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It’s a big world out there, bigger than you think.

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when a young girl stumbles across the tardis, but keeps disappearing away from the doctor, amy and rory what will they do to find out what's happening.

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It’s a big world out there, bigger than you think.

I felt the cold wind in my face and I pulled some of my blond hair behind my ear, Right Now im in a war zone, I stand in front of a shopping centre were I used to go with my friends, now it’s all boarded up with gun turrets built to the side. My name is Dearbhla Doherty, Im in the city of Derry in Ireland and well I have no idea what happened to the city, once a peaceful city now a war zone. I walked from the centre and walked over to this huge turret, just then in sight an enemy plane came into sight, I only knew my the panicking people and the explosions were they have dropped bombs.

“You girl don’t just stand there, operate that turret and help us shoot that plane down.” I was shocked, im only 16 and now im told to shoot down a plane, really what the hell. I use the turret and it is easy to figure out how to operate it so I shot the turret started shooting the plane, I decided to go for the wing and if I damage it, it can go down. The gun was more powerful than I thought, as I shot the turret in the sky at the plane and missed, I stopped and aimed were it will be going and shot there, a loud “BANG” filled the air as the bullets of the turret actually hit the wing and was now flew downwards and crashed into houses.

“That motherfucker destroyed my house, little bitch.” Some person said making me giggle.
“You girl, that was some good shooting you did there, brought that plane down. You should get yourself down to the river there shipping people from the city, your too young. You need to live your life.”

“Thanks sir that means a lot.” I stammered. I turned and walked on he called me again and asked.
“What’s your name girl any way?”

“Dearbhla, Dearbhla Doherty.”

He looked at me weirdly before I turned and walked on, above my head was still gun shots from planes fighting each other. I started running, running past the destroyed homes and buildings burned pieces of paper flying past me hitting my shoulder and brushing past my cheek. My worn out biker boots running threw puddles of water and the ash covered ground until I came to a building, it was a huge grey boarded up. There was a huge ship in the water were some people were getting on. I walked into the building were people were getting there details wrote down. A woman in a suit came over and asked “Can I help you.” She sounded like a robot too me.
“Umm yeah I was told you can get out of the city from here.”

“Do you have a passport on you.” I was confused now because I lost my house due to bombs.

“No, my house was blown up and well I lost everything."

“Well im sorry you cannot leave.” Now I was angered by this.


“Would you please leave?” people were boarding the ship “You need a passport to board the ship and im sorry I cannot do anything else.” I walked out of the building feeling angered and confused as I walked out of the car park the ship left.

“I swear this day just get weirder and weirder.” I said to myself as I watched the boat leave.
“Well how am I going to get out of this town, It’s not like a spaceship will appear out of no where.” I shouted out loud, just then a loud noise appeared, wind blowing my hair all about the place, I slowly turned around and just then did a blue police box appear. “Well what do you know?” I muttered I creped along the side of the box so I could see who would come out. three soldiers came out in armour and one took off it’s helmet and said “That doctor was stupid, well men lets look for anyone who was left behind and kill them.” I was shocked so I waited for the things to move. The moved enough just for me to sneak past them and go inside the ship thingy. It was really small but there was a button that read “RETURN.” I was not sure what to do so I pushed the button. The ship started making that sound again and the solider turned and shouted while he grabbed my legs “Ohh no you don’t you brat it took me too long to get it.” And managed to get my legs free from its grasp and then I curled into a ball in the corner as tears prickled my eyes and fell down my cheek.

I could tell that it stopped some where as it did not make that noise anymore, I looked up to see that I was now in some place unknown to me as I knew I was not in Derry anymore. I looked up to see a man with a bow tie looking at the ship or box that sat in front of him. When I saw him I pushed myself into the corner as far as I can and hope he does not see me.

He walks in and well he does not see me, but the tears still keep going, he pulls out a screw driver, and points at the wall, then he wall disappeared and it revealed a huge room or rooms. “AHH it is great to be back.” he says as he puts the screw driver away and walks or slightly skipping into the room. I watch I was not sure if I should speck so I kept quite, I could hear more voices coming closer and stop in front of me, I didn’t dare look up and by this stage I was shaking too.

“Umm Doctor.” said a female voice.

“Yes my wonderful Amy what could be th-.” He stopped talking there I could tell that they know im there, I felt a hand touch my knee and I heard form another male voice I have not heard before. “Hey, It’s ok your safe here.” I slowly lifted my head to see man with light brownish hair and blue/grey eyes, his eyes were looking at a part of my head. “we will need to clean that cut on our fore head also.” He reached his hand out to touch my head but I pulled away. “Shh it ok I only need to check if it needs stitching.” He carefully looked at the cut as the girl asked “what’s your name.”

“D-Dearbhla.” I stammered I looked over at the guy with the bow tie and he was just staring at me non-stop, he other guy went some where to get things for my cuts on my head.

“Well im Amy, that’s the doctor.” She pointed to the guy with the bow tie. The other man puts some things beside me and said “Im Rory, Ohh and this may hurt a bit.” He cleaned my cut before outing the stitches in, as the slowly starting to put the stitches in I asked “Why do you keep staring at me like that.” “Well you are my tardis and I want to know how you go it.”

I told them the story of how I got the tardis and Rory just gave me a short smile as the doctor walked up to me and stuck my screw driver in my face and then looked at it, “Your from the year 2012 and should be there but the tardis just came back from 3015 that you just came from. Could you explain that for me?” I shook my head “She could have had memory loss.”Rory piped up
“Do you remember getting that cut on your head.” I shook it again “No.” I managed to say

“Well we are going to keep an eye on you and she will have to come with us for a while.”

“It will be ok.” Amy said with a smile and gave a short smile back. The tardis landed in a place and we stepped out on the hard ground. I looked around.

“Ohh Dear.” I said shocked as Rory was at one side of me and Amy and the doctor on the other.
“We will be fine ok.”
“It just looks really creepy and im kind of scared.
“Don’t worry.” He took my hand and walked on and me sort of clung to him also and we all walked towards, of what Dearbhla will find out what happened to the people who left the town on the boat.

Please R&R cause this took me ages to write and well I want to know what you think and this is really based on a dream i had too
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