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Wow I totally forgot about this. Well here is the rest and hope you like it.

Doctor’s pov

We walked towards, what looked to be a factory. An abandoned factory, papers and rubbish on the ground. Something was not right here, something off with the atmosphere. A flapping piece of paper caught my eye, a walked over a lifted it up. A could only make out the head line which read.

“War Continues. Thousands Dead and counting. Will this ever end?”

The picture caught my eye, it seems to be over 20 years ago and there was a girl in the picture, “looks familiar” I thought to myself. “Wait she looks a lot like that kid. Hmm suspicious, I have to keep an eye on her.” I thought

“Any idea where we are Doctor. Doctor? Said Amy as she waved her hand in my face

“Ahh yes, Amy, where are we, where are we indeed.” I pulled out my screw driver to confirm the date of the newspaper article I found and it was 25 years old.

“What’s that doctor?” Asked Rory, curiosity got the best of him.

I walked towards the girl, looking at her up and down. She looked at Rory confused. I circled her slowly trying to see if she would act irrationality, but she only watched me looked confused? Scared? I finally met her face.

“What do you know of this?” I asked holding up the paper. She only stared at me then slowly gazed at it.

Dearbhla’s pov

“What do you know of this?” he asked me. I looked at it. My fears have settled, this is only a dream like the last time. Only a dream nothing can hurt me, no one can stop me, but I swear I can hear something, music. I eyes drifted towards the source.
“Follow the music to get home.” I said

“What, do you, what?” said the doctor the confused with my response.

“I have been here before.”

“You have, can you tell me.”

“Why you’re a fragment of my imagination.” They were all looking confused. “This isn’t real, you are not real. I hear music, do you, and follow the music to get home.”

Rory was about to say protest but the Doctor stopped him.

3rd person
She slowly let go of Rory’s hand and walked slowly to the noise, she saw a light at the far end, she knew something, and she started to run without a care in the universe, she ignored the shouts not to come back. She ran the light becoming bigger and bigger until she went through the light.

The Doctor was not far behind her, he watched as she ran through the light. It disappeared after she entered leaving a confused doctor. He whipped out his screw driver and pointed it at the wall that Dearbhla entered.

“Wha- what happened, were did she go.” Worried Rory

“Doctor what happened.” shouted Amy trying to get his attention.

He just stared in disbelief at the results from his screwdriver.
He was spun around by Rory “What happened.” Rory asked again tone Turing angrily. Rory started to snap his fingers in the Doctors face his mouth opened to answer it was;

“She, she just time travelled.”

well i hope not to leave this not as long as i did
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