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55. Expect the Unexpected

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Gerard's POV
As I moved around in bed looking for Edith's body to hug, I realize I'm alone. I open my eyes and look around. It's 8 in the morning and she's not here. She told me she was off today. Where in the world is she?
I then come across a note sitting on the drawer next to my phone.
"Sorry Gee, had to go somewhere really important today. I'll call you when I'm done. Love you."
Great.. It's been about three days that we haven't spent time together besides when we both come home. I really miss her next to me.
I drag myself out of bed and force myself in the restroom to shower.
As I dry my hair with a towel, I enter the kitchen and find another note.
"made your favorite breakfast :) hope you're not mad. I promise I'll make it up to you."
"oh please Edith.." I say to myself and reveal the plate. Chocolate chip pancakes with Nutella covered strawberries on the side and some Starbucks coffee.
"fine.. I'll accept it." my pride loosens up and I enjoy my delicious pancakes and strawberries while I watch some cartoons.

When I'm all finished, I wash my dishes and head over to Frank's again. Just like I have been doing more often now. But today there's actually a purpose to go to Frank's. All of us are meeting up there to go to our bar where we will be doing sound check for our release party. It's tomorrow and I feel more confident then ever about this. Frank's parents, Edith's mom, and Emma's parents are going. Not sure what they'll think about our music but hey, they're going to support us. It's too bad my parents aren't going, it would make my night if they were.
"t'sup dude." I greet Emma when she opens the door.
"awww! Gerard!" she squeals and hugs my neck.
"umm, aww." I squeal back. I hug her back and she walks backwards as I enter her home and close the door behind me. Then Frank enters the room. I give him a weird look but he just draws a line with his lips and looks down at the ground.
"you are so cute." Emma says braking the hug and pinching my cheeks.
"uhh... Thank.. You?"
"Frank told me what you're doing." she winks.
"what am I doing?"
"Edith will be so happy!!" she lets go of me and runs to her room.
"what am I doing?" I whisper to Frank.
"just wait for it." Emma comes running back out and holds out Frank's wedding ring.
"oh my god." I cover my mouth.
"I can't believe you're proposing to Edith. That's so cute!" she squeals again and hugs me while jumping up and down.
"ha ha ha yeah.." I smile and look at Frank again who bows his head covering his eyes and shaking his head.
"when did you decide to do it?" she questions with enthusiasm.
"uhh well I always found myself ready. I just.. I just had to plot the perfect scene.. And I thought tomorrow would be.. Good." I squint hoping she knows what I'm trying to say.
"I think it's just perfect! I just can't wait to see Edith's face up there. It'll be magical." she looks up at the ceiling with a grin, holding the ring to her chest and closing her eyes. She starts to dance around by herself and that's when I go over to Frank. She then opens her eyes and goes back in her room.
"what the hell?!"
"I'll explain later!!" she comes back out and we act normal.
"well, I'm going out with Edith so I'll see you guys later!" she announces prancing to the door.
"wait, with Edith?"
"oh Gerard.. Don't worry! I won't tell her anything. Bye!" she shuts the door in my face. She didn't give me the chance to ask where's Edith!!
"she found the ring yesterday." Frank says sitting on the couch devastated. I walk back over to him and sit on the couch as well.
"she found the pants I was wearing yesterday. She was scolding me again to not leave them on the floor. I took them from her and put the little case in my briefs since that's the only thing I was wearing at the time. Then she just started questioning me, why I was hiding that thing from her. She gave me her pouting face and I couldn't help it. So I showed it to her telling her that lie." he let's himself fall on the couch sideways resting his head on my lap.
"what am I going to do!" he screams.
"I guess right now we're going to keep having to go with this plan."
"I guess that's the only thing we can do."
"but look at the bright side, it'll be a better surprise since she thinks the ring is for Edith."
"I guess you're right." he sits back up.
"H-hey!!!!! Who's ready to rock n'roll!!!" Ray, Mikey and Matt come bursting through the door.
"hey guys." I greet them and get up hugging them all.
"are we ready to go or what man?!" Mikey shouts playing his soundless bass. Frank runs in his room grabbing his guitar, "hell fucking yeah! Let's go!" they all exit the house playing their soundless instruments and I follow behind them humming This is the Best Day Ever.

When we got to the place, we were amazed of how big the place was. And the fact that Mark and David had people setting up the place was even more pleasing.
"My Chemical Romance.." David says coming around, "it's your big day."
"I know! We're so excited!!" Ray claps.
"I know for sure today My Chemical Romance will get even bigger. You guys are a great band. Last gig, it went through the roof!"
"I had so much fun last gig. I never thought I'd experience anything like it." Mikey explains.
"I can say the same.." Mark says coming around carrying a clipboard.
"where are the girlfriends?" he asks.
"out." Frank laughs.
"hmm, we could have used their help. Oh well, ready for a sound check?"
"for sure." I say and we all make our way to the stage.


We played some of the songs we're gonna play. Being up there on that stage felt like a dream come true. Just imagining a roaring crowd singing along to the music we've written since our old days in the garage is amazing. I cannot be any happier to be in a band with 4 other amazing guys that I call best friends.
As Frank drove all of us back home, I finally get a call from Edith.
"on my god it's about time." I answer.
"I know right. I miss you too."
"where are you? Are you home?"
"well.. Something like that. Where are you?"
"driving back to Frank's with the guys."
"awesome. Can you come pick me up at 3rd and St. Peter street?"
"umm... Sure. I'll see you there."
"okay. Thanks. Bye." she hangs up.
"Frank, can you drop me off at 3rd and St. Peter?"
"no problemo." he makes a right turn towards North on our way to 3rd street.

When we park at the corner of 3rd and St. Peter, I call Edith.
"where you at?" I say when she answers.
"come to the building 3458. I'm in the lobby."
"okay.." I hang up, "alright I'll see all of you later." I step out of the car.
"where are you going?" Mikey asks from the passenger seat.
"Edith wants me to meet her here."
"Someone's getting laid." Matt whispers making the guys chant.
"oh stop it. See you guys."
"tell Pretty Girl we said hi." Frank says and drives away. I make my way down the street till I find the building 3458. It's a big, luxurious building with a sign that says, Buy your own loft today!. A lady standing by the door looks at me with a smile.
"are you Gerard?" she says.
"uhh.. Yeah.." Freaky!!
"follow me." I follow her inside this building and she leads me in the elevator to the 7th floor. When we step onto the 7th floor and make a right turn, I see movers coming in and out of the place. She leads me inside apartment 728 and inside I find Edith.
"Ms. Lynn." Edith turns around and her face brightens when she sees me. The lady that brought me up here exits the door leaving only Edith and I alone with movers coming in and out.
"what is this?" I question her.
"our new home." she smiles and kisses me.
"I'll explain later but isn't it pretty?!" we both look around. I look at the couches, the curtains, the furniture, the very clean carpet.. It's all just so pretty and so.. Edith!
"you.. You bought all this?"
"yes, yes I did."
"you had the money for it?.."
"well.. I sold Annie's condo and that came with huge help." I turn around and face her. "where are our stuff?"
"don't worry, some things are here some things were sold. Come, look at our bedroom." she winks and grabs my hand leading me inside a huge room with a wide view of the city with what seemed to be a king sized bed.
"this bed is huge." I comment, "and soft." I lay down relaxing my muscles and anxiety that Edith has caused me with such surprise.
"I sold my bed.." she says laying next to me and brushing her fingers through my hair, "I didn't quite want it to be part of our new home."
"why not?" I prop up on my elbows.
"Harry bought that bed for me and.. No.. Just no."
"oh right. Well this bed is so much better, and bigger." I purr and grab her thigh wrapping it on me.
"oh stop.." she laughs when I nibble on her neck.
"remember your promise?" I whisper in her ear.
"of course I do, but you have to wait." she says and slightly pushes me off her making me crave her more. She gets up and walks out of the room so I follow.
"so when did you sell Annie's condo?"
"a while back. I just told the new owners if they could wait one bit till I get this one settled. While you were gone the whole day, I cleaned that one up."
"so we'll be sleeping here today?"
"of course, like the idea?"
"I sure do." I grab her waist and pull her close.
"Gee, the movers.." she says as I continue to kiss her neck.
"fine, but you won't escape my arms tonight."
She laughs and escapes my arms when the lady that brought me up here enters the room again.
"So Ms. Lynn, I'm guessing you're settled here now."
"yes, the movers are still finishing up stairs but besides that, everything is just like home."
"perfect. Well, welcome to The Kargman." she smiles.
"thank you." they shake hands and the lady leaves once again.

When the movers were all done and we were all alone in our new home, she showed me upstairs. She made a small gym for us, a dream of hers, and placed a barre along the wall for her ballet warm ups. Smart.
Afterwards, she led me downstairs into our room, locked the door and we shared a wonderful night full of lust..


Victoria's POV
I sat around in the living room filing out some applications for a new job I was applying for when Harry enters the house.
"hey." he says and walks in the kitchen with some groceries.
"t'sup." I greet him. Then the conversation ended as he went upstairs. I observe him as he goes upstairs and turn back to my filing.
"god it's freaking cold." he says when he comes downstairs. He comes up behind me and cups my face with his cold hands and plants a kiss on my cheek. Something that has been going on as a regular now.
"god your hands are cold!" I rub my cheeks with my warm hands as he sits on the ground in the living room.
"how was your day?" he asks as he starts to stretch.
"it was busy. Looking for a better job at a hospital."
"oh cool." he says and moves to an downward dog position.
"just a normal day at the company." he lowers down from his positions arching his back and stretching out his lower abs.
"hmm.." I say and also stretch out my neck that has been aching for the past half hour.
"you know.." he starts as he starts to stretch out his middle splits..
He starts to explain something to me but I can't keep up because watching him stretch is so heavenly. His muscles flex and grow as he moves from different positions. His veins pop out from his neck when he throws his head back and does this little soft moan of relief making me tingle.
"Vicky?" he says bringing me back from my thoughts. He lays on his back lifting his leg and grabbing his calf bringing the leg down towards his face.
"yes?" I reply.
"mind helping me?"
"oh, sure." I get down on my knees and touch his muscular leg.

Harry's POV
As she helps me stretch my leg even further down, I observe her beautiful body. It leans over me and the way she stares at my body drives me crazy. Yeah, I seen how she stared down at my crotch when I went down on my middle splits.
"you're very flexible." she comments as she puts my leg down.
"I know." I wink and sit up.
"I don't even think I have my middle splits." she laughs and spreads her legs reaching down.
"you almost got it." I grab her hands and place one foot on each of her calfs stretching her down even further.
"ouch!" she giggles, "it hurts." I then let go and she rests on that position with her elbows on the floor.
her face was right next to my crotch
She comes back up, sitting up straight and we lock eye contact for a second. We both sit in similar positions; with our legs spread wide and she looks at my crotch again. But this time, I catch her and when we lock eye contact again, I cock and eyebrow and do the same to her. For just a second, I look down at her and back up. When she starts to lick her lips and bite them, I giggle and close my legs standing up.
"wait." she says. I stop and slowly turn around. She stands up too, and walks over to me. She pushes me against the wall behind me and pulls me into a kiss.
My face starts to burn as I try hard not to pull her close. My pants start to get tighter every time she plays with my tongue and slides her hands down my torso even further.
Then, when she cups my package again, I don't hold back. I groan a little and pick her up by her legs. Her toned legs wrap around me like a koala, tightly and I can feel every piece of her against me. She then starts to nibble on my neck as I walk upstairs pretty quickly and when I get in my room, I drop her on my bed taking her shirt off rapidly.
You sure you want to do this?
She starts to moan when I take her bra off and squeeze her breasts into my mouth. I give her one last kiss before I get off her and walk over to my condom drawer. I get one and when I turn back around, she's fully naked cupping and stroking her womanhood.
oh god I think to myself and undress quickly. I put on the condom as I walk back over to the end of the bed where she lays calling me over.
"enter me." she whispers when I lay on her and we kiss.. As I start making small strokes..
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