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56. The Proposal

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Harry's POV
You happy with what you did? my conscious invades my thoughts again at 3am as I lay in bed with her next to me.
No I repeat in my head a million times.
I cannot believe I have done this. I had sex with Victoria without even being her boyfriend. I just hope she doesn't think I just used her.. Because those weren't my intentions.
Then again, I'm not the one that started it.

Victoria's POV
Oh god, what have I done?! I hate him for stretching in front of me. I just couldn't help it anymore. I wanted him and I wanted him badly. I hope he doesn't see me as a whore..
"Harry.." I whisper. He doesn't respond. I look up at him and find him staring blankly at the ceiling.
"Harry?" I question this time. He blinks and then looks at me.
"I- I should probably go." I sit up and cover my breasts as I get out of bed.
"no wait.. I'm sorry.." he says.
"you shouldn't be. It's my fault. I'm sorry." we lock eye contact then I feel tears coming up so I look away. As I start to walk away, I start to cry silently. I've failed, badly and I don't know if I can forgive myself. Moving in with him wasn't the best idea..
"Vicky I love you." I hear before I leave the room. I slowly turn around and find him sitting down slipping his briefs on. He walks over to me cupping my face.
"I'm sorry for what has happened. It was a factor of both of us. I know you wanted it and I know I wanted it too. And badly. I wish I didn't have to say this in these circumstances but I love you. And I have been since we started to grow close. But I never knew when, or how I should tell you. I always went against it because I was afraid you wouldn't like me back. I'm sorry.. Please forgive me." he hugs me. He hugs me close to his body and all I could do is cry on his bicep.
"I love you too." I mumble.
"you don't have to say it to make me feel better.." he replies.
"no, I do love you. And I feel the same way you have." I pull away and look into his eyes. He wipes my tears and starts to smile.
"I love you Harry. And I want to be with you no matter the circumstances." I kiss him. Deeply. And he accepts it. He pulls my naked body closer to him. And then swifts me off my feet in bridal style and lays me on his bed.
"I love you.." he says between breaths as he kisses me.
"I always have. I don't care what others think."
"I don't care if she gets mad either." he says and I stop the kissing. "Edith?" I look into his eyes as his face starts to blush red.
"yeah.. I'm sorry."
"wait, were you worried for that too?"
"were you?"
"I was! God, all of my friend's know I've had a crush on you since the longest and they begged me to tell Edith. They said she wouldn't do anything about it but I refused to listen. I still don't want to tell her."
"oh my god I felt the same way. That's also why I didn't want to tell you about my feelings. 'Cause I was afraid of what you and Edith would think."
I start to laugh, "that's funny. What do we do know?"
"I say screw her!" and he kisses me again. He lays between my legs spreading them even further.
"I love you Victoria. You're such an amazing girl. You're so beautiful, funny, passionate, sexy..God, I can go on." he starts to nibble like crazy on my neck filling my stomach with butterflies.
"oh stop!" I laugh and cup his face. We stare into each others eyes for a quick second.. And then collide into a deep passionate kiss.


The following morning, I wake up on his bed, forgetting last nights events for just a second. When they invade my mind again, I hug the blankets tighter and smile to myself.
Although I still feel quite guilty.. Things didn't go as planned.
I then start to realize I'm alone in bed so I get out of bed, grabbing his robe on my way out.
As I walk down the stairs, I hear sizzling and plates clinging together in the kitchen. When I peak my head inside, I find him in pajamas cooking up something that smells delicious.
"hey.. Good morning." he says throwing a pancake in the air and catching it again with the pan.
"morning. Hope you don't mind.. I'm wearing your robe."
"it's perfectly fine. You hungry?"
"a little. What's cookin'?"
"your favorite. Chocolate chip pancakes."
"yum." I sit on the stool next to the counter and wait for him to serve my plate.
"before I hand you your breakfast, mind closing your eyes?" he says covering up what he's doing on the plate.
"alright. Eyes closed." I feel his presence come closer and when I hear him say the magic word, I open up looking down at my plate that reads, "would you like to be my girlfriend?"
My eyes instantly lit up and my heart melts with joy. My eyes start to water and I look up at him standing up and embracing him close to my body.
"I wanted to ask last night but, I thought morning would be better."
"oh my god Harry.." I let go looking into his sparkling blue eyes, "of course I'll be your girlfriend."
"ugh yes.. Finally I can kiss you whenever I'd like." he admits giving me a nice warm kiss.
"you're the sweetest." I admit as tears role down my cheeks.
"you're an amazing listener. Your actions and words, plus your sweet heart has won me over. And talk about your looks.. Whoo!" he laughs slightly moving his hands down to my hips and doing a small thrust. I feel my face start to blush so I kiss him again.
"you're an amazing listener too! I haven't had so much similarities with a guy before. You quite understand my pain. You know how great it is to find someone as understanding as you?"
"I know for sure. I've just found her."
"and I've found you. Thank you, for being so sweet."
"thank you." and once again, we kiss and finally settle down to eat his delicious pancakes.

After our delicious pancakes were gone, we settled back up stairs not being able to keep our hands off each other. Then, he proposed to take a shower together. Which was quite a pleasant idea.
And so we did, which was great to touch his slick muscular body.
As I poured body wash on my body, I felt his hand brush under my hair, grabbing it in his fist and sliding his hand down my hair that reached my lower back dimples.
"what are we going to do about Edith?" he finally speaks repeating the process of touching my hair.
"I dont know.." I reply as I wash my breasts and torso with the body wash, "what shall we do? We're both scared. And I have a feeling we're scared for no reason."
"hmm.." he says. Then I feel his hands wrap around my waist and his chin rest on my shoulder.
"what if we get Gerard to help us?" I suggest.
"do you really think that would work? I mean, I'm not exactly his friend yet. Not even close to casual friend."
"oh he'll get over it. As long as he gets a sincere apology, he'll get over this grudge soon."
"what's your plan then."
"we set up a dinner. She knows I've been seeing some guy and she's been dying to meet him. We'll tell her then."
"hmm.. Dinner sounds pretty good. I guess we can give that a try."
"I'll be brave if you will."
"as long as you stick by my side, I'm good." he kisses my shoulder and embraces me tighter. I swivel in his arms and face him. I stare into his manly features, taking in the beauty and slowly lean in for a kiss.


Gerard's POV
For the first time in a few days, I finally wake up to a tight grip around my waist meaning, Edith is still in bed with me. I slowly take the arm off me, hover over her between her legs and wake her up with kisses. She breathes in deeply when I tickle her soft spot and she opens her eyes.
"good morning sugar."
"morning Gee." she wraps her arms around my neck kissing me again.
"isn't this king sized bed just great?" she says letting go of the kiss and twirling her fingers through my hair.
"it sure is. Thanks babe, for an amazing night."
"oh thank you." she sighs and we both role out of bed. I put on my briefs and she walks over to the big mirror naked, puts her hair in a bun and observes her tattoos for a second and enters the restroom.
I giggle to myself realizing how awkward she is and head over to our brand new kitchen to brew some coffee.
"this kitchen is huge." I tell myself walking around in a circle as I observe every single detail of this luxurious loft. The sun is shining bright this morning and after I turn the brewer on, I head over to the window and look over the city.
"wow.. Aren't I a lucky guy." I tell myself again out loud.
"why so?" I hear another voice. I turn around to find Edith in yoga pants with a white t-shirt.
"just because I have you by my side." I hug her waist from behind and we both stare out into the view.
"you like the new place?" she asks bringing a hand up to my head and softly massaging my scalp.
"love it. Especially with you in it being my fiancée."
"I'm your fiancée now?" she laughs.
"always have, since the day I met you."
"sure.." she giggles again, "I remember when we first had sex, I said to you that even If I didn't end up with you, I wouldn't regret losing my virginity to you."
"and do you?"
"course not! Besides, I am ending up with you. And I couldn't be any happier." she turns around and kisses my lips softly with love.
"you're incredible you know that?" I tell her as she looks into my eyes with dilated pupils.
"I do. You're fantastic you know that?"
"I do."
"that's what we'll be saying at our wedding." she giggles.
"I promise you that. Till death breaks us apart." I close the gap between us, picking her up bridal style, and kissing her sweet rosy lips with love exploding through my heart.


Frank's POV
I still lay in bed, at 11am feeling nervous and scared. Today is our release party and my phone has been ringing non stop for about an hour. Each call from Ray, Gerard, Jade and Mikey, Emma's parents and most importantly and terrifying my parents...
They saw an ad on the newspaper promoting our party and my parents were calling in talking to me about it.
Sure, they said they were really proud but.. They also mentioned that they want to be here tonight..
It's keep-loading-crap-on-Frank's-back day. Anymore load?!
Having Emma's parents around creates enough pressure already. Sure they love me, but I want to really impress them. And my parents..
They weren't too fond about this band idea. Especially because I quit college for it.
Emma's parents want me to make my MJ happy and so far, that hasn't been accomplished. It's happened alright.. But something's up..
I know my MJ too well..
She might not realize it but I can surely see right through her that she's bummed about me, "not being the one proposing tonight"
Do you know how heart-braking that is?!
I just want to run out of bed right now, run in the kitchen and propose right then and there..
But thats not romantic..
And I want to do it in front of my friend's and family..
A crowd..
The world! So they can know how much I love my MJ!
So she can know how much I love her
Oh god Frankie, get it together.. Just a few more hours and she'll officially be your fiancée.
"honey, get out of bed." Emma comes in the room and sitting down at the end of the bed.
"but I'm tired."
"Ray wants to practice with you before the show tonight. C'mon it's almost noon." she pats my legs.
"but I don't wanna."
"Frankie.." she says and gets closer hovering over me kissing my lips softly.
"get up." she whispers.
"fine." I get out of bed grabbing the engagement ring on my way out.
Tonight is the night we've all been waiting for


Gerard's POV
It's already 2 hours before show and I'm freaking out. Ray and the others are practicing without vocals and Mark just told me all tickets have been sold out. That means, this our biggest crowd yet.
"is Vicky here?" Edith says coming in the dressing room with the beer I asked her to get me.
"nope, haven't heard from her. In fact, I'll give her a call right now." I get up from my chair and enter the restroom.
"Hey Vicky." I say when she answers.
"hey, I'm going... Don't worry."
"oh cool, I was about to ask you if you're coming."
"you don't mind if I bring Harry, do you?"
"umm.. I guess not.. Just make sure he doesn't come around Edith."
"he won't, trust me. We're finally together."
"no way! really?! How'd it happen?"
"well it wasn't as expected but it led to confessing our feelings."
"well it doesn't matter how it happened, as long as it happened!"
She starts to giggle, "well that's true. I'm just so happy. We're happy."
"that's great. So.. When do you plan to tell Edith?"
"that's where we need your help. We'll tell you all about it when we get there. I have to go so I can continue getting dressed. I'll see you there?"
"for sure. Ba-bye." I stuff my phone in my pocket and exit the restroom.
"what'd she say?" Edith says as she lays on the couch upside down with head hanging from the couch and feet up next to the back rest.
"she's coming. Doesn't your head hurt? Your face is turning red like a cherry."
"kinda use to it." he sits back up straight and closes her eyes.
"you look beautiful by the way." I can't seem to stop staring at her sparkly black strapless pencil dress that really shows off her slim body and daring exposed cleavage. I hover over her and kiss her irresistible red lips. She opens her eyes and stares back like a sexy cat and smiles.
"you're going to do great." she whispers.
"thanks." I smile too and kiss her again.
"Gerard!" Mikey says coming in through the door later followed by Jade and Emma.
"what?" I get off Edith and walk over to the door.
"we need you, c'mon."
"we'll keep Edith company." Emma says and I close the door behind me.

Victoria's POV
"Harry?" I walk up the stairs and enter his room finding him inside shirtless.
"you're not ready?!"
"I dont know if I want to go.." he turns around slipping on a black V-neck.
"why not?"
"I dont know.. I don't want to feel awkward."
"well Gerard said it's fine."
"he said it. What about the others?.."
"well.. We can keep away like last time.."
"but I don't want to keep doing that. It's ridiculous. I feel ridiculous just hiding away." he raises his voice just a tad.
"but Harry.." I approach him and give him a hug.
"I know its my fault."
"I've known my friends for a very long time but what you did, isn't even half of the emotional harm I did to all of them. And most of all, their beloved couple; Edith and Gerard. God, it took them forever to understand that Gerard had forgiven me but once they saw I was sincere about my apology, they all understood and forgave me. All my friends are understanding. Some more than others but I'm sure they won't treat you as horribly as they treated me. Now c'mon, get ready." I let go of the hug and look into his eyes that stare back in admiration.
"you're quite the charm for my heart Vicky."
"I'll always be here for you, no matter what." I kiss his sweet lips that I crave and enjoy his body pushed against mine. We deepen the kiss and my heart starts to throb with joy.
Never in my years of kissing, have I ever been kissed with so much overwhelming love.

Frank's POV
"dude, just calm down." Gerard says through the mic as I drink what has to be my 7th tequila shot tonight.
"I can't calm down! Her parents are going to be here. Mine are going to be here. This is our biggest concert, how do I not freak out?!" I drink another.
"look, we're all tense too okay?" Matt says.
"yeah, just chill."
"I don't think that's an okay phrase right now Mikey, but just stop drinking Frank! You're going to forget how to play!" Gerard scolds again.
"this is probably the most sober we've ever been!" Mikey exclaims sitting up from the ground.
"yeah, he's not gonna forget. Pfft." Matt laughs.
"well whatever, show is about to start in about an hour, we need to keep practicing. From the top of Cubicles come on."
I step back on stage and we jam for the whole hour. Everything I played was muscle memory. I swear I was not thinking of the chords. Just of what was waiting for me tonight.
And when people kept arriving and the party was about to start, I swallowed my own puke and smiled widely as I stepped on stage and took a look at the crowd before me.


When intermission came in, I went backstage being greeted by our girlfriends.
"you did great babe!" Edith says embracing Gerard with a big sweaty hug.
"where's Emma?" I ask.
"Vicky is keeping her busy." Jade winks. Matt and Mikey look at her.
"that didn't sound so correct did it?"
"no." Mikey shakes his head.
"what she means is that she's keeping her away while Gerard here gives you the plan." Edith says giving me the correct explanation.
"so here's whats going to happen, I'm going to start speaking right after we sing our first song and I'm going to give a little speech and then, I'm going to give you the mic and you say your little words, got it?"
"well it's not a hard plan to figure out myself." I scoff.
"well the plan is not in detail my friend."
"5 minutes guys. You guys are doing great." David says and leaves again.
"okay, 5 minutes of Edith. Come here babe." he pushes Edith into the darkness and all we start to hear is slobbery kisses and giggles.
"you got this man." Mikey pats my shoulder shaking it.
"thanks for the support."
Jade comes around giving me a bottle of water and I go sit on a stool next to one of the speakers. I drink it like if it's the last ounce of water in the world.
Tonight will be one of the most unforgettable nights. I can not screw this up.
"okay MCR, you're on." David says.
Fuck. Me. Right. Now

As Gerard sang the lyrics to Cubicles, and as I poured all my energy out for our concert, I look to the side of the stage where Emma's parents look straight at me with a wide grin. A lot similar to Emma's. I guess I know where she gets that eager smile now.
"think I'd love to die alone!.." oh god, the last part of lyrics and Ray's last chord. The crowd starts to go wild and I look over on the other side of the stage, where Emma sits with Edith. She whispers something in Edith's ear and Edith looks over at me with a smile. Then she says something to Emma. Emma looks back at me and smiles.
I wave and she waves back.
I wonder what she told her..
"wow, you're a fucking amazing crowd!!" Gerard yells through the mic.
"I am fucking happy to have you all tonight. Thanks for coming out to our release party. The guys and I have been through a lot of shit since we graduated high school. I went through a devastating state but.. I'm all over that now. Now that I have my lovely girlfriend..." I look at Emma who bows her head. I know exactly what she's thinking.. no Emma, he's not proposing. I am!"
"And I want to thank all my friend's for being there for me during my dark days. They all helped me cope with the agonizing pain I felt in my heart. Especially my best fucking friend, for sticking with me since the 6th grade and still doing so now. Let's give it up for Frank Iero!" the crowd chants and I wave.
"come here Frank, give us a few words." I look over at the guys, who smile widely and at my parents, who chant with the crowd, and at Emma's parents, who cry on each others shoulder. And finally at Emma, who looks confused instead of sad.
"hey guys." I speak to the crowd. They all repeat a hey.
"uhh.. Yeah.. I was there for Gerard when he felt down. All of us were there. And we're just all so close; we cared a lot about our beloved friend Gerard. So um.. Yeah. He's been the only one that had lost his dearly loved girlfriend after high school and that shattered him. And as for her too. But luckily they're back together. All of us have girlfriends, and we just all want to say thank you, for being amazing." I look over at Emma who grins like her parents.
"and I want to thank Emma, for being such a beautiful, caring, and understanding girlfriend. God, I wouldn't know what to do If I didn't meet you; If you weren't here, side stage with me. Emma has been to all of our shows and has supported all of us with cheers and love and she has also promoted us a lot as well. I can't ever wish to have a better girlfriend. I want to spend the rest of my life with her." the crowd [/aww's
at my words.
"Emma, the crowd wants to meet you, would you come out here for a sec?" she stands, blushing and when she comes out, the crowd goes wild.
"marshmallow, we've both been through so much as a couple but let's just thank God that we've never fought, or separated. That would be hell for me. I love you so much, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.." I pause and look straight into her teary, confused eyes. She mouths what's going on?
And when she does that, I kneel down in front of her. In front of the crowd who starts to go wild. She opens her eyes wide and covers her mouth with her right hand as I take her left into mine.
"tonight, I want to show the world how much I love you." I pause again and call Gerard over to hold the mic for me. I take the ring out and hold it out before her.
"Emma Jayliem, will you marry me and spend the rest of your life with me?" she starts to babble with joy and Gerard puts the mic to her mouth.
"yes.. A million times yes." she cries as I put the ring on her wedding finger. I stand and give her the most passionate kiss she's ever received. The crowd roars so she pulls me closer and says in my ear, "you sneaky little bastard."
"I love you too Mrs. Iero." she laughs and hugs me closer as I hug her tighter.

After she goes off stage to meet her parents, my heart goes back to a normal beat and all the adrenaline I released as I spoke, is now building up again wanting to explode within me. And for the rest of the night, I pour all my energy out again and feel more happy than ever before.
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