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Just friends

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"No one, Ray." I told him. "I choose no one."
His face converted to full blown sadness. I turned to see Gerard's face only to see that he was gone. The tree he stood under was alone.
I faced Ray again but before I could speak I was met with a pair of lips on my mouth. I was surprised. It had actually taken me awhile to realize that he was kissing me. I couldn't kiss back. As much as I wanted to I knew it was wrong. It was wrong cause I knew I only felt sorry for not loving him.
He pulled away. "Please Frank. Just give me one chance. That's all I need from you."
I wanted to cry. But we were still in school though the school grounds were barren. "Ray I am so sorry. But I just can't see you in that light. You've been my best friend since kindergarten. And that's the way it'll stay. I'm really really sorry."
His sad face suddenly turned into fury. I got scared. Werewolves could be capable of anything when angered. I braced myself for what was about to go down.
Two minutes and I still hadn't felt a punch come to my face. I put down my arms only to see that Ray wasn't anywhere in sight.
I was alone. Due to this depressing mood I started to walk home.
Why did Gerard leave? He couldn't have at least hung around for me to tell him why?
I didn't choose either of them because first of all I only think of Ray as a friend and Gerard is the love of my life but I just couldn't stand Ray hating me for being his boyfriend.
In all honesty I miss Gerard's kisses. The way he kissed me in the hallway was amazing. And in front of everybody. How romantic.
Lost in my thoughts I didn't see a pair of hands grab me and pull me into an alleyway. I was screaming at the top of my lungs begging the person to let me go.
The stranger put me up against the wall and made me face him. It was Gerard.
"Why didn't you choose me?" He asked furiously. The face he made almost made me shiver in fear. His eyes were red and his fangs were visible.
"Gerard I'm sorry it's just that if I become your boyfriend Ray will hate me for life and never forgive me. He and I have been friends for a really long time and I'd hate to let that go. Again, I'm really sorry." I told him with emotion and I meant it.
His eyes turned a sudden green and his fangs were retreated. "Just promise me we'll still be close. Even just as friends."
"Ok" I said in a whisper. I didn't trust my voice enough.
There was an awkward moment between us. Gerard still had me up against the wall. He was still looking at my face as if observing my expression. I blushed and looked down. This was getting hot ver fast and quickly.
"Ummmm.............I have to go. Chewy needs to eat. You can come and see him any time you want. He is OUR dog after all." I said to him uncertainly.
"Ok. I'll see you later." He said reluctantly. Albeit, he didn't move therefore I couldn't move.
"Can you move a little so I can uuuhh........leave?" Once I asked that he got closer. I could barely breath with my heart pumping so fast. What was he doing?
"Can I just have one last kiss? Please. I'll never ask for anything else." He said with a pleading voice. I did miss his kisses. Minus-well get the last one.
"F-fine." I stuttered.
He started to lean in with his right hand on my neck and his left on my hip. He stopped halfway. I'm guessing he wanted me to lean in too. So I did. Coming with and explosive conclusion.
Our lips collided into an explosion of fireworks. I felt like I was on a cloud farther than nine. Everything feels better when it's prohibited.
I moaned accidentally. He pulled away and smirked. "I'm guessing you're enjoying this more than me."
I couldn't help but blush. He got my chin and looked me in the eyes. "I love you."
I was too surprise to notice that after what was said he used his vampire speed and left me in the alley.
Ok so here I am. I've had a really bad day so far. One of my guy friends texted all his friends on his contact list about my crush. So yeah pretty crappy. Anyway I'm sorry that this is a short chapter there will be more tomorrow.
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