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All My Days, I'll Know Your Face

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Chapter 9

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That you for all the reviews and ratings again - I'll reply to them after I've posted this. Sorry the chapters are slowing down. Ugh. School. Thanks for reading :* xx


“What about, like, Louise for a girl?” Gerard asked, a few days before his sixteen week scan.

“Maybe,” Frank said, chewing on his take out pizza, “Or William, for a boy.”

“That’s kind of regal,” Gerard commented, taking a large bite of his Hawaiian pizza.

“Okay, Frank Junior,” Frank suggested. Gerard rolled his eyes.

“Shut up, Frank. We could call the baby something abstract, like Cosette or Turquoise, if it’s a girl.”

There was a silence.

“We are not naming our child Turquoise, Gerard,” Frank said, barely able to contain his laughter.

“Shut up,” Gerard whined, throwing a piece of pineapple at him, “It was just a suggestion.”

“Well, don’t make anymore,” Frank snorted, eating the piece of pineapple that feel in his lap.


“Do you have your car keys?” Gerard yelled, shoving his arm through his jacket sleeve.

“Yeah - do you have Grant’s flight details?” Frank called back, picking his wallet up from the table in the hallway.

“In my pocket,” Gerard said, hitting his hip bone.

“Course you do,” Frank muttered, kissing the side of his mouth chastely before ushering him out the door.

“Isn’t it weird to think that in an hour we’re going to know if we’re having a boy or a girl,” Gerard said in wonder.

“You’re just excited because we’ll be able to start shopping for stuff,” Frank said, unlocking the car and getting into the driver’s seat, “What time does Grant’s flight come in?”

“Five. So if the appointment’s at eleven, we can get to my mom’s house for twelve, see your mom there too, and then leave for the airport at half three,” Gerard said, his eyes scanning the flight details that Grant had sent him.

“Okay,” Frank said. Gerard leant back and closed his eyes, both hands on his bump, “I wish I could take a photo of you right now.”

“Fuck off,” Gerard mumbled, “I’m tired. Eleven o’ clock. Who does he think he is?”

“Baby,” Frank said, his voice full of amusement, “Calm down. You booked it.”

“I didn’t ask for your opinions,” Gerard grumbled, turning his face to the side.


“Mr Way, Mr Iero,” Doctor Blige greeted as he strolled into the room, “It’s good to see you both.”

Gerard smiled at him from his position lying down on the bed.

“I believe it’s your,” The doctor flipped a few pages over on his clipboard, “Your sixteen week scan?”

“Yeah,” Frank said excitedly, holding Gerard’s hand. Doctor Blige held a stethoscope to Gerard’s stomach to hear the child’s heartbeat.

“It sounds strong,” He smiled, straightening up. Gerard flashed a grin at Frank, who returned it and squeezed Gerard’s hand.

“Okay, it’ll be pretty similar to last time,” Doctor Blige warned, rolling a pair of rubber gloves up his arms, “I’ll need to put the gel on your stomach and then get the sonographer, but hopefully today we’ll be able to tell the baby’s gender.”

He slathered Gerard’s abdomen in the cold gel, Gerard’s muscles contracting at the coldness.

“Okay,” Doctor Blige said in concentration, pulling out the screen and placing the sonographer on Gerard’s stomach, “Right, here’s your baby - bigger than last time, as it should be. Yes, yes, everything seems fine - healthy growth, normal spinal fluid. It looks like you’re very habitable, Mr. Way. Now, if your child isn’t in an awkward position, I should be able to tell the sex.”

Gerard’s eyes widened and he clutched onto Frank’s hand so hard it would definitely leave bruises.

“Well?” They chorused, Gerard having to crane his neck to look at the screen.

“Well, it looks like you are going to be the parents of a happy, healthy little boy,” Doctor Blige said warmly, pointing at the screen, “Congratulations.”

“We’re having a boy!” Gerard whispered to Frank, his voice weak and awestruck. Frank kissed his temple and rested his head against Gerard’s, speechless.

“Four copies of the scan again?” The doctor asked, “It looks like everything is normal and healthy - how has your dehydration been?”

“Oh, okay,” Gerard said cautiously, “I haven’t had anything like last time, but I’ve been drinking more water.”

Doctor Blige nodded and moved over to the printer to grab the scans that were being produced.

“That’s good. As long as you just keep drinking water you should be fine, but if it happens again then don’t hesitate to call me. Unless you have any other problems or questions, then just book another appointment for ten weeks time.”


“Boy or girl? Boy or girl?” Alicia chanted at them as they made their way through Donna’s front door.

“Hello, sweetheart,” Donna trilled, kissing both Gerard and Frank’s cheeks in turn.

“Franklin! Gerard!” Linda called from the couch standing up to greet them both, “What is it then? Tell us!”

“It’s a boy,” Gerard burst out, unable to contain himself. Frank laughed and wrapped an arm around Gerard’s middle, pulling him into his side and kissing the top of his head.

“I always knew it was going to be a boy but Gerard kept telling me it was going to be a girl,” Frank said smugly. Gerard elbowed him in the side and they shuffled to the couch, falling down on top of each other. Gerard rearranged himself so that his head was on Frank’s lap and his legs were dangling over the side of the armrest.

“Tea, Gerard? Coffee, Frank?” Donna asked.

“No, Donna, you sit down, I’ll make this one,” Linda ushered her into her seat again and left for the kitchen.

They chatted for a while, eventually telling Donna and Linda about the dehydration. They formed their own theory that the doctor didn’t know what he was talking about and it was because Gerard wasn’t eating enough.

“I mean, twelve weeks! He looks just like he did two weeks before he was pregnant!” Donna cried, her cup of coffee flying dangerously all over the place.

“He’s a secret eater,” Frank offered. Gerard shifted in his lap.

“What’re you trying to say, Iero?” He said menacingly, but unconvincingly, “And anyway, Mom, you can see the bump and I’ve put on, like, ten pounds.”

“Only ten pounds!” She cried. Gerard would be worried, but when he returned home for the first time after his first semester at college having lost almost half his weight through sheer will and the fact he didn’t have his mother to cook for him anymore, she had almost fainted at the sight of him.

“Jesus, no” Gerard muttered, rejecting the biscuit she offered him.

“I am worried though, Gerard,” His mother fretted. He sat up and stared at her incredulously.

“Seriously, Mom. I’m fine. Doctor Blige knows what he’s talking about. And I don’t want anymore of your food,” He groaned, flopping back down onto Frank. Frank grunted as Gerard fell on him.

“He does weigh more,” Frank added. Gerard hit him sharply across the side.

“I will make you walk home,” Gerard threatened. Though this time Frank was actually worried that he was serious.


“God, this day feels so long,” Gerard groaned as they pulled into the short stay car park at Newark Airport. Frank opened the car door for him in a remarkable and rare act of chivalry.

“You’re not tired, are you? Because you can stay in the car and I can pick Grant up, or-” Frank was cut off form his babbling.

“Frank, I’m fine. I may not be very good conversation this evening though,” He said, stifling a yawn as they made their way to the arrivals lounge.

“His flight is expected in a twenty minutes,” Frank said, reading off of the boards. Gerard nodded and rubbed his eyes.

“Did you want to get something to drink?” He asked, pointing to a coffee shop opposite the arrivals board.

“Yeah, sure. Do you need to sit down?” Frank asked as they made their way over.

“Kind of. My back is kind of killing me,” Gerard admitted, sinking into a chair and tipping his head back.

“I could give you a massage after Grant’s gone, Baby.” Frank murmured by Gerard’s ear.

“Not in public, Frankie,” Gerard groaned, kissing him chastely on the lips, “But I’ll have something with milk in.”

“Sure,” Frank nodded, leaning in for another kiss before ordering him a warm, vanilla milk concoction and a can of coke for himself.

Gerard was immersed in the newspaper someone had left behind on their table when Frank came back.

“Thanks,” Gerard said gratefully, taking the cup off of Frank and taking a sip, his eyes widening, “This is amazing - you have to try some!”

Frank leant over and Gerard tipped a bit into his mouth, giggling as it went everywhere. Frank swore and wiped his hands over his mouth frantically while simultaneously trying to wipe the table.

“Whoops,” Gerard laughed, his cheeks flushed and his eyes sparkling. Frank threw one of the sodden cloths at him, reveling in the satisfaction of Gerard shrieking.

“I could never leave you two alone for two seconds, could I?” Came a rumbling voice behind them.

“Grant!” Gerard yelped, jumping out of his seat and spinning around, Grant catching him in a hug being the only reason why he didn’t fall over. Grant held him at arm’s length to look at him properly.

“You weren’t lying,” He said impressively, “Can I feel it? It’s a third dimension you don’t get on Skype.”

“Knock yourself out,” Gerard said, placing Grant’s hands on his stomach.

“Hey, Grant,” Frank greeted him behind Gerard, “I’m not carrying a child to greet you with, but I’m happy to see you all the same.”

“Frank!” Grant said warmly, seizing him in a hug too, “It’s been too long.”

Frank hugged him back, “Far too long,” He agreed. Gerard picked up his drink and took a sip, watching them both.

“Did you want me to take a bag?” Gerard asked, holding his drink in one hand. Both Grant and Frank looked scandalized.

“Of course not,” Grant said, “I’ve managed from Scotland to LA, then from LA to here.”

Gerard rolled his eyes, “I’m pregnant, not an invalid.”

“Same thing to me, Baby,” Frank said, grabbing Grant’s carry on bag and leading them to their car.

“So did you have your scan today?” Grant asked as he towed his suitcase along. Frank paid at the parking meter and wove his way to their car.

“Yeah,” Gerard smiled, “And we found out the sex.”

“Well then?” Grant asked, putting his suitcase in their car and sitting in the back. Gerard sat in the passenger seat. Gerard’s eyes met Frank’s and they smiled.

“It’s a boy,” Gerard said finally, twisting round in his seat to gage Grant’s reaction. Grant looked delighted and his eyes were twinkling.

“Congratulations,” Grant said, squeezing Gerard’s shoulder. Gerard smiled at him before turning back round and closing his eyes, drifting off to sleep.

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