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Ch. 5

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I missed you guys.

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"Sush, Pete be very quiet."

"Okay okay!"

I awoke to giggles and footsteps walking downstairs to my room. I kept my eyes closed, because I don't like the sun. It's the only source of light in my room.

My door opened, and the giggling became hushed.

"What are we going to do Mikey?"

"Just watch okay! They'll be scared shitless."

"If you are planning to jump on my bed while dumping cold water on us, you best make sure you're never alone in the same room as me," I mumbled, with one eye open. "Really Mikey. I hoped that once you lost your virginity you'd at least mature."

"The fuck Gerard?!" He yelled, blushing furiously.

I smiled and pulled Frank closer to me, kissing his lips. He responded slowly, becoming more and more awake with each second. I opened my eyes to see his off color gold staring back at me. We started to kiss over, and over again. Finally my tongue made its way into his mouth, and his legs on both sides of my body. I thrusted my hips up into his, getting a deep growl in his chest. Not going to lie, but I was a little bit turned on when I remembered my brother was still in the room with Pete.

"Oh my god, Gerard," Mikey complained. "Not when MY boyfriend is in the room. Ugh this is so embarrassing."

"C'mon Mikey," Pete then cooed. "Let's go upstairs."

After that I didn't hear anything from them.
Frank was on my back, sore from earlier, and I carried him up the stairs. My mom saw and smiled.

"Oh hello Frankie," she smiled. "It's been awhile since you were last here. How sweet you guys are, you're like yoda and luke!"

"If only you knew," Frank giggled, resting his head on my shoulder.

I smirked, and went to the freezer for an ice pack. "Frankie and I are going to be in the family room watching On The Town."

"Okay sweetie, uh why do you need the ice pack?"

"I fucked Frankie for the first time, and his little virgin ass couldn't handle my size."

My mom's face was priceless. It was either the fact we're back together, or that we aren't virgins anymore.
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