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For the First Time

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Gerard and Frankie :)

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Gerards POV
I gaze up at him hardly able to believe the past fifteen hours and twenty seven minutes. I found him and chased him, with nothing left to lose. Only something too precious for words to gain. Love. Those four little letters that shift and shake us into who we want to be, the best and worst we can be naturally. I could lay here for all eternity, as cliche and ridiculously cheesy as it sounds, it's as though someone has stolen my soul and swapped it with someone who can be loved and is capable to love. The polar opposite of myself. Not the wreckage that is Gerard Arthur Way.

"What are you thinking about?" A sleep ridden yet soft voice sharply yet subtly steals me from my thoughts, the same way my heart was taken all those hours before. I suddenly question whether this is the real at all. It seems much to perfect to be happening to me, especially me. But the ghost of his breath and the stubble scraping at my skin tells me that this is all true, it's all real and it's happening to me. And i can believe it, i can actually be somebody's something. "Nothing special." I say almost in an almost whisper.
"Don't hurt your head with thinking." He lays a kiss on my scalp where my roots are bursting through my crimson dyed mop of hair. "You don't need to question anything that just happened. Because i'm not, and i won't go another day just dreaming about you."


Franks POV
He's been here for the last three days. Just seventy two love stricken, blissfully unaware of anything but each other hours. Something sorrowful drags this away from full perfection though. Something eating away at me in the back of my mind. Something that before now i hadn't seen as such a problem. I didn't think i'd be in this position, i would study and go home to my family.

But now, i don't want to go anywhere without him. Even though we've only been victim to this obsessive and somewhat unexpected love three days, i'm certain of something. And that's that i have fallen hard and fast like the New York snowflakes. The thought of waking up alone terrifies me, makes me despair that this will never end or falter even the littlest bit. But it still stands, there will be a graduation, a sign that i'll need to go home and when that comes, what am i going to do afterwards?
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