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A step turned sour

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Time is running out for Frankie....... Mild beginning of a smut scene because i have no idea whether to write one or not!

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Franks POV

Three month time lapse

The visa office. I don't know why i didn't think of that, i can go there after graduation and renew it, i'll be able to stay out here a while longer so we have time together as well as time to figure out where we're going to go from then. All i know is we'll have eachother, what i don't know is how my Mother or Aunt Willa will take it. Life without me there with them. Willa especially will be panicking non stop. The way she does now she knows i'm in a committed but almost lifeline type of relationship. Willa's a believer in love and stands by her upbringing, that love knows no boundaries, but her little Frankie off doing only we know that with someone he happens to be crazy about unsettles her, the fear of me leaving her behind or getting hurt. The first one makes me feel no end guilty of my latest decision. Mom won't like the idea at first but knowing her i'll give her a few weeks to get used to the idea and she'll be fine with that, she'll accept it's my life and that she's raised me to go where i want to, no matter what.

I stare at the passport in my hands as i perch on the side of my bed. My assigned bed anyway, like i really spend that much time in it these days. We've been together all day every day since that night. Work hours take forever, they feel like a century because the boss won't have that " mushy, kid love crap" taking place in front of customers. I guess it's understandable a waiter or waitress coming across to give me my order and their lover sneaking up behind them and whirling them around to make out with them would put me off too. I guess people have been respectful towards the two of us, with it being two guys there's always the risk of mixed reactions. But we both still have full sets of teeth and no sight of cuts or bruises so it's pretty fine in our opinion, we don't tend to give a fuck anyway. Their problem, not ours.

A knock on the door startles me slightly and i stuff the passport and visa under my pillows.
"Coming!" I call out.
"Hey." And a familiar coffee scent engulfs my lips tingled slightly with just inhaled tobacco. Who else could it be? He knows my timetable by heart and skips out on Art lectures at any point he can, he calls himself more of a practical painter than a listener, and funnily enough i completely get where he's coming from. I'm the same with Music and Poetry.
"Hey, i missed you." I tease, considering we've only been apart for an hour and a half. An hour and a half too many all the same, having him next to me is what i know now, the separation is almost crippling when he's had to go out or we've had separate things to do, which happens everyday. Fucking joke, although it's actually part of the deal with college, you don't get to choose when a certain thing falls. That's already there for you when you sign up.

"Not as much as i've missed you." He grins pulling me in closer, like he had to pull me towards him, seriously. "Don't do that." I warn him. " I have a pretty important rehearsal in about fourty five minutes time and i need all the energy i can get. You take it all and do it deliberately."
"I can't help it, you're just something i can't describe."
"But you like it." I pout because i know it drives him crazy. "You want it too."
"Of course i do." He gulps because i know that in fifteen minutes he has a place to be that he cannot miss.
"So. Why. Don't. You. Just. Take. Me?" I say as sultry as i can make it and circle him, kissing his neck, his collar bone and his shoulder before he almost throws me on the bed, ripping my shirt open in a frenzy. Fumbling hands are on zips, hipbones and hot flustered necks. " Ten minutes." He whispers, and i laugh darkly as he begins his hot attack on my chest.
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