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Time always comes to an end.

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Hey guys! I'm sorry im so bad at keeping this updated regularly but life is so hectic right now! Yikes! I hope you're all well and you're all as beautiful as ever! I also know that this is none of my business and it won't change my opinion on either of them but I hear Mikey and Alicia are getting a divorce? If that makes them happy then it's kinda bittersweet but i'll still adore them both and wish them both the best together or not! And Happy Valentines Day you gorgeous lot!

Franks POV
He's perfection. Fucking absolute perfection. And I shouldn't hate that fact, but I just do. Why? Because this is all becoming so much harder now, especially now it's this way.

"What are we going to do after graduation?"
"Don't think about it." I had breathed, reaching for his face and stroking his cheekbone with my thumb.
"Stop." I had laughed at his expression. "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it, right now it's me and you. And speaking of you-" I said before drawing him a little closer. " You have three minutes to get to your next class."
"I think i'll pass." He sighed before taking my lips inbetween his own.

I was now officially a post graduate. I had come out here and did all I had wanted and hoped to do, except fallen madly in love. Because did I want that? No, not at first. And did I want him? From the first moment I had seen him I somehow just knew. Knew it was different, and now everything was falling around us. The past few months had been a whirlwind, gone in a flash. The countless calls with Aunt Willa and my Mom, talking of how terrific he truly was and actually still is. Speaking of the passion we had for eachother still that normally only the newest kids in love have, the sort that's a bliss that fizzles and fades quicker than it came.

And yet here I was, sitting silent and numb with pain in a visa office, awaiting my fate for outstaying my welcome. Outstaying my welcome in his country, but remaining as welcome as ever in the arms of him.

Gerards POV
Dear Gerard,
I decided i'd leave you this letter incase you worried.
Who am I kidding? Of course you're worried, it's what you do best, out
of many things of course. :) But again,I already have a Mother and Aunt
for that and i'm all grown up now. I can take care of myself. Mind you though,
I wouldn't mind a good foot rub when I get back. I should be back later on tonight,
I've gone to renew my visa. I knew they'll disapprove that I've outstayed it but I
can't keep lying to the authorities. It's different over here than it is back home.
And I want us to be together openly and properly, not the citizen and the illegal
immigrant. Either way, it's going to be okay. I just know it will be. Because it has to be.
I love you, you already know that and don't you ever forget it either.
Yours, Frankie Xo

I curse under my breath, what has he done? And more importantly, where is he? As I watch an aeroplane fly by from my windowledge. The one that has the most perfect picture of the most perfect person resting on it, like his name resting on my tongue, or his everything, resting on my heart.
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