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Everybody's Fool

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Franks fate occurs and Gerard is left devastated.

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Gerards POV
I slow down and rest on a lamppost. He's not covering for anybody at work and he's nowhere around college. I already knew that of course, but maybe I just couldn't bring myself to accept it. The visa offices, I can't even find the strength to go there. He could be in one of those tower blocks, scared of what will happen and maybe what i'll think of him. I like to think he knows i'd never think anything negative of him but somehow my mind won't accept it, I have to tell him myself and make sure he knows that for certain. I should have done that before, as now I may not have the chance. Too late. The thought kills me.

Franks POV
My hands shake from the cold and this emotion that I can't place words too. It's like an overwhelming numbness in the pit of my stomach. A sharpness as though a knife is pressing into my chest. My eyes sting from tears that won't come to the surface, I don't know whether it's a good or a bad thing. What I do know is that i'm on a plane that is about to take off. Someone escorting me home so I can't leave, my luggage will be sent on they said. I wouldn't have given a flying fuck if they never gave it back to me because it's nothing. It means nothing to me. Gerard means everything, and I've been forced to leave him alone. And for all I know, i'll never see him again, and all the things I never told him will stay locked inside every fibre of the wreckage that they call me.

Gerards POV
Another fucking plane flies overhead. Taunting me, something's telling me that it's terrible. That they've taken him away. Oh fucking hell! I told him not to do anything stupid, not to go to them without letting me come with him. Maybe even breaking the law would be better. I know it's wrong to ask that of someone but I can't help it. I wouldn't care he was a criminal he'd be here with me, and safe. His family could have come over anytime, I would welcome them with open arms into whatever little flat I can find with my savings. I wouldn't care if I had to sleep on a cold linoleum floor while they stayed. He'd be here! Times would be hard, and secrets would be crippling but I don't give a damn! And he shouldn't either, he couldn't just listen.

And now we're the joke of the century. Thinking this was our own fairytale destined for the perfect ending. They don't exist! And as I always knew deep down, everybody leaves and I am everybody's fool.
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