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X-To-The-Fucking-D alert (xD)

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Lol omg this was sooo funny!

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I just saw that I put my diary entry in my love story..

lol silly me!

Ok,lemme get down to bussiness.

In my last lesson today (Science),my teacher,Mr.Mclean said the two words that made me fangirl uncontrolably in my head.

The Universe.

x-to-the-fucking-d alert (xD in case your confused)

And the worst part,he said it three times and MADE US WRITE IT DOWN.

Oh My Fucking God,I loved that lesson so much.

He also said Chemical,my science teacher.

Also,there's a girl at my school with an Asking Alexandra bag.
And,I saw she had a BLACK PARADE BUTTON ON IT!

I gotta make her my best friend immediatly.

Okay,I'm gonna update my love story now..

XO Sadie
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