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Happy memories and sad ones from my life

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I'm telling you all my memories from my life so far.

1)My first reviewer of Ficwaddle

It was Amy.She reviewed my very first fic.
Who knew she'd become my best friend,like,ever?

Love you Amy!

2)When my brother nearly drowned me on holiday

I was 7.We were in Tenerife,I was laying on my lilo in the pool.
My bro had come over and FLIPPED ME OFF IT!
I couldn't swim then,still can't now.
He held me underwater for god knows how long.
He got busted in the end though,lol.
But,he made me afraid of large bodies of water.
Remind you of somebody?

cough Mikey Way cough

3)All my self harms.

Yeah,I self harmed about 5 times now..

MCR saved me 4 of those times

(in one of them,I wasn't a fan..)

4)When I became a fan of MCR

It was on August 25th 2012 when I saw the Teenagers video on YouTube.
I had heard Teenagers on Saints Row 2,a game I still have.
I watched the video,then I saw Welcome To The Black Parade.
I remember hearing it when I was about 6 years old.
I watched all the music vids and BAM! fan of mcr!

Yeah,that's all I remember..

You have any memories you'd like to share?

Gerard:When you became my girlfriend.

Mikey:When I met Amy.

Ray:When I smashed that Cupcake on Life On The Murder Scene

Frank:Dogs,and Penina.


(adds those memories to the list)
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