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Just a Story

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When Missy starts at boarding school she feels so welcome. But her new friends are hiding something. And weird things keep happening. Missy decides she needs to find out for herself...

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Missy walked down the empty corridor, wincing at the horrible squeaking noise that her brand new shoes made against the floor. She kept telling herself that she wasn't shy, wasn't nervous, wasn't scared of meeting the people she'd been in a room with but she knew she was terrified. Excited about starting a new school but still, terrified.

"Room 108." Missy muttered to herself then giggled slightly. It sounded like she'd just checked into a hotel or something. If only... Missy would give anything to be in a hotel right now, not having to worry about meeting a bunch of strange kids who'd probably be way smarter and richer than her.

The only reason she was there was because she'd won a scholarship. She'd taken several exams and had finally won. Her parents didn't have much money so they wouldn't have been able to afford the expensive school fees. Although she'd miss her parents, she knew she couldn't turn down this rare opportunity.

Missy made it to room 108 and stood outside for a long moment, holding her suitcase and school bag in one hand and her key in the other. She took a deep breath before finally putting her key in the lock and pushing the door open.

In her room there was a girl shoulder-length jet black wavy hair, lying back on her bed and listening to an iPod while dancing her legs in the air. The other girl had long straight chestnut-brown hair with a blue streak in it. She was sat a desk reading a Maths book and scribbling things frantically on a piece of paper. Neither of them seemed to notice Missy was there "Umm hello." Missy said nervously "I'm Missy, I'm your new room mate."

"Oh hi, sorry, Maths revision." The girl with chestnut brown hair said, getting up and pulling a face "I'm really behind and so I need to study. It's all I've been doing for ages and it makes me zone out. Anyway, it's nice to meet you. My name's Penina. And that's Lilith listening to her iPod so she'll probably ignore you until she's done."

"It's nice to meet you too." Missy said politely "So umm which bed is mine?"

"This one by the window." Penina said, pointing at it "Lilith didn't wanna sleep by the window 'cos she believed that if it rained it might leak on her or let in a draught or something. And I didn't wanna sleep there because-" Penina quickly stopped herself "Whatever. I just didn't wanna sleep there."

"Oh, okay." Missy said, getting kind of suspicious but she didn't wanna say anything.

Penina went over to Lilith and grabbed her ankle causing Lilith to shriek and pull her ear phones out "What have I told you about interuppting me when listening to music?" Lilith cried.

"Not too unless there's a fire or some other kind of emergency. It's not quite an emergency but there's a new girl in our room now. Her name's Missy." Penina smiled, gesturing to Missy who put her suitcase down on her bed and turned around, tucking a strand of her long straight purple hair behind her ear.

Lilith looked her up and down then said "Hey Missy. I'm Lilith. I hope you don't snore."

"I don't, don't worry." Missy giggled, turning back around to unpack her stuff.

There was a loud knock at the door "Don't unpack your underwear or anything like that right now." Lilith told Missy as Penina went to answer the door "Because the boys will only see and make fun of them."

"Hey guys!" A short guy with black hair came into the room followed by a tall boy with curly brown hair and a small girl with jet black curly hair "Oh, who's this?" The little girl took hold of his hand and hid behind him slightly.

"This is Missy, our new roommate." Penina grinned.

"Penina, she's capable of introducing herself." Lilith smiled, rolling her eyes.

Missy giggled "Like Penina just said, I'm Missy. What are your names?"

"I'm Frank, Penina's boyfriend. That's Ray, Lilith's boyfriend. And this is Mia. She's in the littlies class and I kind of look after her." Frank said, bending down and lifting Mia up "Me and Penina are kind of her substitute parents."

"Aww how cute." Missy said.

"We only came to ask what you were doing after dinner?" Ray asked "Because we were gonna go to a party outside. Well, not really a party but whatever. You guys are welcome to come. You should come too Missy, we could introduce you to everyone properly."

"Sounds like fun." Missy replied, trying to think of an excuse "But-"

"Great, we'll see you there." Frank smiled and the three of them left the room.

Missy sighed and started unpacking again. Then she had to ask "How old is Mia?"

"Six." Penina told her.

Missy was shocked "How could you send a six year old girl like Mia to a boarding school?"

"Her parents travel a lot." Penina said, shrugging her shoulders "And they think she's going to be amazingly gifted if she comes here. There are lots of little kids here. I feel bad for them. It must be awful growing up without your parents. Which is why we try and take care of them."

"Well you do." Lilith said, looking disgusted "I don't really like little kids."

Missy smiled. She loved her new roommates so much.

[A/N] - This will get better I promise! :3
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