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Chapter Two

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"We must've left the window open."

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Missy finished unpacking her stuff then sat down on her bed, pulling her mobile phone out of her pocket "You won't get any signal." Lilith informed her as Penina returned to her Maths revision.

"Oh." Missy sighed, putting it on her bedside table "So... How many people do you think will be at this umm 'party'?"

"Well all the littlies will be in their dorm because they're not allowed out after dinner. Ray and Frank will be there obviously, so will me and Penina. Then there's the rest of the guys Mikey, Bob and Gerard. And then there will be Bob's girlfriend and Gerard's girlfriend Abby. That'll probably be it. Not too many people, not too scary, right?"

"I guess." Missy muttered.

A bell rang and Penina and Lilith got up "Time for dinner." Penina said "Girls have to eat seperately from boys." Penina told her.


"We don't know." Lilith shrugged "Come on, let's go downstairs."

The three girls left the room, Penina carefully locked it and then they went down to the dinner hall. There were three long rows of tables filled with girls who were all wearing the same brown blazer, white shirt and short gray skirt with thick black tights that Penina and Lilith were wearing. Missy was wearing a black tee-shirt and a black loose pair of jeans but she still stuck out like a sore thumb. Lilith lead them through the dining hall to three seats in the corner "We wait here until they serve us our food." Penina told Missy "Be warned that the food tastes awful. We're allowed off campus on a Friday night until nine and then from ten until eight on the weekends. So we get decent food then."

"Cool." Missy smiled.

"Penina!" Mia ran over to them and took the seat next to Penina. A girl about Mia's age skipped over and sat down next to Missy.

"My name's Kacey." She said politely to Missy "I'm seven and a half years old."

"Aww I remember when I was seven." Missy grinned.

Kacey pouted "I'm seven AND A HALF. Not seven."

"Sorry, sorry, I remember when I was seven and a half." Missy said, putting her arms in the air in defence.

Three cooks appeared, each going along one table and serving up something brown and lumpy for dinner. Missy pulled a face. Penina was right, it looked disgusting.

After dinner, Kacey and Mia went back to their dorm while Penina, Missy and Lilith went back up to their room. When they got back the door was slightly open and their eyes widened. They pushed the door open slowly and catiously then looked around. There was no one in there but the window next to Missy's bed was wide open.

"We must've left the window open." Lilith said quickly.

"Yeah and I must've forgot to lock the door." Penina said, nodding "The wind would've blown it open."

Missy didn't believe either of them. She'd seen Penina double-checking the locks and she knew the window hadn't been open before they'd left. But she'd only just met them and wanted to be their friends so she decided not to disagree with them and cause an arguement. So she just shrugged her shoulders and followed them into the room to wait for Penina and Lilith to get changed.

"Why are you taking that?" Penina asked as Lilith slipped a condom into her bag.

"In case me and Ray decide to... You know."

"Really Lilith?"

"Just 'cos you and Frank are virgins..."

"Don't bring that up again!" Penina blushed. She looked at Missy "Are you a virgin?" Missy nodded "Ha, now you're the odd one out!"

Lilith rolled her eyes "Oh no, God forbid..."

"Come on, let's go." Penina said, grabbing her bag "We're gonna miss all the fun!"

"I don't get it, what are we gonna do when we get there?" Missy asked, following them out of the room and down a staircase.

"Well normally we make a bonfire." Penina told her "Then sit around talking. Sometimes Ray and Frank will bring their guitars down and we'll sing. Most of the time we just kiss though."

"You what?"

"Well I kiss Frank obviously and Lilith would kiss Ray and you can figure out the rest. Normally Mikey has to sit around like a lemon but now he'll have you to talk to!"

"Brilliant." Missy said sarcastically "I've been meaning to ask, how long have you guys been going here?"

"Three years." Lilith said bitterly "And I've hated most of my time here. Until I made friends with Penina and the others. I can't stand it here."

"I've been here five years but I don't mind." Penina said, shrugging her shoulders "I like being with Frank and I'm not too fond of my family anyway."

They left the building and started walking across a field "It's pretty dark out here." Missy said then noticed something orange in the distance "Is that the bonfire? Is that where we're going?"

"Yeah, come on, let's run." Penina giggled before running off across the field. Lilith groaned and started running after her. Missy laughed and followed.

They made it to the bonfire in about two minutes "Hey Penina." Frank said, getting up and kissing Penina. Ray did the same to Lilith while Missy stood there awkwardly. Eventually they stopped kissing their boyfriends long enough for Penina to say "Oh guys, this is Missy. She just started here. Missy, this is Gerard, Mikey, Bob, Abby and Jennifer." She said, pointing to each of them.

Missy smiled nervously and they all sat down around the bonfire.
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