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Chapter Three

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The party was pretty fun, Missy decided. There was singing, laughing and lots of talking. Even during the awkward moments where pretty much every couple started kissing, Missy was okay with it because she could talk to Mikey who seemed nice. All the other guys and their girlfriends seemed okay too. Overall, Missy was happy that she'd made some new friends on her first scary day at her new school.

Her, Lilith and Penina made their way back to their room and this time nothing weird had happened. The door was locked like they'd left it and the window wasn't open. Missy got into her pyjamas and climbed into her uncomfortable, narrow bed. Penina and Lilith fell asleep long before she did.

The next morning Missy woke up to the sound of a loud clanging bell. She sat up slowly, rubbing her eyes and stretching. Penina was doing the same but Lilith wasn't moving "Lilith, come on, you'll be late for breakfast again." Penina yawned, climbing out of bed and grabbing clothes "Then you'll moan all morning that you're hungry and I won't be able to do anything about it."

Missy swallowed, hoping that this morning's breakfast was better than last night's dinner was "Where's the bathroom?" Missy asked as she started making her bed.

"Down the hall." Penina said "And the showers. We're given an hour before breakfast to get ready. So I'm off to have a shower. Wanna come?"

Missy nodded and followed Penina down the corridor. There were several other girls heading in that direction, all of them looking like sleepy zombies. All of them went into the showers that were seperated into cubicles so they could all shower privately and dry themselves off. Missy got dressed, brushed her teeth then made her way back to their room with Penina to find that Lilith was still in bed.

"Lilith!" Penina cried, shaking her shoulder "Rise and shine!"

"No..." Lilith moaned, rolling away from Penina and pinning herself against the wall "No, lemme sleep..."

"No! Come on Lilith." Penina grabbed her duvet and Lilith screamed.

Missy giggled and checked her mobile. No messages. Then she remembered about getting no signal out here and sighed. Penina looked at her "If you wanna get in touch with your parents or someone then there's a landline downstairs." She told her "I could show you later if you want."

"Okay." Missy smiled, putting her mobile back down.

Another bell rang signalling that it was time for breakfast "Alright then Lilith, starve." Penina smirked "Come on Missy."

After breakfast they were given half-an-hour to do whatever they wanted. Penina spent that half-an-hour showing Missy around the school. Missy was touched because Penina probably had much better things to do. Once that half-an-hour was up, another bell rang to signal the start of first lesson "What lesson do you have first?" Penina asked.

"English." Missy replied, checking the folded-up time table in the pocket of her mud brown blazer. Now that she was wearing the same uniform as everyone else, she didn't stand out so much. She couldn't decide whether that was a good thing or not.

"Me too. I sit on a table with Jennifer, Mikey and Frank. There's a spare seat so you can sit with us. It'll be fun. Come on." As the two of them made their way through the corridors crowded with people wearing mud brown blazers, Missy wondered if Lilith had bothered to get out of bed at all.

"Ah are you the new girl?" A man that Missy had never seen before cried the moment she walked into his classroom. He grabbed her arm and pulled her to the front of the class. Missy gulped and looked to Penina for help who just shrugged her shoulders and sat down next to Frank who leaned over and kissed her cheek. Missy sighed and glanced at the teacher. When the rest of the class had arrived the teacher looked at the class and announced "Class, we have a new student today!" He had a really thick irish accent and it was clear that the class found this amusing "What's your name Miss?"

"Missy Black." She said quietly, looking down at her shoes. There was a snicker from the back and Missy's head snapped up and found a girl with long blonde hair giggling next to a girl with bright red jaw-length hair, smirking at Missy. Missy narrowed her eyes. She was used to girls like that by now.

"Missy! Ah, what a beautiful name! My name's Mr Smith but that's boring so you can call me Steve, okay?" Missy nodded, looking nervous "Why don't you go and take a seat next to Jennifer?"

Missy nodded again, more eagerly and practically sprinted to the seat next to Jennifer. She took a seat and sighed, glancing back at the girls who had been laughing at her. They were still staring at her and were whispering to each other.
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