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The Kids Don't Care If You're All Right, Honey.

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The diner looked empty but if anyone were to walk in they'd get a surprise. A Fabulous surprise, if you will.

"KIDS! WE NEED YOU ALL HERE AT THE BOOTHS." the tall blonde-haired man called. He looked at his brother, the red-head sitting next to him and shrugged. "Party, you sure they're gonna go for this? I mean, Mazy'll probably be cool with it but you're going to have a lot on your hands with Penina." he remarked.

"And Penina's my child so I'll worry about her myself. Kobra, we'll do fine. Whenever Fun Ghoul gets his lazy ass up we can tell them." Party Poison murmured. Kobra Kid rolled his eyes and got up to make another batch of coffee, leaving Party with Jet Star, the furry-haired man sitting across from him. "Any thoughts?"

"I don't know, really. The last time Derek got upset was when he was ten and Taylor spilled juice on his shirt. So either he's fine with it or we have a problem." Jet Star laughed darkly. "Well, look who's finally up."

A smaller dark-haired man stumbled in yawning. "It's, uh, nine in the morning. Why are we up so early?" Fun Ghoul grumbled. Jet snorted. "Okay so maybe it's actually late, whatever. Why do we all have to be up to tell them the 'good' news?"


Ghoul snorted. "Okay. Thanks for nothing." He yawned again and walked behind Kobra to snatch his coffee from Kobra's hand.

Two young girls ran in. Taylor and Astrid Iero were Fun Ghoul's daughters and they were the youngest. Taylor looked exactly like Fun Ghoul with long, dark brown hair and Astrid had black hair with blonde tips. "Dad! What's so important?" Taylor jumped on her father's back while Astrid stood on her tip-toes and grabbed his coffee.

Two other kids ran in. Thirteen-year-old Penina who was Party's daughter and Kobra's daughter, also thirteen, Mazy. Penina had brown hair with a thick fringe and Mazy had turquoise hair in two poufy buns. Mazy jumped on the counter while Penina chose to sit on Party's lap. "Yeah, dad, why did I have to skip my shower so I could just sit on my ass out here?" Penina quipped. He frowned at her. "Sorry. Butt."

Finally, Derek slouched in. Derek had shaggy black hair with blue tips that he usually spiked up and he was Jet Star's son. "You rang?" he mumbled.

The killjoys stared at each other while their kids stared at them. Party nodded at Kobra and he gulped. He straightened his shirt and scratched the back of his neck. "Well. As you know, your mothers have been stuck at Better Living. We have a plan to go rescue them."

"Took you long enough," Penina hissed. Party shot her a dirty look and she shut up.

"I know it's been years since you've seen them, Taylor and Astrid were only five. We have an idea set and we're going to go to BL/I and get them back."

Derek jumped up and grabbed his dad's ray gun. "Great. When do we go?"

Jet Star snatched the gun back. "Not you, us. You guys are staying here to look after the diner."

Derek groaned. "Seriously? We have a chance to finally prove ourselves to you and you say no! This is how it always goes around here. I'm out." he stomped out of the room.

"It's safer if you stay here." Fun Ghoul said helplessly.

"What if S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W comes by? What if one of us gets hurt? What if we die?!" Mazy trembled. Penina shot her a withering look.

"We'll be fine. Besides, they won't come back anyways." she walked out of the swinging doors and joined Derek who was sitting outside. Taylor ran outside also.

Astrid looked at them with anger. "I'm coming to and there's nothing you can do to stop that." she ran to her room, presumably to get a suitcase.

"That's what she thinks." Fun Ghoul snickered. The other guys rolled there eyes at him. "Well that was interesting."

"Interestingly bad." Kobra Kid griped.

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