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Chapter 2

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Macaroni and cheese gets a little violent. . . *NOTE FOR HOZZIE*

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Derek, Penina and Taylor sat on the steps outside the diner. They were all extremely upset that they had to stay home while their dads could finally rescue their mothers who they hadn't seen in years. Penina kicked a stone. "This blows." she grumbled. Taylor giggled and nudged Derek.

"Blows. Heh heh." Taylor laughed. He got up and stomped around to the back where Party Poison and Fun Ghoul were walking out to load the Trans-Am.

"-we're going to go around to the side and sneak into the basement," Party was saying. He lifted up the trunk and screamed like a little girl when Astrid popped out.

"Astrid! What in the hell are you doing in there?" Fun Ghoul boomed. He grabbed her upper arm and pulled her out.

"I was coming with you! Dad, didn't you mention something about Taylor and I growing up, a couple days ago?" Astrid shook her locks out of her face and stuck her hand on her hip, glaring expectantly at him.

"I said mature, not grow up and I don't want you coming! You're too young and you don't know a thing about being a proper killjoy."

"You can teach us!"

"Yeah." Taylor stood by the back door, arms folded. Ghoul sighed and rubbed his temples.

"Look. I said no and that's final. I don't want you getting hurt out there and we may not even find your mothers."

"Then what's the point of even going?" Derek spoke up.

"To at least try." Jet Star said walking out with their ray guns. "Son, I know you would like to come with me but it's just too difficult. If anything were to happen to you. . . " Jet trailed off.

Derek rolled his eyes and ran back in, slamming the door. Kobra Kid and Mazy walked out. "Well. It's time we head off." he said to no one in particular. Fun Ghoul hugged Taylor and Astrid each.

"Be good for the older ones, okay? And don't, for the love of all that's holy, don't try to dye your hair again. I don't want to come back to see the diner bright yellow." Ghoul murmured. They both nodded.

Party Poison turned to Penina who was on the ground with her legs out in front of her. He held out his arms and she ran to hug him. "I promise you I will come back."

Mazy teared up. "And what if you don't? What will we do then?"

"Trust me, we'll come back. Especially if we have to take care of your sorry asses." Fun Ghoul laughed. Kobra picked Mazy up and hugged her tightly as the others got into the car.

Party started the car and they drove off towards Battery City. The kids stood there until they couldn't see the car anymore and than walked back into the diner. Penina sighed. "Well. Derek, you and Mazy can make dinner and Taylor and Astrid can go wo-"

"Woah, woah, woah." Mazy blurted out. "Who said you were the boss? I'm the same age as you." She crossed her arms. Penina held up her hands in defense.

"You may be, but I'm three months older than you." she said smugly. Derek rolled his eyes and started to dig in the cupboards, not wanting to get in between them.

"And I'm taller, so there!"

"Oh grow up."

"SHUT up!" Taylor cried. She snatched the macaroni and cheese out of Derek's hand and dumped the contents into a pan on the stove. "Seriously, calm down. No one's the boss of no one."

"Yeah well my dad said someone had to look out for the others and it should be me." Derek puffed out his chest proudly.

"You and your gay ass." Astrid smirked. Derek made a move to shove her but Mazy stood in the way and he crashed into her. They started rolling around clawing at each other while the others tried to tear them apart. Suddenly Penina pulled the Draculoid alarm and everyone jumped.

"FREEZE!" Taylor screamed. She held out a ray gun defensively and everyone froze. Taylor didn't realize that she was holding the gun the wrong way though and Mazy jumped up and tore it out of her hands.

"Where did you get that?!" The ray gun was a glittery emerald green with a scaly dragon blowing flames up the sides.

"Your dad went to get theirs and I followed him." Taylor held up a key triumphantly and everyone stared at her. "What? I saw it and I had to have it."

Astrid grinned. "That's my sister!" She high fived Taylor. Mazy paced the diner floor.

"You know, just in case the Dracs come we could see the other guns too. . ."

"You're so paranoid." Astrid muttered. Mazy shot her an annoyed look.

They all followed Taylor to the closet where she unlocked it to reveal many brightly coloured guns of different sizes. Each chose their own and they sat down at a booth to marvel at their newly found treasures.

Better Living Industries, Battery City
The tall bald man stood outside the window plotting his next move to attack the killjoys. Koresecian Quinn, or Korse as most knew him was planning his next attempt to capture the killjoys and he had the best idea ever. "ARABELLAAAAA!" he called. A small girl with light blue eyes ran in. She had long red hair in curly ringlets and a straight fringe that fell across her eyes.

"Yeah dad?"

"How would you like to go on a killjoy raid with me?"

Soooo. .. how are my Killies doing? :D Do'ya like it so far? :'3 I worked hard on it. If I get enough reviews, I'll prolly put up the next chapter tonight. XD Rate and Review please! OH, AND HOZZIE: I AM SO SO SO SO SORRY I MISSED YOUR AUDITION. EXTREMELY. BUT I HAVE A PLACE FOR YA AND IT'S A SURPRISE. OKAY NOT REALLY. HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE PARTY POISON'S WIFE AS A CONSOLATION FOR ME SKIPPING YOU? :'D xoo Shayla
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