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Chapter Two

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I almost died I waz so happi.

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By now, you guys might have realized that this is a parody of My Immortal XD Purely an imagination filled story fueled by lack of Internet and my laughing at My Immortal. Anyways, enjoy! Oh, and PREPS STAHP FLAMMING DA STORI U R ALL PREPS ND POSERS

Dat Nite, Walrus picked mi up 2 go 2 da concert in hiz rainbow colored flying car. He waz wearing a MCR t shirt wif rainbow skinny jeans nd black converse. He put in purple eye contacts nd dyed hiz sexiii scene hair blue, green, red nd yellow. It waz sooooooooo hawt.

"Redy 2 go?" Walrus asked.

"Get mi out of mi mind" I responded.

"Omfg dats a Panic at da disco song." he sed.

"Omfg u listen to dem?" I asked.

"Omfg ya omfg u r so kewl. GORILLA!" Walrus sed. I think I luv him.

On da way 2 da concert, we snorted pot nd drank beer. Wen we got 2 da concert, we ran in front nd joined the crowd. We were moshing so hard. Frank looked so hawt nd so did Gee. Bob waz in da back playing da drums cuz no 1 cares about him.

"FRANK U R SO HAWT!" I screamed. He looked at mi nd sed

"I luv dat u r so randum u r a tru scene!!!"

I almost died I waz so happi. All of da peeps there were jealous so I stuck my middle finger up 2 dem nd so did Frank. I giggled but saw Walrus. He looked sad.

"Wat's rong?" I asked but den I knew. "Ur so hawt. Ur hawter den Frank. Besides, he iz married 2 Jamia I hate dat bitch!"

Walrus smiled.

"But Frank iz hawt" Walrus sed. O I forgot 2 mention dat Walrus is bi. If u dont like it get out of my fanfic lol u prep.

I smiled nd nodded nd sang along 2 Helena. Den dey played other songs nd Gerad waz hawt 2. Everyone waz hawt cept 4 Bob cuz no1 likes him. Ray shud b da drummer.

After da concert I went wit Walrus 2 da forbidden forest. We were so horni. He kissed mi nd den we took of our clothes nd he put his thingi in my u know wat. He kept and shouting "FALCON PUNCH" nd punching mi 2 show mi how randum he waz which turned mi on even more. Den we herd someone scream "WTF GUYS STAHP YOU MOTHERFUCKERS"

It waz......................................................................................................................................Dumblydore!!!!!!!!!!!
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