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Sing It Out

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Gerard, Frank, Ray and Mikey all attend the always-popular house party. What events go down when Gerard and Frank are left alone?

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Honestly, this is the only story that I have the motivation to write at the moment...I'll be updating my others soon, but this is the only one that I can concentrate on for some reason...I'm sorry if this chapter is cwappy, I've been feeling pretty down recently...I hope you like it! ^.^

Chapter 4:

Keep running!
[*Sing it for the boys

Sing it for the girls
Every time that you lose it sing it for the world
Sing it from the heart
Sing it till you're not
Sing it out for the ones that'll hate your guts
Sing it for the deaf
Sing it for the blind
Sing about everyone that you left behind
Sing it for the world
Sing it for the world

Sing - My Chemical Romance


“Come on, Frank, Mikey said that we should be there in half an hour.” I said to him as I shook him in his bed. He was now currently in a deep slumber and I really did hate to wake people but...This was important! We had a party to go to!

A freakin' party! This was completely out of the ordinary for me, normally mine and Mikey's idea of a party was chilling with his guitar and CDs.

But now that Ray and Frank were here...We kind of felt like a family. It made me miss my family back home but then again it didn't; I shuddered at the memories as I continued to shake Frank. I sighed when he didn't wake and I grabbed my Ipod before unplugging the headphones and placing it next to his left ear on the pillow. I played the first song that came on and it was “King for a day – Pierce the Veil feat. Kellin Quinn”

Frank shot upright in the bed and he stared at me with wide eyes as if to say “ARE YOU INSANE?!” - Which yes, dear Frankie; I was. I pretended to sing along, mouthing the words to him and using manic hand gestures.

“You have half an hour to get ready. I however, am ready. So get your ass out of bed.” I smirked wide at him, he threw the Ipod at me, but I had just enough time to duck out of it's way. I picked it up off the floor thinking how grouchy Frank was in the mornings, I would have to remember that for next time; and I put the Ipod into the speakers, singing along quietly to it.

Frank was eyeing me slightly as he climbed out of bed, he grabbed some clothes out of his suitcase and he went into the bathroom. I really did have to remind him to put his clothes in the spare wardrobe which was filled with some of my crap.

I played with my fringe in the mirror as I adjusted my black buttoned up shirt, with it I wore an extremely tight black casual blazer, not the interview type, the ones that would make you be thrown out of the room instantly.

Paired with it I wore a pair of tight black skinnies and my white converses, which I had covered in black pen with different designs when I got bored in English class a few lessons back.
Frank came out of the bathroom around ten minutes later and even though it sounds like a short amount of time, it felt like hours. He was wearing a black buttoned up shirt like mine, but he was wearing a red tie and black loose trousers with a pair of black converses. His hair was shaggy and straight nonetheless, and he was just...Perfect.

I bit down on my lip as he slid some money into his back pocket and he turned to me, “w-we gonna go?” I nodded slowly and I got a key out of a drawer before tossing it to him, he caught it skilfully and smiled at me.

“The best way to keep it safe is to keep it in your sock.” He laughed a little before putting it in his sock, I grabbed my lighter and a packet of cigarettes before shoving them into my socks too, I placed a finger over my lips and mouthed,

“Secret” he smiled a little, nodded and we left the room side by side. Mikey didn't know that I smoked as much as I did, he knew I did it because we used to live together, but back then it wasn't as bad. Tonight there would be alcohol too and that was not going to be fun.
Why are addictions so hard?

I locked the door behind us and we made our way out of building A which held many dorms including ours. Mikey was in building F, so he was practically on the other side of the campus; stupid guy.

It was pitch black and absolutely terrifying out here. I hated the dark. And by the way that Frank kept flinching every time he heard a noise; he was too. “Frank...Why are you scared of the dark?” I asked quietly, almost at a whisper.

“I hate the unknown, so the shadows.” He replied simply, I frowned a little but shrugged it off and we both picked up the pace towards Mikey's dorm. Once we got there Ray opened the door for us before we even got a chance to knock, he grinned wide before gesturing for us to enter.

“Mikey's just finishing up his hair - the vain punk.” Ray said as we entered.

“I'm not vain! Or a punk!” Mikey shouted from the bathroom, offended.

Ray laughed, “What did you two do while you were waiting to come over?”

“Slept for a while,” Frank answered as he took a seat at the end of Mikey's bed.

“With each other no doubt.” Mikey joked as he entered the bedroom again, he winked at both. I could feel my cheeks burning a bright red, clearly feeling bad for having my thoughts and feelings said out loud. Frank looked down to the floor and shrugged.

“No funny business went down, I can assure you.” Frank replied to Mikey, trying to ease the tension for me, he was glancing at me every so often, clearly sensing and seeing my blush and embarrassment. Oh God...He found me out. Shit!

Mikey grabbed his key and put it in his sock just like me and Frank had.

“Is it some kind of family inherited thing that both of you put everything in your socks?” Frank asked, laughing to himself. Mikey and I nodded in sync and Ray rolled his eyes.

“I guess it is,” we both said together. We laughed again before we all got up to leave for the party a few minute away.

“If you get lost at the party and you lose one of us, just leave and go back to the dorm. I don't want no-one ending up in a ditch tonight, face down and lifeless.” I told them all, just to make sure that everyone was clear as to how crazy these parties could get. Frank looked a little scared so I gave him a small smile.

I would stick by him for most of the night of course. He was adorable and would be such an easy target for others. Well, it wasn't like I was strong prince charming who was going to fight them off but...It might make them reconsider.

We entered the house that it was being held at hesitantly, it was unlocked and there was people, pretty much everywhere in this part of the room. I laughed a little to myself, people were drinking, some making out, some doing other things that I'd rather not specify.

Misery Business was playing right now, by Paramore and I hummed a little along to it. Hayley Williams was beautiful and definitely had a beautiful voice to go along with it. We walked through the house and we ordered a few drinks from the bar that we eventually found after at least ten minutes of searching.

Frank almost tripped up about five times and I had to help him stand up, wrapping my arms around his waist, I pulled away after lingering, keeping my hands on his waist.

I ordered a whole bottle of my favourite drink, and the rest of the guys just ordered a pint; the normal amount. They may or may not be allowed some of mine. I realised moments after we bought the drinks that none of us were technically old enough. We were all 17, but I guess that the bartender didn't really care.

Frank was stood behind me, so he probably didn't notice his height and ask our age. Mikey kind of looked 21...I guessed, maybe Ray. But me and Frankie, we looked...Young.
We went out into a little conservatory part where there was only a few people and settled down on a couch and a chair. Frank and I shared the chair, I sat down first and then Frank sat on my lap. I couldn't help but...Love his closeness.

At some point I ran my fingertips along his waist after lifting his shirt up, running my fingers along his smooth bare skin.

Mikey had his feet on top of Ray as they lounged on the couch, talking about music it sounded like. I was halfway through my bottle now and Frank was only a little way through his cup. He smiled wide at me as he looked me up and down, I really wanted to know what Frank was thinking.

I wanted to know how he felt about me.

Sometimes he looked at me like he...

Wanted to tear my clothes off; like right now. And other times he looked like he was my brother or something. I shuddered at the thought.

Tell me what you thought of it so far? It would mean the world to me - xo
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