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Brass Monkey's

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Coolin' by the lockers, feeling kinda funky. Me and the crew were drinking Brass Monkey.

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Ray and Mikey froze where they were, staring at us, while the girls merely shared a knowing look.

"I KNEW IT!", Mikey suddenly shouted, pointing at us. I was still lying on top of Gerard, and it was exactly what it looked like. I stood and helped him up. I blushed at Gerard, who was glaring at his brother.

"Yes, wanna say something about it?", Gerard asked him with an arched eyebrow. Mikey just raised his hands peacefully. "Nope, it's about time though. Frankie and I thought you two were never going to get together."

We both gave him glares and he hid behind Eva, who stepped to the side,exposing Mikey to us. "Don't think I'll save you from them.", she said dryly. Mikey gave her a look. "Gee, thanks."

Ray was standing around awkwardly and spoke up. "So. . . are you guys finally going out?"

I didn't know how to answer him, so I looked to Gerard again. He looked at me and smirked. "I think it's safe to say that we are?" He left it as a question, awaiting my answer.

I nodded with a smile and he grinned before giving me a hug and swinging me around. I giggled into his shoulder.

Monty rolled her eyes. "Alright, alright. You two lovebirds calm it down. We've got-", she pulled out little cans from behind her back. "Glow in the dark paint!"

All of a sudden, a cry rang out from somewhere behind the group.

"Glow in the dark paint! Glow in the dark paint!" Frankie came running from the woods behind the playground, screaming in repetition. Monty gave him a dry look before holding out a can of purple. Then she preceded to hold it above her head as he jumped to try and grab it.

"Slow down you idiot! We've all got to paint each other's faces, you can't have one can all to yourself!" She tossed us each a can before finally giving Frankie his can of purple. Bob and Amelia had joined us and became a part of the action. I received a neon blue, while Gerard caught a electric green.

"Alright, everybody got one? Good, now let's start painting!", Monty opened her's and stuck a huge glob of orange on Frankie's nose. He then put a purple finger print on her forehead in return.

Gerard turned to me and stuck a green handprint on my cheek. I scowled playfully at him and gave him war marks on his own cheeks. He merely stuck his tongue out at me.

In the end we were all colorful, and as the sun started to go down, we were all vibrantly glowing.

"I think we should stroll down Main Street like this!", Maria shouted. We all cried in agreement. Gerard was looking like a demented warrior. He had put green circles under his eyes, and Frankie had done him the favor of painting his entire neck purple. With my blue warrior marks he looked ready for battle. I had my green handprint from before, and Maria had given me yellow tear tracks, while Bob had painted one side of my face entirely white.

We headed to the cars and Frankie, Bob, Ray, Mikey, and Gerard piled into Gerard's car while the girls got into mine.

Once we were all in my car, they decided to come down on me like wolves on a deer. Each of them padded me on the back about going out with Gerard. Well, everyone besides Monty.

"So. . . you and Gerard huh? Shaken the bed with him yet?", she asked nonchalantly. I glared at her through the rear view mirror. "No, how are you and Ray doing?", I asked in fake innocence.

She smirked at me approvingly. "You know, I think I'm beginning to like you Jetta." She clapped me on the shoulder in some sort of camaraderie.

"Anyway. . . you two do look good together. Congrats." Eva smiled shyly at me. I gave her a grateful grin.

They started talking about some band concert that was going on over the weekend, and before long, I was parked behind Gerard's Subaru on Main Street. Why did I get the feeling I was about to do something stupid?

The girls burst out of the car and the boys sprang from their's. I followed meekly behind, having no idea what was going on. Gerard came over and wrapped an arm around my shoulder as we started walking down the street behind the group.

Frankie started bursting into rap with Monty, Ray, Maria, and Mikey accompanying him.

"Got this dance that's more than real!", he shouted, doing a dance to the imaginary beat.

"Drink Brass Monkey, here's how you feel!", Ray resounded, head banging.

Monty sprang up and jumped on Ray's back. "Put your left leg down- your right leg up!"

"Tilt your head back, let's finish the cup!", Frankie cried loudly.

Maria ran up to the front and called out, "M.C.A. with the bottle- D. rock the can!"

"Adrock get's nice with Charlie Chan! We offered Moet, we don't mind Chivas. Where ever we got we bring the monkey with us!", Mikey belted out.

"Adrock drinks three- Mike D. is D. Double R. foot the bill most definitely", Monty followed up with a huge grin.

Frankie yelled back, "I drink Brass Monkey and I rock well. Got a castle in Brooklyn- that's where I dwell!"

We all broke into chorus. "Brass Monkey, that funky monkey. Brass Monkey- junkie, that funky monkey!"

They continued on, but I was preoccupied with a hand rubbing my shoulder affectionately. I smiled at Gerard and quickly gave him a peck on the lips. His eyes light up with surprise but he blushed at me nevertheless. His hand weaved down to clutch mine, squeezing lightly, before resuming it's place on my shoulder.

Around this time, a group of other teenagers were making their way down the other side of the street. They were jocks, and they were passing around a bottle. They must have spotted us because we stopped singing when we heard a shout.

"Better stay on that side of the street motherfuckers!", a tall one shouted at us, laughing when his buddies started slapping him on the shoulder. Frankie, never the peaceful one, stepped towards them threateningly. "What did you say?"

The one who had shouted at us stepped forward and said calmly with a mocking aura, "I said, you better keep your faggoty-ass on that side of the street."

Frankie let out a growl in rage and started walking towards them. Maria ran up and put a hand on his chest, pushing him back. "Come on Frank, now's not the time to be starting shit with them!"

Frankie wasn't tall in stature, but the look on his face was enough to scare. He looked like he was ready to beat someone to a pulp, but at Maria's touch he calmed down a little. He gave the jocks one last glare before sighing, "Fine, let's just go." He resumed walking with a frustrated huff, and we followed him. Gerard's hand had tightened on my shoulder at one point, and now it relaxed and rested on the small of my back.

The jocks must have been watching us converse with each other and started laughing when we walked away. "Look at them run, like dogs with their tails between their legs."

Something snapped in Frankie, and ignoring our shout's of warning, he ran at the jocks with his fists and jaw clenched.

I beg your forgiveness for not updating for so long. By the way, free cookies who can find Gerard's quote! :D
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