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Bloody Lips

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I'm just a notch in your bedpost, but you're just a line in a song. Drop a heart, break a name, we're always sleeping in and sleeping for the wrong team.

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My jaw dropped in shock as I watched Frankie completely tackle one of the larger jocks. The other ones quickly jumped on him, punching and kicking any piece of Frankie they could get.
In roars of outrage, Gerard, Mikey, Ray, Bob, and even a few of the girls charged at the group. The empty expanse of air next to me that had held Gerard's body only a second ago became more prominent. Shit, I had never been in an actual fight, let alone against teenage boys that could easily toss me a few yards.
But as I watched my friends leap onto the offending jocks, trying to pull Frankie out of the mix, I felt a sense of protectiveness come over me. A fire started to flare in my chest. They were MY friends, and those idiotic jocks were probably going to try and massacre them. I had to do something.
Mikey was losing his own against one of the guys I recognized as the team's quarterback Brett Jackson. With a great satisfaction, I went up behind Mikey and cold-cocked Brett in the Adam's apple just as he was lifting Mikey up to throw him. Brett went to his knees, his hands around his neck, gasping for air. Mikey fell to the ground and I ran to his side.
"Thanks for that.", Mikey gasped as I pulled him up onto his feet.
"My pleasure, wanna kick some more ass?" I gestured to the mass of bodies before us. Just as I spoke, a large guy came running at us, seeing us on our feet and unsuspecting. Mikey stepped forward to take the blow when a fist came out of nowhere to our rescue. The guy went sprawling on the ground and Gerard was rubbing his hand.
"You two okay?" He had a busted lip and a black eye, but at least he appeared to be conscious. We both nodded at him and he went back into the fight.
Ray and Monty were taking on one jock, one of them swooping in to get a hit while the jock was preoccupied with the other. Bob was going in like a madman, punching anyone on the opposing team. Amelia and Eva were on the sidelines, not that I blamed them. It was by pure willpower that I even threw a punch. Maria was actually the bravest of us girls. She was on top of a guy and continuously hitting him in the face. Rosie the Riveter would've been proud.
Suddenly one of the jocks cried, "Fall back!" It sounded like the head captain actually. I hadn't seen Jack Klick in the fight, but I wouldn't have been surprised if he had graced us with his presence.
At the shout, people were running off in all directions. The guy that Gerard had knocked out was soon the only one that remained. Ray and Mikey had to pry Maria off her prey, who took off like a dog with it's tail between it's legs.
Bob was standing tall and proud as they fled. "Yeah, you better run!", he shouted at their retreating backs.
As I looked around, taking account of everyone, my eyes came to a body on the ground that Gerard was kneeling over. A sense of foreboding struck me and I found myself running over to the pair. Gerard was talking to the person and his hand was on their shoulder. It was Frankie.
He was conscious, but was coughing up blood. His face was probably the worst out of us. Cuts ran across his face, probably from the toes of the shoes that had been kicking him. Both of his eyes were starting to bruise and his nose was flowing freely.
"Bastards.", he coughed. "I think the fuckers broke one of my ribs. At least we won, ya?"
Gerard laughed. If Frankie was okay enough to joke then he wasn't seriously injured. Or, at least, he wasn't feeling the full extent of his injuries yet.
"Yeah dog, we kicked ass.", Gerard replied with a wry grin. Everyone started coming together, checking each other to see who was really battered and who was okay. Bob, Ray, Mikey, Maria, Amelia, Eva, and myself were virtually untouched. Frankie, Gerard, and Monty, on the other hand, looked worse for wear. Monty's shirt was ripped where someone had grabbed her, and her nose was bleeding.
"I think we should call 911 for Frankie.", Maria spoke up. We all looked at each other to see who would make the call.
"What should we tell them? That we got jumped by a group of jocks? They'll never believe that!", Ray objected.
Mikey shook his head. "We don't have to tell them that it was the football team. It could've been an odd group of gangsters. Have you looked at the town we live in? I'll be surprised if the paramedics even question us."
"Or we could just drive Frankie to the hospital." My voice came out softly, not weak, just quiet. I had knelt down next to Frankie with Maria and we were trying to staunch his nose bleed. I had pulled up his shirt and saw a giant bruise on his one side, right above his ribs. More than likely they were just cracked, but he still needed to see a doctor.
"Can 'Frankie' have a say?", Frank asked loudly, grabbing the attention of everyone. "I think Jetta's got the right idea. Someone's just gotta drive me to the ER and I'll just tell them that I got mugged and you guys came to my rescue." He looked around at our faces and we all nodded.
"Alright then, Gee, do you wanna do the drive?", Bob glanced at a stony-faced Gerard, who nodded. "I'll do it."
I took the duty of driving home the ones that didn't need to go to the ER. "Okay guys, pile in. Ray are you coming?"
He turned his head to me after hugging Monty tightly and shook his head. "Nah, I think all the guys are going with Frankie. Besides, as much as I'd love to be squashed by a bunch of girls, you only have room for four people in your car." He grinned, and I saw that his lip had a cut on it and it dribbled down his chin a little. Monty was still standing close to him, and she took her ripped up shirt and dabbed at it.
"Seriously Toro, take care of yourself." She smiled as she lowered her hands. He just grinned, "Why should I? That's what I have you for."
They exchanged a gooey lovey look between them and I turned away before I saw anything I didn't want to see. Speaking of which. . .
Gerard was helping Mikey and Bob carry Frank into the backseat of his car. The other girls were watching close by, Maria in particular had her eyes on Frankie as the guys tried to carefully place him on the soft vinyl of Gerard's car seat. Once they had him properly placed, she strode over quickly and gave Frankie a one-armed hug, which he loosely returned.
I walked over and peeked my head into the car.
"You had better recover quickly Iero, you're my only accomplice in this group.", I told him with a stern face. His battered face gave me a grin. "I'll be back in the field as soon as possible Sarge." He gave me a mock salute and I returned it with a giggle.
"Hey! What am I then?", Gerard shouted indignantly and I felt someone wrap their arms around my waist from behind. Frankie winked at me and I rolled my eyes. I stepped back from the car and turned around to face my captor.
"You are my worst enemy.", I whispered with a small grin. Gerard's black eye was starting to swell, and a little spot of blood was dripping from his lip, but I thought he looked better than I had ever seen him. With the glow in the dark paint and injuries, he looked like a avenging neon angel. His arms tightened around me and I raised a hand to his cheek, running my fingers against the smooth skin.
He smirked, wincing as he pulled at his lip injury. "Well then sugar, I guess you're going down." He grinned cheekily and bent down to softly brush his lips against mine. Almost instantly we heard Mikey's voice.
"Get a room you two! And Gerard, come on! We gotta get Frankie to the hospital."
I groaned and Gerard chuckled. "Coming Mikes!" He glanced back down at me, "I'll see you tomorrow okay?" I nodded and grinned, before taking him by surprise and grabbing him by his hair and kissing him squarely on the mouth. I pulled back and grinned at his shocked expression. "See you tomorrow Gee.", I winked at him.
He shook his head and grinned. "You're gonna be the death of me sugar." He pulled his arms back and walked off, turning to give me a little wave before climbing into the driver's seat of his car.
I waved back and walked over to my own vehicle, which was filled to the brim with squealing girls. Not bad for a night of debauchery.
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