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In a State of Relaxation

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Love of mine, someday you will die. But I'll be close behind. I'll follow you into the dark. No blind light, or tunnels to gates of white. Just our hands clasped so tight. Waiting for the hint of a...

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2013-07-22 - 904 words

School the next day had been definitely interesting. It seemed that the news about the gang fight between the jocks and us had spread. I had walked down the halls with stares once more. These stares weren't the same as before though. They were curious stares, blank stares, and most importantly glares. These came from the popular group.
I had seen many of the guys who had fought us. We must've given them a fight of their lives. A few of them had black eyes, cut lips, the works. One actually had a cast on his wrist, possibly from one of us stepping on it. Not gonna mention a name, but a certain short person had a grin on when he saw that.
Frank had been released from the hospital with nothing but a few sprains and cuts. The internal bleeding we were afraid of was actually just a cracked rib. Nothing the doctors could do about that but just bandage his chest up. So now he walked the halls like a proud soldier. We all did.
We decided to walk in pairs from now on however. We were afraid of the jocks cornering one of us and working the anger from losing the fight out on one of us.
Plus I had decided to tell Gerard about my hamburger incident. Not an experience I'd like to see again. An angry Gerard is never a pretty sight. He had just nodded with a tight jaw and mysteriously the next day a cheerleader opened her locker to see it full with bloody meat.
How he got into the school and where he got all the meat, I'll never know. But I grinned innocently when the cheerleaders shot me accusing glances.
I don't think I had ever been happier in my life.
My mother had given up on her quest to make me into a mini-her. Instead she just ignored me unless it was something important. I found that I didn't care either way. I was happier without her constant nagging and drunken rages. Thankfully there were no more one-night stands in my house. She did disappear some nights though. Good, all the better for me to sleep at night.
Currently I was sprawled out on Gerard's bed with him curled around me. Blade Runner was playing on his TV screen, but he wasn't awake to watch it. I gazed at him while he slept. We had been going out for two weeks. The time had flown by since our park escapade and we had come out as a couple.
It made me happy to have someone to talk to and be around. He walked me to my classes in school and we hung out at his house whenever we could.
I had taken him to my house once and it was the last time it would ever happen. I still remember his astonishment at my lack of personal items in my room. I also remember my mother's disgusted look at Gerard when she had walked in the door from work. That glance told me it was the last time I'd ever let my mother in close contact with Gerard. He had taken it politely and without a batting an eyelash somehow.
I groaned silently at that memory. I shouldn't be thinking about that right now.
Now I should be basking in the glow of having a person wrapped around me. Gerard's arm was around my middle and his other arm was underneath me, confining me in a loose hug. His head was a few inches from mine, giving me a perfect view of his face.
Slowly I trailed my hand up to his chest and felt his heartbeat. It was the fantastic pulse of life. I drank in his warmth as I watched him twitch in his sleep.
I let my fingers move from his chest and up to his cheek, my thumb rubbing against his cheekbone. My fingers cupped his jaw bone and tickled his neck. He gave a slightly more violent twitch before opening his eyes.
They were glazed from sleep but slowly became more alert.
He smiled drowsily at me. "Well, hello there."
I grinned, sheepish at being caught touching him while he was asleep. "Hi."
He made a noise in the back of his throat as he looked around. "Hmm, sorry about falling asleep. I missed the best part, when Roy fights Deckard. . . " He gave a small pout as he realized this. I giggled at him.
He glanced back at me and smirked. "And what are you giggling about sugar?", he asked, pulling his arm from around me and stroking my back.
"Nothing, you're just a complete nerd.", I stuck my tongue out. He playfully tried to bite my tongue before I pulled it back from whenst it came.
"You should talk, I believe we're slowly turning you into a nerd. Who was the one that wanted to watch a full season of Star Trek the other day?" I made a face at his win at our argument.
He laughed and brought his head closer to mine. Resting our foreheads against each other's was complete bliss. I never felt so loved.

Bit of a filler, believe me, the story will become interesting next chapter. Whenever it's written. Maybe a year later, who know's. I won't stop writing though, never fear, until I finish this story. Or I die. Either one lol.
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