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Romancing The Sacavager's Daughter

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Gerard shares his love with a torture device. And two security guards.

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Chapter 4: Romancing The Sacavager's Daughter

If you remembered the last story, then let me tell you that the campus security found Mr. Lauder's body the night after I killed him. Did they found out who killed him? Let me ask you this: Would I be here if they did?
After I graduate from college (as a art major, of course), I moved into a apartment in New York with two friends from college. Ray Toro and Frank Iero. For the last three months since we lived together, I haven't killed anybody. So it's easy to say that I was bored.
One night, while I was reading the newspaper, I saw an ad for the New York State History Museum. It was interesting.
Hmm. The History of Torture and Man-Slaughter Exibition, huh? Why not. I always wanted to learn something to cultivate my crimson-spilling hobby.
Frank and Ray, however, weren't too wild to spend a Saturday in the freezing snow and going to the museum. To avoid any further arguement, I was going to pay for all of our tickets.
The next day, we dressed warmly and started to head out. Every girl we saw smiled at us. I guess it's because we looked good in our winter clothes. Ray's wearing a long black coat and boots. Frank's wearing a striped jacket, fingerless gloves, jeans, and boots. I'm wearing a leather jacket, a black-and-purple scarf, new black leather gloves, black jeans, and motorcycle boots.
We finally got to the museum and immediately went to the torture exibit. It was made to look like a torture chamber. We walked around and Frank pointed and laughed at a big golden statue of a bull, "What the hell is that?"
I went over and read the stand that they put up aloud, "Brazen Bull. Circa 117 B.C. The Romans used to shove their enemies into the bull and set up a large fire underneath it. Then the victim suffocates, lose their moisture, and explode inside the bull. The bull's nose has two steam whistles to let out steam in a high whistle, inducated that the person inside was dead".
Frank shooked all over. Guess he doesn't find it funny anymore.
We looked through the entire exibit. Frank and Ray looked more interested now than they were this morning. A tip for all the girls out there with boyfriends who like violence.
Ray broke out in a smile, "Look guys! The iron maiden!"
We saw the rack, a tub that was used to boil people in hot oil, and other horrible devices that can burn you, drown you, or tear you apart.
My vision of Heaven.
We finally reached the last torture device. I'll tell you, when I laid eyes on it, I fell in love.
I looked at the stand and read aloud, "The Sacavager's Daughter. Made when the 16th century came to an end by King Henry VIII's cheif torturer Sir William Sacaventon; also called The Sacavager".
Ray and Frank shivered. I saw this and continued my haunting narrative, "It has two compressing metal arms and the victim is placed in the fetal position. Two people must make the arms press down and the victim's back, ribs, arms, and neck are broken. Blood comes out through their eyes, nose, and mouth. The arms press down until the victim-"
"Okay! Enough!" Ray threw up his hands. "God..."
I look at it, "It has such a Renaissance charm, doesn't it?"
I stepped closer to the railing, admiring the death-making beauty. Where had she been all my life?
Frank looked behind him and then turned to us, "Um, guys? I think the museum's closing now".
Ray looked at his watch, "5:45 PM. Yup. Closing Time".
I heard them, but I made no sign of moving away. Ray tapped my shoulder, "Gee? You ready? Me and Frank want to go in the diner across the street".
I turned to him, "Yeah. Why don't you guys go ahead? I'll meet you there".
"Okay. Don't get locked in," warned Ray.
"Later, Gee", said Frank and they left.
I looked at The Sacavager's Daughter more and a thought came to my head. Why not get a closer look? Check for guards first.
I look around. No guards. So I climb over the railing and stepped onto the platform where the machine was. I touched the stone cold metal of the arms. Then I went under to where the victims were placed. I wish I could try this beauty out. I would have enjoyed this even more if I wasn't almost blinded by a flashlight. From a very hefty security guard. He would've made Mojo from X-Men proud.
"HEY!" He bellowed like the elephant he was. "Get out of there before I have to haul you in for violation of property!" He grabbed his radio and, I would guess, called his partner, "Yeah, you were right. There is someone in here. Call the high ups and tell them we got a trespasser".
He looked at me again, "Make it easy on yourself and get out of there before you get in any more trouble".
I smile to myself. I'm gonna get my wish after all. I think I just found my guinea pig.
First Order of Action: Lure your prey.
I pretended to struggle underneath the still standing arms, "I-I can't! I'm stuck! Help!"
He fell for it, hook, line, and sinker, "Don't move! I'll get you out!"
He climbed over the railing and ran over behind me. He kneeled down, "Okay. I'm gonna crawl down and push you out while I'm moving".
"O-Okay". Sucker.
He huffed and shoved me out of the center. Now he's in the center. And he's stuck. I call it a perfect fit. Second Order of Action was a success. Trapping the prey.
"Help!" the guard shouted. "Get me out!"
I chuckled "No way! Not that I finally got you exactly where I want you".
Now he realizes what deep shit he's now, "Y-You bastard! You set me up!"
He was trying to get out but his gurth betraying him.I walk around, reached into his back pocket, and pulled out his gun. For extra protection. Now all that's left is to put this baby to work. Only one problem. I need another person to work the other arm.
And it looks like my prayers had been answered again tonight. The fat cop's much skinner partner shows and now sees his partner trapped in the death device. He's a total noob. Twenty bucks say this is his first real assignment and he's not issued a gun.
I climbed over the railing and ran over to the other guard. I grabbed his collar and pointed the gun at his head, "Okay. You wanna live through this? Do what I say and help me with the arms. If you don't, your brains will be my canvas. So what do you say?"
He was too scared to say anything, so he nodded quickly. I lower the gun and patted his cheek, "Good choice".
I lead him to the platform and made him go to the left metal arm while I took the right. I looked at him, "On my mark, push down as hard as you can".
He nodded and Piggie Piggie Two By Four looks horrifed. I yelled, "Now!" and we push down the arms hard. My trapped rat screamed and I can hear his bones breaking. A melodious sound, really.
I motion the other guard to do it again and we push down harder than ever. The fat guard screams. I look over at him. His face is covered in beautiful bloody streaks. I hear his neck break and he sputters out a lovely spray of the scarlet life-fluid. He finally dies with a gurgling groan.
I smile at this. This baby is wonderful. I let go of the arm and walk over to the other guard. I pull out the gun again and pointed to his head.
"B-But you said you let live after this!" the guard panicked.
I smirked evilly at him, "You're stupider than I thought. I asked if you wanted to live through this. THIS is over. So you're just trouble. You'll tell. But then I got to thinking. You'll be in big trouble. 'Why?' you ask? You helped me killed your partner and could've stopped me with your taser (I noticed the holster earlier). So makes you an accomplice".
I handed back his gun, take his set of keys so I can leave the museum, and smiled at him, "So can decided what you'll tell the high-ups".
He looks at me like he's saw Satan himself. I like that.
I climbed over the railing one last time. Suddenly, there was a big BANG! I turn around and I see the guard on the ground. He killed himself.
Hmm, I guess I messed with him too much. Oh, well.
I bid sweet farewell to The Sacavager's Daughter and leave the museum to meet the guys.

They never asked me why I took so long meeting at the diner. They assumed that I recieved a call from Mikey. Poor Frank and Ray. They were way off. But who am I to disillusion them?

Two days later, Ray and I were in the living room (Frank was at work). Ray was reading the paper, "Hey Gerard! Look at this!"
I went over to where he was and looked over his shoulder. The paper's posted the deaths. Ray told me, "Two night watchmen were found dead at the New York State History Museum's Torture and Man-Slaughter Exibition two days ago. One guard was found dead in The Sacavager's Daughter while the other was shot in the head. The cops said that the second guard killed his partner and then took his own life. Gory, huh?"
"Yeah", I agreed. "Any fingersprints?"
"Just from the the other guard. His gun and one of the metal arms. That's all", said Ray.
If you paying attention, I was wearing gloves and I did get rid of them. Sad to do it. I really like those gloves.
I nodded and left Ray's side. I sat back in my chair and see Ray reading again. I smile at him. Oh Ray, if only you and Frank knew who you are living you. But we'll get along just fine if we don't know everything about each other.
Luckily for me, I got another pair of those leather gloves. So everything's cool once again.
So's long as you keep your fucking mouth shut. Understand?

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