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Tell Me Lyes, Sweet Little Lyes

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Gerard has a (chemical) romance on a school trip.

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Chapter 5: Tell Me Lyes

Being a killer isn’t for the light- or tender-hearted. When you set out alone, you remain alone. It’s best for everyone. Even killers like me.
Yes, I was once in love with a girl. A girl who knew me like no other. But it was never meant to be, no matter how much I wanted it to.
It started back years ago. Back when I was still in high school. I was on a weekend field trip at a farm(Yes, a farm. Thrillsville) for Animal Awareness Month. I was the eighteen-year-old creepy art-Goth nerd(who secretly carried a knife at all times) and obviously the outcast. So naturally, when everyone was supposed to pair up in twos, I was to be the odd man out.
Well, I was, until I heard a voice behind me.
“I’ll partner with you”.
I turn and there was this girl. She was just as tall as I was. Her loose curly pumpkin-colored hair was under the dark red Jute ski cap she was wearing. She also wore a kente-cloth camisole, a wooden-button cardigan, a gathered batik skirt, and stone-studded wedges. She smelled of pomegranate, jasmine, and honeydew.
She was beautiful.
She blinked her blue eyes at me, “Unless you don’t want a partner. In case, I’m sorry to bother you”.
I shook my head, “No, I want a partner”.
She smiled at me and grabbed my hand, "Come on, then".
We followed the group into the big barn house where we were staying. The inside was fucking HUGE. There were two stories of stairs. Half of the class stayed below while the other stayed above. Me and the girl were the above group.
While we were setting up our sleeping bags, I turned to the girl, “What’s your name?”
“Liberty Moonbeam”, she replied.
I raised my eyebrows, “No, really”.
She smiled, “Afraid so”.
I couldn’t help but a laugh, “Oh my God. Are your parents hippies?”
She shook her head, “No. Bohemian”. Then she asked, “What’s your name?”
“Gerard Way”, I said.
She giggled, “So I’m partnered with someone with a noun for a last name”.
We both laughed and finished unpacking. We sat on our sleeping bags. From what she told me, she only attended this barn trip for one thing. A pretty dangerous thing.
“Now”, she said in a low voice. “If I tell you what I’m doing, will you promise not to tell anyone?”
I nodded, “Yeah”.
She scooted closer to me and she whispered in my ear, “There’s a chemical factory down the road here that makes alumina. I want to go over there and shut down the main power line”.
There’s a factory near here? Huh. I whisper, “How are you gonna get there? The teacher’s watching us”.
“At lights out. 9:00”, she whispered back.
There’s probably a rule that says that you shouldn’t go on an eco act at night with a girl you just met, but right now I don’t care.
“Can I come with you?” I asked softly. “Do you need help, at least?”
Liberty smiled, “Yes. I need all the help I can get. Let’s rendezvous at the hen house tonight”.
I smiled back. For most of the day as we toured around the farm land, Liberty and I talked about our parents, classes, music, everything. She really likes art and she was an outcast like me. I liked her right away. I also knew that if she knew I killed a guy when I was a kid, she’d freaked.
When we got handed our jobs at the farm, Me and Liberty got egg gathering duty. We start at six in the morning. We then hanged around inside the barn after we were assigned our jobs. Planning how to turn off the main power at the factory.
When it was lights out, we waited twenty minutes after and decided to leave when we saw the last of the teachers leaving the barn. We got up, stuffed our bags in our sleeping bags, and quietly went downstairs and climbed out the window.
Liberty carried a bag full of tools. “We’re gonna need them,” she told me.
We climbed over the fence and walked down the dirt road. We were quiet for five minutes until Liberty said, "I never seen you around school".
I nodded, "Neither have you. If I did, it would have damned registered".
Liberty looked at me and smiled, "I have to admit, you're pretty cute".
Thank god it was dark or else she would've seen the blush on my face. For some strange reason, it also made me bold, "You're hot for a Bohemian chick".
I didn't see a blush, but I knew she was secretly happy when I said that.

We went up a hill and I was stunned from what I saw. There was a huge dam full of red liquid.
Liberty told me, "It's lye. The main chemical for alumina before it turns into aluminium".
We went down the hill and Liberty told me what to do. I need to find a giant land pipe that is somewhere in the field.
When I found it near the fenced-in dam, Liberty grabbed a wrench and started to unscrew some nuts. While she was doing that, I decided to ask, "Why are you doing this? I thought aluminium was good".
"It is", she said. "But this factory is a eco-hazard. Look around".
I look around and I see other pipes. Leaking pipes.
Liberty continued, "The owner's a self-awared polluter and we need to stop him. Would you do one more favor for me?"
"Anything", I said.
Liberty pointed to the fence, "Could you put up the sign I made?" She hands me a huge roll of paper and a roll of shiny duct tape.
I was about to turn and do it, until Liberty calls me, "Gerard"
I came back and the next thing I knew, she was kissing me like it would be the last time. I kissed her with all I got. I pull away and went to the fence.
I unrolled the sheet and stuck it to the fence. I was about to go back to Liberty, but I saw something that stopped my heart.
A man, who I assume was the owner of the factory, was pointing a gun at Liberty. Like a super-pissed off gazelle, I rammed him to the ground and grabbed Liberty's hand. We ran down the field and when we reached a leaky pipe, we heard a shot fired. We stopped and turned. The owner came to us slowly, gun at hand, "You fuckers stop right or I'll put a round of bullets in each of you".
Liberty was too scared to do anything (and I don't blame her), so I acted. I untwisted the handle of the pipe until it started to burst. I ducked to ground with Liberty while the owner got a face full of lye in his face. He screamed and fell to the ground.
I went over to him and watched him writhe in pain. I took out a pocketknife and stabbed him. In the head. Several times until Liberty stopped me and we ran off.

"I killed someone when I was a kid," I told Liberty while she was checking my clothes for burn holes and blood. I had to tell her. Even if I really didn't want to. I had to because was scared. Because I liked her. Really liked her.
We were sitting in a small trail away from the factory but near the barn. It was three hours before we had to get up for egg gathering. "He was a big guy who hurt my little brother and he tried to kill me. I-I liked it...I developed a taste for blood. Once I did it, I couldn't stop. Liking blood, I mean. That guy is second that I killed in my life".
"Why didn't you tell me?" she asked. "Did you think I wouldn't understand?"
I looked at her, "To be honest, no. I thought you would be scared of me and I wouldn't blame if you do".
Liberty tightened her lips, "I'm not scared of you, but I do think you're too intense for me. After tonight, I think it's best that we should just be friends and never tell anyone what we did".
I raised an eyebrow, "After tonight?"
Liberty smiled and came closer, "Well, you did help me tonight. You saved me from that manic, despite how you stopped him. So..." Her lips were hovering mine, "I want to thank you..."
She kissed me and I kissed back hard. She pulled me to her until she was lying on the ground and I was on top of her. She pulled away and undid my jeans. She yanked down to my knees and I ripped off her shirt. After we tore off the rest of our clothes and we were fully naked, Liberty pulled me to her and said the only words that made me want her more than any girl I have ever met.
"Take me, killer".
I lost my virginity that night. I kept thrusting into her and she was panting and moaning. It was great and sad in a way because I knew I would never do this with her ever again. She ran her hands down my back while I made my last series of thrusts and screamed, "Gerard"!
I pulled out and came in the cold grass. I kissed her and she weakly kissed me back.

We never got caught. We snuck back after we had sex and we made it look like nothing happened last night. The entire weekend was fine, despite what happened. We worked together and talked. But when we had to go back home again, we went to being total strangers to each other.
I never really saw Liberty Moonbeam again after that trip and I think it's best that it should remain that way. I didn't want her to get into the life I have now. That's way I live by my one and only rule.
When you kill alone, you remain alone.
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