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The Vault of Amontillado

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A shocking semi-tribute to Poe, presented by our favorite blood enthusiast Gerard.

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Chapter 6: The Vault of Amontillado
Now before I tell you this latest blood-yarn, I want you to keep me in perspective. This is no way I do things now. I want you to know that.
I was studied aboard in Italy with several other college students. I was twenty at the time. I was rooming with Ray and Frank (Yes, it’s Ray and Frank again!) at the Hotel Bella Morte and we made plans to go out tonight. Ray looked like an American student and I looked like a glamour girl.
Here’s the story about that: I got a letter from Mikey yesterday and he said that Dad wants me to send him real Italian wine.
Now, I searched around last night and found out the only real Italian wine that they’re willing to sell to American students is Amontillado. There’s good news, bad news, and worst news.
Good news- There’s a supplier who can sell it to me in his very wine vaults.
Bad news- He only sells it at night.
Worst news- He only sells it to women.
So you see my situation here. In order to get the wine, I have to dress up like a woman. I would’ve have Ray do it, but let’s face it, you put make-up and a wig on him and I could tell that’s a guy. I’m the more fitting choice. ‘Course I need help, because I don’t know shit about make-up and girl clothes.
So I asked Evie from the girls’ dorm if she could help me. “Don’t worry, honey”, she assured me. “By the time I’m done with you, you’ll make guys question their sexuality when they find out you’re actually a guy”.
Okay, now I’m worried.
While I was waiting for her, I packed a knapsack with only one thing: a long thin taser that Mom gave me for my trip. I’m not taking any chances.
She can into our room around five. First, she brought my clothes for the evening. A red asymmetric dress, lace-trimmed thigh-highs, and patent-leather boots.
“I don’t know if he could pull this off”, Ray said to Evie.
I look at the clothes, “I’d be surprised if I can pull it on”.
“Oh, don’t be such a mary”, Evie chided. “You can pull it off. You got a nice body for it. But…” She pulled out a flesh-colored full-body corset with two gel packs in each of the breast pockets. “You’re gonna need this for boob illusion”.
I took a scared breath. A full-body corset?!
Evie saw this and patted my shoulder, “Don’t worry. It’s not as frightening as it looks. With your thin figure, I don’t need to even tighten it that much”.
Evie grabbed the clothes and pushed me to the bathroom. “You shaved your legs and under arms, right?”
I nodded (She told me to do this before she showed up. A pre-prim before I became a shmale, as she said).
“Great”, she said and sat on the toilet. “Strip down”.
I raised my eyebrows, “Right now? While you’re here?”
She smiled, “Relax. It’s not like I haven’t seen a naked guy before. Besides, I consider this a payment”.
“Payment?” I questioned.
“For helping you this”, she said.
I blushed but I comply. I whip off my shirt and unbuckle the belt on my jeans. I pull them down and step out of them.
“Ooo, boxers”, Evie teased. “How sexy”.
I smirked, “You ready for this, baby?”
Evie looked confused that time, “For what?”
I grin wickedly and tore off my boxers. Showing her my naked glory. She laugh-shrieks and covers her mouth, “You’re crazy!”
“For you”, I said. “You got something for me to wear?”
Evie giggles and gives me the corset. “I hope it’s all right”, she said in a innocent little girl tone.
I grabbed it and I look at it, “Oh, just my size too”.
With Evie’s instructions, I was able to get in it with no hassle at all. She helped me tighten it around my frame and made sure that the fake boobs were in place. Already I look feminine.
“Now the clothes”, said Evie.
I put on the red dress, the stockings, and boots. I look at her, “Well?”
“Very nice”, Evie marveled. “Now sit down while I do your make-up”.
I trade places with her and sat on the toilet. Evie reached into her bag and grabbed her make-up case. She opened it and got right to work. She started on my eyebrows with a pair of tweezers. “Now, this is gonna sting a little”, she warned.
No real dialogue here. Just me saying ‘ow’ a lot and cursing Evie’s name.
When she finished, she worked on my eyes. “I’m so glad you have naturally long lashes. This will be easy”.
She put on maroon eye shadow and black volume-lash mascara. Next she did my lips with rose red lipstick. Then she added foundation on my face and blush on my cheeks. Then finally the wig of long black curly hair was placed on top of my head and Evie brushed it so it looked natural.
“And, for the final touch”, she said and took out a small bottle of perfume that reads Vampire Midnight. She gave me a couple of sprits on my neck.
“All right. You’re done!” Evie triumphed and had me look at the mirror. At first, the girl in the mirror scared the fuck out of me but then I realized that the girl was me.
“This is fucking creepy”, I said and touched my reflection.
“Yeah”, said Evie. “But totally awesome. So, tell. Whatja think?”
I was silent for a moment, and then I said with a grin, “HA! I look hot as a chick!”

We came out of the bathroom and Frank and Ray looked at me. Frank looked at me with disbelief and then said with a blush, “Oh my god, I want to date you”.
Ray kept laughing, “This is wicked!”
“I’m kinda digging this”, I said.
Evie advised me to ‘be mischievous. It feels good to the guys'.

After Evie leaves, we went to the address of the Amontillado guy. When we got one bridge ahead of it, I told Ray to wait here while Frank and I went in. Ray stayed behind while Frank and I went over the bridge.
We arrived at the door and Frank knocked on the door. The door creaked open and a man no more than fifty-five peeked through, “Buongiorno”.
Frank spoke, “Um, hi. My lady friend and I are-“
Americano?” he asked.
Frank nodded, “Yes. My name is Frank Iero and this is my friend Giovanna”.
Giovanna? Not that I had any other name in mind, but I wouldn’t picked Giovanna.
I extended my hand and nodded hello. I couldn’t speak or else I’ll break the illusion. The guy opens the door and gently shakes my hand.
Frank continued, “She heard you sell Amontillado and she would like to buy a bottle”.
The guy lets us inside his house and closed the door. “I keep the Amontillado in my extended vault so no thieves could find it”, the guy said in English. “They are, however, dark and you will need to be careful, miss”.
He had us follow him to a bookcase. He pushes in a book and suddenly, the bookcase swings open and reveals a staircase! The man turns to us, “I’m sorry, young man. I don’t trust young men in my vaults. I will only allow the young signoria to come along with me”.
Gulp. Here we go.
“Yeah, yeah”, Frank said. “I understand. Go right ahead”.
The man motioned me to follow him down the stairs. I turn to Frank and gave him a ‘Help Me’ face. He shrugged and mouthed “I can’t”.

I follow him down until we reached to the vaults. I looked at a wooden cask.
The man shook his head, “No. Further down the vaults”.
Oh great. Oh fucking great.
We walked down the vaults and the guy said his name is Claudio Fortunato. Where did I hear that name before? Fortunato.
We finally reached the vault where the Amontillado was and Claudio pulled out a bottle. He presented it to me, “The finest Amontillado in Italy”.
I reached for the bottle but he backed it away from my grasp. “The price, miss”, he said.
I pulled out my wallet from my bag and was about to pull out the money, but Claudio shook his head. The next thing I knew, Claudio lunged forward and swapped his spit with mine.
I pushed him off and spat at him. That’s the price?! Sex? NO FUCKING WAY IN HELL!! I was about to turn and leave, but he shoved me to the ground and held me down. He then pulled out a long pink dildo and showed it to me.
“Is this what you want, Giovanna?” He threatened. “It’s more hurtful than it looks. It’s either this or mine”.
Luckily, I still had the knapsack in my hand and with a swift, I grabbed the taser. I stabbed him and turned on the juice, shocking him till he let me go.
While he groaned on the ground, I got up and decided to off this guy with great disgrace. By the time I’m through with him, he’ll beg me to kill him.
I turn him over and smirked at him, “Grazie, but I don’t think neither of us want to have sex with a guy”.
Claudio’s eyes widened, now realizing he could’ve fucked a guy in dress. I grabbed the dildo from him and then turned him on his belly. I yanked his pants down and turned the dildo on. As it was vibrating in my hand, I shoved it in his ass. He screamed and I pushed it in even further.
“You like that?” I said. “You like having a fake dick in your ass, fucker?”
He screamed and then I removed it from him. He was breathing erratically, probably thinking that it was over. That I gotten my revenge. Oh, how wrong you are, Claudio Fortunato. I grabbed my taser. I shoved the taser in his ass and turned it on. He shook like a vibrating doll and screaming like it was murder (Duh). Finally, he stopped dead.
I smile at this. Even though it wasn’t a bloody death like I would’ve liked it to be, I enjoyed killing this guy though electrocuting. Painful yet clean.
I grabbed the bottle of Amontillado and head out the vaults.

Ray and Frank asked if I got the bottle without any problems. I said yes. Definitely no problem.
When they went out to do their own things, I called Evie and invited her over.
“What’s the occasion?” she asked.
I was looking at a bottle of Rosa Vino, “I succeeded in my mission, thanks to you. I wanted to thank you properly by sharing a bottle of Rosa and possibly seeing if you can wear the corset”.
I heard a giggle and then, “I’ll be there, Miss Way”.
No real dialogue here. Just a little drunken conversation and an intended two-hour sex session turned into a four-hour sex session. What can I say? Electrocution brings out the sex beast in me.

I sent the bottle and another letter to Mikey to New Jersey immediately. I finally got the letter from Mikey three weeks before I had to leave for home.
Dear Gee,
Dad said thanks for the bottle. It was great. Mom wanted me to ask you if you took the taser she gave you.
Write back soon,

I wrote back (Even though I know he’ll get it by the time I’ve come home).
Yeah, but I threw it away and I’ll never use it again. Don’t ask why.

A/N: My semi-paying tribute to one of my favorite Poe stories The Cask of Amontillado shared with my favorite MCR singer. Hope you like it.

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