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Rage For The Heartbroken

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It's never wise to cheat on a murderer.

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Chapter 7: Rage For The Heartbroken
Ever wanted to kill a couple before? More preferably, ever wanted to kill your ex and the person they’re currently dating? If so, listen. If not, watch Lifetime, you vanilla pussy.
I lived in a tiny apartment near my college campus and I was in my second year. I had a girlfriend (Very much on the emphasis “had”) two years ago. She was beautiful, artistic, charming, funny, everything I ever wanted in a woman. So you can imagine my heartbreak when one day she said we should break up and pretend like we never dated.
She had the line of break-up clichés on hand: “I’ve been confused”, “It’s nothing you did”, “and I’m not growing up as a person”.
Blah. Blah. Fucking blah.
After the little break-up talk, she went to the bathroom. Suddenly, her iPhone rings with a text. I pick it up and read it.
Fr: Ryan Fly
Hey, Chrissy
Did u break up w/that Way guy? Been waiting since last month.
She’s been seeing another guy behind my back and she’s been holding this off since last month? Bitch.
Knowing that she’ll take forever in the bathroom, I decided to text back.
Yeah, baby. He took it pretty hard. I feel kinda bad.
I press ‘Send’ and waited. A few seconds later, he texted back.
Y? I thought u wanted 2 break up w/him so we don’t have to spend $ for a hotel when he’s away.
I’m gonna kill her.
I text JK! The poor bastard.
Send. Seconds, ping.
Poor bastard my ass! The whipped dog, the wiser dog. If he’s too stupid to know that you’ve been banging me for the past month, that’s his loss. U wanna come over 2nite?
Oh, I’ll come over tonight. With a fucking knife.
Sure, baby.
After I sent that last text and got the number, I erased the messages so Chrissy could back out like she never knew how much of a cheating bitch she really is and how dead Ryan’s gonna be.
I went to my room and packed my laptop bag with some rope and a knife. I carry the bag out when Chrissy finally emerged from the bathroom.
I told Chrissy that I needed to go out and clear my head and to stay. I walk down the crowded streets and gave Ryan a text, where do u wanna meet?
He texted back, @ The Garnet Plaza. As usual.
Okay. I’ll be waiting for you, sugar.
The Garnet Plaza Hotel. That was where Chrissy and I spent our first month anniversary and had sex for the first time. Ryan’s been fucking her there and ten bucks says that they’ve been doing it in room 320 like she and I had.
I hail a taxi and told the driver to go to Garnet Plaza. Once I arrived and paid the driver, I head to the front the desk and ask for room 320. The clerk handed me the key and I headed up.
I open the door and sit on the edge of the bed, waiting like a spider for a fly. Heh. Fly.
After ten minutes, the door clicked open and a guy with carrot-colored hair and a delivery uniform came in. I wish you could’ve seen the look on his face when he realized I wasn’t Chrissy.
I got up, “Hello, Ryan. I’m Gerard, Chrissy’s former boyfriend. I guess you realize now that I’m not Chrissy and I sent the text and the texts before that. You can’t imagine how hurt or betrayed I was when I learned that you and Chrissy were having an affair.”
I stepped closer to Ryan, continuing, “But you see, Ryan, it’s all okay. Eventually, I’ll get over it and you two will a vague memory to me. A. Very. Bloody. Vague. Memory.”
Ryan panicked and tried to run out the door, only he ran right smack into the closed door and went down like a ton of bricks.
Idiot. My girlfriend was cheating on with an idiot.
So I went to work. I dragged his unconcious body to the bed and tied him to the bedposts with the rope I brought in my bag. I grabbed his iPhone and called Chrissy.
“Ryan! Where are you? Why haven’t you picked up your phone?” she steamed.
“Because it’s not Ryan,” I said flatly. “It’s Gerard.”
I hear her gasp and muttered “Oh my god”. I talked again, “Yeah, I figured out that you’ve been cheating me for a month. I talking to Ryan right now. I want to talk to you when I get home. Bye.”
I hang up and see Ryan regain consciousness. He struggles out of the ropes, but no dice. I bring out the knife and bring the blade right to his cheek.
“Tell me how many times you and Chrissy slept together,” I demanded.
“I-If I-I do…” Ryan blubbered. “W-Will you free me?”
“Yes,” I swore. “Now tell me. How many times?”
Ryan swallowed, “W-We had sex s-seven times…”
I nod. That sounded about right. I was gone seven times last month.
“Okay,” I said. “Thank you, Ryan.”
I brought down the knife and plunged it into his left shoulder. He shrieked at the pain, “You said you would free me!”
I smile evilly at him, “I didn’t lie you, Ryan. I attend to free you. Who’s freer than a dead man?”
Ryan screamed again and I dragged the knife from his shoulder to the right side of his abdomen. I did it again on his right shoulder and dragged the blade to the left side.
Would I stab him the middle? Sure, that would’ve been fun, but I was engrossed into my jealous boyfriend frenzy.
I got off the bed and wiped the blood off the knife. I look down on Ryan, “Ryan, I’ll let you in on a little secret. I kill people and I kill for fun and reason. You, my friend, given me a reason to let you bleed to death and to kill my unfaithful girlfriend. You should be grateful that I did that. I killed people more horribly than I did you. Pretty merciful, if you ask me. Now if you excuse me, I need to reunite your lover with you. Goodbye, Ryan Fly.”
I wait for Ryan to bleed and die. When he finally died, I untied his right hand and placed the knife in his hand. I went downstairs and returned the keys and paid in cash.

After I burned and ditched the gloves in a nearby dumpster and took a taxi back home, I went back into my apartment to find my girlfriend sitting on the couch, awaiting doom. God, she looks so pretty when she’s scared.
She sees me and takes an erratic breath. I say nothing to her and sit next to her. I folded my hands and look at her, “Anything you want to say?”
Chrissy stared at me and swallowed hard, “What do you want me to say?”
“You can start on by telling me why,” I said firmly.
Chrissy was breathing kinda hard, “Gerard, I’m so, so sorry. I never wanted this to happen. He was just a guy who was nice and talked to me a lot while you were away. I began to feel weak around and one thing lead to another. I felt horrible about this for a long time and I was determined to tell you this long ago. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt you.”
I listened and I stood up. I walk around her and kneeled beside her. She watched me and I turn to her, “How could do this to me? What did I ever done to you, you stupid bitch? Answer me that. What did I do to make you want to fuck another guy?”
Chrissy was silent for a moment, and then said, “You were away all the time. On those art conversions. I needed you. Especially at night. I know I couldn’t go with you, but I couldn’t handle things by myself.”
I nod and then said, “Chrissy, I understand that you were probably lonely and God knows I can’t drop everything and come to you. No matter how much I wanted to. So for that, I apologize. But that doesn’t give you the right to cheat on me with another guy. I don’t think I could ever forgive you for that. Don’t you understand how much I loved you?”
She looked at me and tears started to well up in her eyes. I continued, “I loved you so much, Chrissy. I would have done anything for you. I would’ve killed for you. Now I don’t have that. And it’s all your fault.”
“I know and I’m sorry,” she whispered, tears no longer held back. “If you want me to go, I’ll leave. I’ll never bother you again.” She was to get up and leave, but I grabbed her wrist.
She turned and I stood up. I came closer, “Before you do, you have to do something for me right now.”
“O-Okay…” she said.
“Kiss me”
“Wha-?” Chrissy was flabbergasted.
“Kiss me,” I reinstated. “I want at least one pleasant memory of you. Just one kiss. I think you owe me that much.”
Chrissy nodded, “All right.”
I brought her closer and pressed her lips with my own in a tender kiss. Chrissy then relaxed and touched my cheek. I deepen the kiss and reach into my pocket to pull out my switchblade knife. She was so into the kiss that she didn’t have to time to groan in pain when I stabbed her in the stomach and performed a homicidal hari-kari. She fell dead on the floor.
Goodbye Chrissy. You deserved worse than this.
I dragged her body and shoved her in the broom closet. Once I shut the door, I hear a knock on the door. I opened it and Caitlyn, my upstairs neighbor, was standing there.
Caitlyn. Long silky auburn hair. Cerulean blue eyes. Slim but voluminous figure. Been fantasizing about her for weeks.
“Is everything okay?” she asked in the voice that makes me want so much. “I thought I heard voices.”
“No. Nothing,” I said. “You can come in to see, if you want.”
She stepped inside and looked around. I closed the door and watched her. When she saw nothing out of the ordinary, she turned back to me, “Is Chrissy here?”
“No,” I said sharply.
Caitlyn noticed this and said, “I guess you already knew.”
I raised my eyebrows in surprise, “You knew? You knew Chrissy was cheating on me?”
“Yes,” she admitted. “I’ve been trying to tell Chrissy to leave Ryan for the past month, but she never listened me. That’s why I came here. So I can tell you in person with Chrissy.”
I had her sit on the couch and I sat beside her, “She told me. An hour ago.”
Caitlyn shook her head, “I can’t believe she cheated on you with him. If I was your girlfriend, I would never ever cheat on you. You’re sweet, artistic, and so hot.”
She blushed when she said the last part. She looks sexy with a blush. I scooted closer to her, “Well, there’s absolutely no way Chrissy and I are getting back together. I’m pretty upset.”
Caitlyn leans her face closer to mine, “Really? Any way I can help?”
“Yeah,” I whisper and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kisses me hard. I pull away and start leaving hungry kisses on her collarbone.
“W-We should…Hahn…move to the bedroom,” Caitlyn managed to say.
I pulled away and got off the couch, bringing Caitlyn up with me. I lead her to the bedroom and closed the door. She laid on the bed and took her T-shirt off. I went over to her and she grabbed the collar of my jacket. She pulled me to her and kissed me.
I pull back and took off my jacket and shirt and threw them on the floor. Then I took off the miniskirt she wore and unstrapped her sandals. She unbuckled my belt and yanked my jeans and boxers down. She took them off and threw them with the rest of the clothes.
“You are wearing too many clothes,” I growled and began to unhook the French pattern bra she wore. After I took it off, I yank off her matching panties.
Now we were naked, hiding nothing. I laid her down and twisted a lock of her hair with my finger.
“Who shall go first?” I asked sweetly but laced with lust.
“I’ll do it,” she said breathlessly. “I’m more flexible.”
She had me switch positions with her. So I was on the bed while she was on top of me. She position her herself and let me slip into her. God, she’s so warm. Then she started to move up and down, making the friction ever more awesome than before.
“Ahh, fuck, Caitlyn, you’re so hot…” I moaned and held her up to keep her still.
“Ohh, god, Gerard…” Caitlyn gasped in pleasure and clasped her hands on my shoulders. “Harder…faster.”
I went faster and harder. She moaned like crazy. I didn’t want this to end. She was so much better than Chrissy. I kept pounding upward into her until I felt the familiar knotting in my stomach.
“Fuck, Caitlyn, gonna come, kiss me,” I groaned.
She swooped down and kissed me. In a instant, I came hard in the condom. She pulls out and collapses on me. I wrap my arms around her and kiss the top of her head.
She lifts her head up at me, “Do you feel better now?”
I smirked, “Oh yeah. I’m fucking great.”
I saw the news about Ryan’s murder. Or should I say Ryan’s “suicide”. No news about Chrissy, natch. They never bother doing news about bodies buried miles outside of town. I lived in another apartment complex around campus and lived there until Ray, Frank, and I moved into the city after graduation.
So, ladies. If you want to seek me for a good time, let me tell you now. If you betray me even once, know I live by this.
Blood is sweeter than honey.
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