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New Reign Of Blood

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Gerard goes to Hollywood.

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Chapter 8: New Reign of Blood
Now, I don’t want you to think that I’m the only murderer you know about. The city of Los Angeles knows about me and they love me.
The people, preferably those living in the underbelly of the city, look at me as a bloodthirsty demigod. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only the famous killer long ago. There was a guy named Lucas Mulch, who not only killed people at random, but there was a rumor that he had taken a girl he liked and when she refused to date him because she had boyfriend, he hacked the boyfriend and threatened to kill the girl too if she turned him down again. Needless to say, the girl was fond of living.
I have to admit I admired this guy, but his time has passed. It was time for The City of Angels to have a new devil to bathe their sun-drenched valleys with blood. I.e. Me.
How do I know about this guy who lived all the way in California, you ask? I received a mysterious note from someone who knew him personally. The sender told him about me and he said he wanted to meet me in person as soon as possible.

So I decided to leave New York for the summer and set up a stay in Los Angeles. As soon as my plane landed, I went to a hotel and changed clothes. Then I went to an information stand to ask for Lucas Mulch’s address.
“That’s private information,” the attendant replied.
I leaned closer to the window, “I’m afraid I’ve forgotten to tell you. My name is Gerard Way and I can kill you in eight seconds if you don’t give the fucking address.”
Good thing I’m good with intimidation because the attendant shook as he told me, “56 West Beverly Hills. Big white chateau. Can’t miss it.”
I was about to leave, until I saw a long black limousine parked in the street and the driver was looking straight at me.
“Gerard Way?” the driver asked.
I nodded and the driver said, “Please get in. Master Mulch is waiting for you.”
The fuck? How did he know I was coming? And did he know who I was? We never met.
The driver goes over and opened the door at the very end. I climbed inside and there was a guy with wavy blonde hair, green eyes, and was wearing a white well-tailored three-piece suit. He didn’t look at me until the engine started to rev up and the limo started to move.
“Well, Mr. Way,” he began. “It’s so nice to finally meet the rumored New York Ripper. I’ve heard a lot about you.”
“From who?” I asked, hoping to find out who sent the note.
He simply smiled, “Let’s say that besides my associate, a little bird I’ve killed blubbered your name before I slashed his throat from here…” he made a swift slash motion with his hand. “To here. Apparently, he told me that was a rumor that you have killed your former girlfriend in college. I can safely assume that it wasn’t a rumor?”
I nodded, “Who was the guy?”
“His name isn’t important. He’s dead now and the police will never find his body or make any connections to me,” Lucas explained.
He looked at me up and down, “Kind of a shabby-dressed killer, aren’t you.”
“Hey!” I yelled. I thought I looked great. I was wearing my Mummy T-shirt, my leather jacket, my black skinny jeans, and my black steel-toed boots.
Lucas put a hand up to silence me, “Stay calm. I didn’t come to pick you up just to insult you. I want to give you a proposition.”
“A proposition?” I asked.
Lucas smiled, “I’ll explain once we get to the chateau.”
I kept my mouth shut for the rest of the ride. Wait, did he said just?

When we get to his chateau, he leads me to the doors and ringed the doorbell.
“Okay, why are you ringing your own doorbell?” I asked, thinking that maybe he wasn’t quite right in the head.
“You’ll see,” he said.
Just then, the doors opened and a girl, who seriously looked like she should an alien from a glittery planet, appears. Long silver hair was swept-back. Silver make-up and silver contacts. She even wore silver clothes: a silver zip-up tube top, a silver thread tunic, silver satin short shorts, a silver choke collar, silver-treaded thigh-highs, and silver snakeskin stiletto boots. Jesus, he could’ve painted her silver if he wanted to. Luckily, she had her natural skin color and it worked with the silver theme.
I will admit this: Despite her appearance, she was fucking hot. I kept having thoughts about her and most of them ended with her lying on a bed after we had sex.
“Welcome home, Conte Lucas. Welcome, Mr. Way,” she bowed her head to greet us.
“Hello Silver,” Lucas came in and gave her a quick peck on her cheek.

Silver? Her name is Silver? Jesus Christ, who the hell in their right mind named her that? Then I got to think that maybe Lucas named her that. That made more sense. Doesn’t make him less of an egotistical freak, it made more sense.
She led us to a huge room. Lucas sat down in a red velvet chair while I sat on the one across from him. Silver stood beside him.
I decided to ask him, “So what’s with this girl? Is she your servant or something? What’s with the silver?”
“In this order,” said Lucas and he folded his hands. “As I just mentioned before, her name is Silver. She is my, in order; servant, gardener, cook, laundress, and sex slave. As for the silver she wears, I like to refer to my tastes as ars gratia artis.”
I blinked at the last part he said. Ars what?
Silver, noticing my confusion, said, “‘Art for art’s sake’. Latin.”
I looked back him. Smug son of a bitch.
“All right,” I said. “Let’s stop with fucking around here, Mulch. What did you mean in the limo by ‘proposition’?”
“Always wanting to get to the point, eh Mr. Way?” Lucas chided me. “First things first, tell me the killings you have done before the killing of your girlfriend and the ones after.”
So, to avoid any arguments, I told him everything. From the first killing I made on my thirteenth Halloween to the Scavenger’s Daughter murders. Silver was listening to this too and I could have sworn that for a few minutes she looked at Lucas while he wasn’t paying any attention to her and I bet she’s thinking, And you’re the infamous killer in Los Angeles?
When I finished, Lucas nodded and stood up, “I was right about you. You’re creative. You make your victims suffer beyond belief and you get such enjoyment out of it.”
“Okay, enough with praise,” I said. “What’s this all about?”
“Well, I thought you would be interested in changing territories. Meaning, you could leave New York and settle here. I can you stay here.”
“The catch. What’s the catch?”
“You’ll kill for me.”
“Kill for you,” I repeated his words. “You mean that I would do my killings and you would get all of the credit.”
“I’ll pay you handsomely,” Lucas said. “You’ll want for nothing. And you’ll do what you do best. What do you say?”
I had this thinking look on my face, but it was a facade. I hated the idea already. Why should I do any murders if he’ll get all the credit? Who cares about money? Unlike him, I kill because I like it and I kill for reason. Even piss-poor ones.
I’ll make him think that I need a night to think about this and then say FUCK NO to his rich pretty-boy face. “It’s a tough decision,” I said at last. “I need to sleep on it.”
“Of course,” Lucas agreed. “I’ll have Silver set up the guest room.”
Guest room. Uh-oh. “Um, I’m staying at a hotel…”
“Nonsense,” Lucas brushed it off. “I can’t you staying at a hotel. You’ll stay here tonight. Silver will intend your every need.”
Insert sexual comment here, but I said okay.
After his driver drives me back to my hotel so I can get a change of clothes, I set up in the guest room and there was Silver waiting for me. I closed the door and started to unpack my bag.
She watched me in silence until she finally spoke to me, “Is there anything I can do for you?”
I turned to her, “Yeah, you can tell what your real name is.”
“I can’t.”
“Why? ‘Cause Lucas said so?”
“Well,” I said, sitting on the bed. “I won’t tell him if you don’t.”
Silver looked hesitant for a minute and then said, “Deirdre.”
“Deirdre. That’s pretty,” I complimented. “There’s one more thing I want to ask you. Is the rumor about him killing a guy because he wanted his girlfriend?”
“Yes, it’s true,” she said. “And I’ll tell you something else…”
“What? That you’re the girl?” I joked.
Silver blushed in embarrassment. Oh shit, I’m right.
“You are?” I choked. “That bastard killed your boyfriend?”
Silver nodded and sat next to me on the bed, “His name was Jason. I really loved him. He loved me. We were together since the first day of high school. We rarely spent a day apart after we graduated. We were each other’s first. He talked about after he graduated from college, we’d get married, get a house, have kids, the whole shop.
“Then Lucas showed up.”
“I was at a club, waiting for Jason to show up. This guy comes up to me, introduced himself as Lucas Mulch, and hits on me. I told him that I was waiting for someone and he told me ditch him. I told him that the guy was my boyfriend. He stopped and went away.
“I thought he went away for good.”
“I waited three hours for Jason and I was about to call him up to see what’s taking him. That was when a group of people went outside and I heard an ambulance siren blaring. I joined the others and saw the worst horror of my life.
“Two ambulance drivers were carrying Jason on a stretcher. I ran up to them and said I was his girlfriend. They let me ride along with them and they told me that Jason was stabbed while he was on his way to the club. He crawled on the ground, bleeding and managed to find a payphone and called them.
“When we arrived at the hospital, they rushed Jason inside and told me to wait in the waiting room. I waited for two hours, alone and scared. Kept thinking What if he dies? Finally, an elderly doctor comes out and tells me that Jason is stable and breathing normally now and that I can see him. I was so happy that I ran down the corridors. I finally got to his room and I saw Jason lying in the bed with several tubes in him.
“Lucas was in there. He saw me and said that he was sorry for my loss. I asked “what loss?” What I saw then made my beliefs about the Devil reignited. Lucas brought out a knife and slid it underneath Jason’s throat. Blood sprayed from the neat straight wound. When he finally died, I was too horrified to say anything. Lucas took this as an opportunity and dragged me from the hospital. He threatened to kill me if I left him or call the police. I’ve been his slave since.”
I heard every word of her story and that was when I knew that I couldn’t work for this guy. Let’s face it, the guy’s more obsessive than anybody I know. I even saw that Silver was tearing up a little in her eyes.
“I can’t fight him…that’s why I sent you the note and mailed to you in New York. I hoped you would come,” she admitted.
“That note came from you?” I was flabbergasted. “How do you know me?!”
“Do you remember a girl named Caitlyn?” she asked.
Ohh, right. Caitlyn. My old upstairs neighbor of my nearby college apartment and my little joyride. She must’ve been a friend of hers. I nodded.
“She told me about you and the little…um…affair you guys had,” she said. “She also told me she had suspicion that you maybe have killed your former girlfriend Chrissy.”
“Well, her suspicion was right,” I told her. “And yet, she let me fucked her.”
Silver giggled at that, “Yeah,” then she got serious again. “I need your help. I need you to end him. Not only for me, but let’s face it, this place needs some new blood. I think you would be a perfect candidate.”
I raised my eyebrows, “Really?”
“Yes. I heard all the murders you done. You’re the Goya of all the homicidal maniacs,” she said.
Oh man. She’s hot, smart, and knows about painters? Shit. If she keeps this up, I may have to take her right there and there.
But I restrained myself and told her, “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it. For now, leave me alone and tell Mulch I won’t need you anymore this evening. Can you do that?”
“Can I do it?” she said in an impervious tone. “For the death of Lucas Mulch, I would let you fuck me in his blood.”
Mark this as the first time I actually blushed. Silver quickly left the room. I reached into my bag and grabbed my black sleeveless shirt and shorts. I put them on and decided to hit the hay.

Twenty minutes to two in the morning, I was peacefully sleeping until a heard a ‘click’. My eyes flew open and I see Lucas Mulch holding a loaded gun to my forehead.
“I apologize for waking you, Way,” he said civilly. “But I need your answer now.”
I smacked my lips and spoke in a tired voice, “What’s the gun for?”
“It’s for the wrong answer,” he said. “I’m sure you can figure out what that means.”
I nodded, “Meaning if I don’t join up you, you’ll put a neat red hole in my head. Is that right?”
“Precisely,” Lucas said.
I sat up and folded my hands. I shook off my sleepy state and looked at Lucas, “Well, I thought about it long and hard. I decided that not only refuse your offer, but to also kill you and take your little girlfriend too.”
Lucas smiled and shook his head, “I’m disappointed to hear that.”
He cocked his gun and I stabbed his wrist with my switchblade that I had in my shorts pocket. I put it in there before I went to sleep because, truth to be told, I knew he would come in here and try to kill me. Call it homicidal ESP.
He screamed and fell to his side, dropping his gun to the floor. I tackled him and we were wrestling on the bed. He pulled out the switchblade and used to stab my shoulder. I yelled in pain and punched him in the face. Nobody stabs me and gets away with it. He fell back in a daze. I plucked the knife from my shoulder and put it back in my pocket. I got off of the bed and picked up the gun. I grabbed Lucas’s collar and dragged him out the room. I took him down the stairs, out of the front door, and to his garden shed. We entered the shed and I saw that the wood chipper machine was already set and prepared for me, thanks to Silver.
Oh, I should probably should tell the rest of the conversation that Silver and I had upstairs earlier that evening. It was after I blushed at her comment about fucking her in Mulch’s blood.
“Is there anything I can do?”
“Yeah. You said you’re his gardener?”
“Does he have a shed and a wood chipper?”
“Good. At exactly one ‘o clock in the morning, I want you to go into the shed and set it up. Don’t turn it on or anything. Okay?”
“Okay. What are planning to do with it?”
“Oh, you’ll see. You’ll see.”
Back to the present. I dragged Lucas inside and shut the door. I turned on the machine and the blades started to roll faster and faster. I brought up Lucas’s face to the spinning blades. He finally got out his daze and sees the blades.
“You should be proud, Mulch,” I said in a menacing tone. “You’re about to be the first murder of the new Devil of Los Angeles. But first…”
I aimed the gun at his crotch and shot at his dick. He howled in terror and pain and I shoved his face into the spinning blades. His screams turned into bloody death gurgles. I was getting splattered with blood and the excess pipe coughed up huge hunks of blood and parts of his face. My shoulder was still throbbing in pain, but I ignored it and kept a hold of Lucas’s head. I held him for two more minutes and I decided to pull him off. I turned off the machine and looked at his face.
Sweet fuck, I made him into an ugly motherfucker. He didn’t have any skin, eyes, nose, mouth, or chin left on his face.
I dropped him to the ground and left the shed. I saw Silver standing outside wearing a silver nightie and had a look on her face that was a mixture of horror and amazement.
I held my shoulder, “How much did you see?”
“I didn’t see anything,” she answered. “But I heard the struggling and the screaming. Is he-”
“Yeah,” I said before she could finish. “He’s dead.”
She came closer and noticed me holding my shoulder, “Did he hurt you?”
“Just stabbed me in the shoulder. Do you have a First-Aid kit in the house?”
“Yeah! I’ll get it!” she said and started to run to the house. She then turned to me and asked, “Anything else?”
“Yeah. I have a sketchbook in my bag upstairs. Could you get that and my ballpoint pen?”

Silver kept looking at Lucas’s bloody disfigured face while she was dressing my shoulder with bandages. I was busy drawing his face in my sketchbook.
“Do you usually draw your victims?” she asked.
“Not all of them,” I said. “Just some I’m particularly proud of.”
Silver finished and came to my view. She kneeled down and looked at my picture. She didn’t speak again until I was finished. “Where are you going to now?”
“Heading back home tomorrow,” I said and capped my pen closed. “I’m not ready to take root here just yet. I just want to let the locals know that they now have a new devil. What about you, Sil-I mean, Deirdre?”
She shrugged, “I don’t know. I can’t stay here. I’ll just have to go somewhere else. But before I do…”
She leaned in and kissed me. I kissed her back with everything I had. Then she pulled away and led me back into the chateau. We made out as we went upstairs and back to my room. I kicked the door closed and pushed her onto the bed. She pulled off her silver nightie and stripped off her panties. Fuck, she was even hotter naked. Her eyes were lidded with a come-and-get-me glance. I tore my clothes off and crawled on top of her.
I slipped a finger inside her and she was moaning like crazy. I smirked at her, “You like that?”
“Yes!” she gasped in delight. I added more pressure by inserted another finger. She was gripping the sheets to death and groaning until she shot up, “Stop!”
I did and removed my fingers, “What?”
“It’s your turn…” she said breathlessly. She had me laid back and her mouth was on my cock. Fuck, her tongue was amazing. When she started to do corkscrew rolls with her tongue on me, I fucking lost it. I pulled her off me and her lay on the bed again.
“I want you now,” I growled and spread her legs apart so I could fit between. When I got the silent okay from her, I thrusted myself in her. She gasped at the sudden fullness inside her but nodded at me to go on. I kept my thrusts steady yet hard to please her.
Which was working wonders, “Oh god, Gerard…don’t stop…Hahn…ahh…don’t ever stop…”
“Fuck, yeah…mmhh…oh fuck…Deirdre…ahhn…” I moaned at the wet warmth within her. God she felt so good. I thought I would never stop fucking her. But I felt the familiar knotting in my stomach yet again.
“Shit…hahn…gonna come…” I said.
“Wait,” said Deirdre. She had laid me on my back again and placed her hot mouth on me again. She hallowed her cheeks and sucked hard. With a few dying groans, I shot in her mouth and she swallowed all she can get. She even licked off the remainder off my cock.
I had her lay on top of me and she kissed my neck weakly. She sighed in satisfaction, “I haven’t had sex like that in a long time.”
“How often do you have sex with guys who killed your kidnappers?” I was being a smart aleck.
“Not often,” she said and she looked up at me. “I often was forced to have sex with him.”
“Did he rape you?”
“Only the first couple of weeks since he brought me here. Over time, I just lay back and hope that it would be over.”
I nodded and ran my hand down her back. Then she asked me, “How often do you have sex after killing somebody?”
“This would be the third time since I started,” I amended. “Once with a girl on a field trip in high school and of course, your friend Caitlyn. The third’s now you.”
She smiled, “I’ll tell you a secret. I loved Jason more than anything…but you put his sex to shame.”
I smirked, “I’m good at making girls writhe beneath me. It’s one of my many talents…not involving blood and killing, I mean.”
We kissed one more time before drifting off to sleep.
The next morning, I went to the shed and cleaned up the mess so that no speck of blood remained. I got rid of Mulch’s body. Deirdre was busy redying her hair back to its natural color. Turned out she was originally dark-haired.
“I’m going back to Arizona,” she told me the next morning at the airport. “My best friend lives there and she’s been begging me to move in with her.”
I was packed and ready to go back to New York. “Are you sure you don’t want to come to New York with me?”
She smiled sweetly, “Thanks, but I figured you don’t need extra baggage for your perfect killing style. I will always remember what you did for me last night and what you did to me last night.” She added that last part with a knowing smirk.
“Me too,” I said. “If you’re ever in New York, come find me.”
“I will,” she promised.
The speakers blared that the plane leaving for Arizona was now boarding. Deirdre grabbed her bags, kissed me one last time, and headed to the boarding plane. I watched her go and then headed to my plane.
Two weeks later while I was finally back home, Frank threw a newspaper at me. “Dude, read this!” he said. “It’s so fucking cool!”
I read and as it turns out, the LAPD found Lucas Mulch’s body nailed to a stone cross in a Hollywood cemetery. Gee, I wonder who did that? I read more and it said that someone had written a message in blood on a large overturned stone.
The work of the new devil in Los Angeles.
I smiled. Oh, how I love my poetically and fucking psychotic self. Don’t you?
I'm so sorry that this chapter took so long. I haven't forgotten it. I just needed to run some ideas to it before I published it. And work doesn't help, either. I hope you like it and hope you forgive this stupid busy writer. Rate and Review please.
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