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My Love Story II

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Sequel to My Love Story. Where all the kids,are teenagers. Written in 2 pov's

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A/N:Okay,let's try this again.

My Love Story II

Chapter 1.

"Abbey!Wake Up!"I shout up the stairs to my 16 year old daughter Abbey.
"I'm coming,okay!"She shouts back.
I sigh,then head to the kitchen.
"Morning,Mom!"My 13-year-old daughter,Ellie,smiles."How are you today?"
"Good.Just perfect."I mutter as I begin to make breakfast.
"Morning,family!"Gee smiled sweetly as he came down the stairs with our 3-year-old daughter,Helena.
"Hi,Dad!"Ellie smiles back."Did you sleep okay?"
"Fine,thanks,my little gremlin!"He says and ruffles up Ellie's golden brown hair,making her laugh.
Abbey then trudges down stairs,grabs her bag,and walks out the door.
"Why hasn't she come to eat with us?"Gee asks,sitting down and putting Helena in her high-chair.
"She doesn't want to be late."Ellie murmurs.
"Late? She's got like half an hour before school actually starts."I say,giving Gee Helena's bowl of mush for her breakfast.
"Forget I said anything.."Ellie says before quickly leaving for school.

Abbey's P.O.V.

Great,Lucy was gonna kill me!
I ran through the doors of Belleview High,and got tripped up by the familiar shoe of Lucy Martinez,the school slut,and my bully.
"Why are you so late?"She sniggers as she pulls me back up by my hair,making me flinch.
"Nowhere!"I say back,straightening my hair back out.
"Got my math homework?"She snarls,giving me the evil eye.
"Yeah,right here."I say as I pull out the crunched up sheet."I've put a few mistakes,to make it believable.."
"Good.C'mon,girls.Let's go!"She flips her long,blonde hair in my face before her and her clique strut down the hall.
Great,this day was shaping up to get better and better.

A/N:There,the first chapter is completed.:) R&R guys!

xxx Sadie :D
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