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Chapter 3

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You got your wish.

Chapter 3.

Sadie's POV.

"Abbey? Are you alright?"I ask as I push the door of her bedroom open slightly,after hearing her faint crys.
"Yeah,yeah.Fine."I heard her say,and I heard papers rustle around the room.
I enter her bedroom to see her curled up in a ball on her bed,shaking.
"Abbey.."I sigh,and sit on her bed.I lift her head up to see more bruises,that looked pretty fresh."What happened? And don't lie to me."
"Mom,it's Lucy.Lucy Martinez.She's been bullying me since before the summer.Hitting me,making me do her homework."Abbey sobbed as she put her head to my chest.
I recognised the name.
Courtney was Lucy's mother.
"It's alright,sweetie.I'll sort this out,just,go to sleep."I shush her,laying her down on the bed.
"Mom?"Abbey asks.
"I love you."
"Me too,Abbey.Goodnight."I say,switching out her bedroom light and closing the door softly.

"Everything okay?"Gee asks as I go downstairs.
"Abbey is getting bullied,by Courtney's daughter."I say,flopping down on the couch in a huff.
"Bullied?"Gee says,putting an arm around me."How?"
"Abbey is getting beaten up,and that bitch is forcing her to do her homework."I say angrily.
"Well,don't worry.I'll sort things out."
"No,Gee.I don't want you getting hurt.I can handle this."I say,getting up off the couch and going to the phone.
"Who're you calling?"
"The school.Then the girls."I say.

"Beaten up? That son of a bitch!"
"I know!"I say to Penina on the phone."And,Abbey didn't even tell us right away!"
"We'll sort this out.Have you called the school yet?"Penina asked.
"Yeah.I got an appointment with the head tommorrow."
"Okay,then.See you tommorrow with the girls?"
"Okay then,Penina.Goodnight."I say,and hang up the phone.

Abbey's POV.

"So,what exactly has Lucy done to you?"Our headmistress,Dr.Marksman,asked me the next morning,during the appointment she had with Mom.
I had to be there,to give evidence.
"Well.She's hit me every day since Junior year.She calls me names,taken my stuff,you name it."I say.
"And,has she or the other girls done anything else?"
"They make me do their homework for them."
"I see."Marksman says.
"We're just really concerned for her,Dr.Marksman.Me and Gerard,we just,don't want her to be like this."Mom says.
"Yes,I know how you feel,Sadie.I know exactly what you mean."Marksman stands up."Abbey,go back to class.We'll deal with this."
"Okay,Dr.Marksman."I say,and leave the room.

Hopefully,it'll all get better.

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