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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4-I'm just winging things here..

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A/N:I know it's been AGES since my last update.Blame Mikey and Alicia's divorce.And my writer's block.Okay,so I'm just winging this chapter,but the writer's block'll stop after this chapter (I hope..)
Enjoy guys!
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Chapter 4.

Abbey's POV.

I got out of Marksman's office just as the bell went for second period.
I met up with Mia,Shayla and Hozzie,who had been waiting by my locker for me.

"So,how'd it go?"Hozzie asked as we all walked to lunch,later that day.
"I don't know,I left after a while."I said.
"Great,look."Mia whispered and who should be in the line,but Lucy.
Lucy looked me dead in the eye,before her and her friends walked over to us.

"You little bitch! Marksman busted us!"Lucy spat as she pushed me over,and the rest of the cafeteria looked at us,intrigued.
"Lucy,lay off!"Mia shouted.
"Shut up!"Lucy hissed at her,before nearly hitting her,but Shayla caught her wrist.
"I wouldn't."Shayla growled."Or you'll be sorry."
"Ooh,what you gonna do? Hit me?"
"You asked for it."Shayla spat and hit her right in the face.
The hall gasped.
I got up slowly.
"You want me to hit you again?" Shayla asked,staring dead in Lucy's eye.
"Shayla,no."Hozzie warned.
"It's alright,Hoz."Shayla said sweetly,before getting pissed again.
"No,Shay.It's my problem not yours."I say,before kicking Lucy hard in the shin,knocking her down.
"You seem to have forgotten who I'm related to."I spit at Lucy,clenching her throat tightly."Now,you'll leave me,my friends and everyone in this school alone,or you'll be sorry."
"O-Okay."Lucy choked out,and I let her go.
Then,Lucy and her friends ran away fast,and the whole school cheered.

"That was awesome at lunch!"Shayla laughed as me and the girls walked back to my house,and Ellie then joined us.
"Hi.How was school?"
"Good,El.You?"I asked.
"Fine."She smiled back.
We turned into my street,and I saw ambulances and police outside the house.
"What's going on?!"Ellie screamed and we all ran up to the house.
"Mom!"I called out as we ran inside."Mom!"
We ran up to our parents room to see Dad passed out on the bed,and Mom trembling in the corner,being comforted by two cops.
"Mom?"Ellie asked,and Mom looked up.She'd been crying.
"Girls!"Mom cried and hugged us tightly.
"What happened Mom?"I asked.
"Um..your dad is ill.He got really drunk and.."
"He got alcohol poisoning?"I asked.
"Yeah,and he has AML.A form of luckhemia.He's going into hospital."
Mom then broke down.
"Is Uncle Mikey and Auntie Amy here yet?"Ellie asked as she began crying.
"Yeah,they're down in the kitchen.The others are here too."Mom said.
"Let's go guys."I mumble and we all tearfully walk down to see the rest of the guys.

A/N:That's it.I apologise for my awful spelling of luckhemia.I got it wrong I know.Well,this is a bit of sadness huh?
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