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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5.

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Chapter 5.

Sadie's POV.

"Yes,sweetie?"I respond,and Abbey enters the bedroom.
I look up at her with my tear filled eyes.
"Are you okay?"She asked,sitting on the bed next to me.
"Fine."I lie.
"No,Mom.I know you miss Dad.We all do."
"I do miss him sweetie.I just want him to be okay,and come home."
Abbey stands up from the bed.
"Mom,can I borrow the car keys?"
"Sure,sweetie."I say,handing them to her."Where are you going?"
"To the hospital."She says,and leaves the room.

Abbey's POV.

I turn off the ignition in the New Jersey Memorial Hospital car park,and get out the car.
I just need to see Dad.

"Hi,I'm looking for Gerard Way's room.He's my father."I say to the receptionist.
"Oh,yes.He is just down the hall,and to the right.Room 201."The receptionist says with a kind tone.
"Thanks."I say and follow her directions.

"Dad?"I call out quietly,entering the room.
"Abbey."Dad responds.
"Dad!"I smile as I enter.
He's still alive.
"Come.Sit down."He smiles weakly,pointing at the worn chair in the room.
I cross the room and sit by his bed,resting my hand on his.
"We miss you,Dad."I say quietly."A lot."
"I miss you all too,honey."He smiles at me.
"What did the doctor say?"
"I'm getting a lot worse.Chemotherapy and Radiaton will probably not help."
"Oh."I say sadly.
Dad notices as I start crying.
"Hey,hey!"He whispers,lifting my head up."Why you cryin' for?"
"Dad,I don't want you to die."I choke out through the tears.
"I'm not gonna die!"He smiles."I promise!"
I hug Dad tightly.
"I love you,Dad.Come home,soon."
"I will,sweetie.I promise you that."
I then get up and go home.
I begin to cry again on the drive home.
I might never see Dad again.

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