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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6. :) Enjoyy!

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Chapter 6.
Abbey's POV.

At breakfast the next morning,it was quite lonely.
Mom was sat there,stirring her coffee.
Ellie was crying into her cereal,and Helena was busy watching TV and chewing one of her doll heads.
Suddenly the phone rang.
"Mom? You gonna answer that?"I ask.
"Huh? Oh,right."Mom responds,getting up and going over to the phone.

"Mrs.Way? I'm Dr.Monroe,doctor at New Jersey Memorial Hospital."
"Oh yes.Hello,doctor."Mom smiled,greeting the doctor down the phone.
"We have good news with your husband."I heard the doctor say.
"Good news?"Mom's face light up.
"Yes,ma'am.Your husband is allowed home.We can't find any of the disease in his blooodwork.He might be okay."
"Oh my god!"Mom began to cry happily.
"However.The disease could come back.Just,keep him away from the alcohol,and get him to take some prescripted pills when it says to."
"Yes doctor.Thank you."
"He has arranged for his brother to pick him up."
"Okay,thank you doctor."
Mom put the phone down and turned to us.
"Daddy's coming home."She smiled.

After school,me and Ellie,along with Mia,Shayla and Hozzie,ran back to my house as fast as we could,with a wide smile on our faces.
I shakily got the house keys out and unlocked the door.
"Mom! Dad!"I call out excitedly as I run into the house,followed by the others.
"In here!"Mom calls back.
We all run into the living room,to see the smiling faces of Mom,Jen,Ray,Raven,Amy,Mikey,the little ones,and finally,Dad.
"Hi sweetie."He smiles at me,and Ellie runs over to hug him.
"Dad! You're alive!"
"Yep."He smiled,ruffling her hair playfully.
"Hey dad."I say from the doorway.
"'Hey dad'? Get over here,munchkin!"Dad laughs,and I go over to hug him.
"You kept your promise."I say.
"I always do,kiddo."He sighs,kissing the top of my head.
I then run over and hug Mikey.
"Thank you,Uncle Mikes."I say."For bringing him home."
"No worries."He smiles.

Dad is home again.
He really is here.

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