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I'm a runaway

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"Yeah I know he has a very weird name-"
"You can't kill him dad." I told him in panic.
"Why not? It's what I do for a living. It's also what you're gonna do when you turn 18 which is, luckily, only a year from now." He said.
"No dad. You just can't." I said. By now he was getting pretty angry.
"Do you know this guy? Because if you do you are so grounded." He stood up and maneuvered his way over to me. I knew I was in trouble, but it didn't matter. I was gonna protect the man I love. Even if I wasn't willing to say that I love him out loud.
"Yes I do know him. But I'm his friend and I don't want anything bad to happen to him that's why-"
"Frank you will not be his friend any longer." He said strictly. THAT IS IT.
"No. You know what? I haven't had more than one friend my whole life and if you think you're just gonna come in here after 11 years commanding me not to be his friend you are sadly mistaken!!! I am going to keep being his friend until I die!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. No one was going to tell me what to do anymore. I was sick and tired of being a little puppet.
"GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!!" He yelled in my face.
I stood up from the table and passed him. I took a quick glance at my mom. She was heartbroken, that much I could tell. She glanced at me for a second and mouthed the words "I love you". I gave her a small closed mouth smile and got out of the dining room.
I went to my room, packed all my things, and left through the front door. I wasn't mad at my mother at all. I was only mad at my father. For a small amount of time I felt complete. We were all a big happy family. Until he spoiled it with the screaming and demanding. And if he thought that I was going to ask for forgiveness he was wrong.
The park came to view and I smiled a little thinking of the date Gerard and I had. The conversation. The food. The smiles. The kiss. I shivered at the thought of it, knowing it was the best day I ever had. I made my way to the hill in hopes of getting ideas of where to go.
When I was already at the top I as down beneath the tree. It's leaves were falling with beautiful color. Orange, red, and even yellow tainted the once green leaves.
'Focus Frankie. We can look at the leaves later. Where will you go?' I thought to myself. I started to think of Ray and his accepting ways. But I shook my head knowing he was probably still mad at me. I couldn't go to Gerard. He was probably far away from New Jersey.
Then I thought of Noah. He brought me into his house without even knowing who I was. And now that he knows who I am maybe, just maybe, he could let me stay until I had enough money to take care of my own self. There was one problem though........I didn't know where he lived.
'Come on Frank. Think harder. You can do it' I thought.
Uncle Max. Of course. He could let me live with him. The diner was closed by now for sure. So I decided to go to his house. I jumped to my feet and started walking. I was already near the park when I hear the bushes next to me shook. I glanced at it scared of what might come out. It started to growl and I braced myself for the worst.
Then I heard a bark. I instantly opened my eyes only to find that it was Chewy.
"Oh my goodness I missed you baby." I hugged him and he licked my face in endearment. I was so happy to find him. For the past week I'd been putting up "lost dog" signs everywhere in town. I didn't have a picture of him but I did know what he looked like. I kept asking if anyone saw him and everyone shook their heads. But I finally found him.
"It's been crazy since you left. I even found out a big secret about my dad. But there's somewhere I have to be so I'll explain it on the way." I told him. He barked a little and I picked him up. I started to walk again. On my way to my uncles house.
Sorry for not updating these past 2 days. I'll admit I was a little lazy. But I'm back now. And I will update 2 times today so expect another chapter. Bye for now my lovelies.

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