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Chapter Six

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Harry and Dudley have visitors, both welcome and unwelcome.

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Dudley quickly got used to having Harry around. True, he spent most of his time reading freaky
books and scribbling notes about horo-something-or-others, but he was company. Harry was willing
to help in the shop without pay. (Dudley learned that he was a silent partner in the business.) Even
better, he could cook. Dudley could have bacon for breakfast again instead of last night's curry.

Harry's friends came by and Dudley thought that some of them seemed almost normal. On Sunday
afternoon Dean Thomas came by with a football and they went to the local park. Dudley never
thought he would see the day when he would enjoy talking football with a West Ham supporter.

The went to the cinema with Ron and Hermione. The film was dull (Hermione had chosen it) but Ron
amused Dudley by gaping at the screen and saying "It's almost like real magic!" over and over again
between mouthfuls of popcorn.

Ginny dropped in and teased Harry by flirting with Dudley.

Mrs. Weasley sent a box of home baking. Dudley nervously asked if his tongue would swell if he ate
it. "Only if you take more than your fair share," Harry replied jokingly.

Dudley stopped worrying about his debt. No one would think of looking for him here.

Fred walked in to the shop with a television crew. "My brother and I look after our professional
division," he told the interviewer. "We don't want to talk about that aspect of our business. Magicians
guard their secrets. Our retail branch is in the capable hands of young Mr. Dursley."

He put his arm around Dudley and hauled him in front of the camera.

A few days later, George heard the Sneak-o-scope wail and he and Fred apparated to the shop and
found Dudley pinned to the wall by two muscular goons. They stunned them, levitated them to the
next alley and stuffed them each in a dustbin. Harry had been upstairs reading.

"They didn't have the Dark Mark," George said . " I don't want to bother the police. It will just
upset Harry."

Over the next few days, the twins disposed of two similar attacks with equal ease.

"I haven't had so much fun since we got rid of old Umbridge," Fred laughed.

Dudley looked at them in awe. Freaks like Harry had their uses.
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