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A Thought

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A thought just occurred to me.

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Okay, so a thought just hit me concerning this Mikey thing.

Okay, let's stop for a second and think of him as a non famous, completely ordinary person. Not Mikey Way, bassist of MCR, but rather as Michael James Way.

Let's say he was not famous, no one knew of his or Alicia's existence, but they're still married. Just not famous.

There are many ordinary people with ordinary lives. Now, let's say I was a relationship and I came to you guys crying that my boyfriend cheated on me. I know you guys would bash him, call him names, point out his wrongs. Ya know? The whole "HE SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE THAT TO YOU!!!!"

What makes Michael James Way so different? He cheated(if it's true). If I had a boyfriend and he cheated on me, you wouldn't see that as a mistake. You would see his cheating as an action unholy or pig like.


But what exactly makes them so different? Yes, he's human, which is exactly the pointm. He's human, which means that, maybe for this ONE time, our Mikey did do something wrong.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe his actions are justified and I'm the one with stupid shit spewing out of my mouth.

Maybe I'm right and he was just another unfaithful man.

But "being in a famous band" isn't a way to justify his cheating because, before this, had it been I or Ellie or Sam or Ash or Miranda or any of your friends on this site who had been cheated on, you guys wouldn't have said "Well, he's made a mistake. He's human." No. I bet you all would've ranted and raved about how wrong he was.


I would really love to hear your perspective. Just no arguing. I would like to keep this diary thing argument-free. EVERY OPINION IS RESPECTED HERE, NO MATTER IF IT OPPOSES MINE OR AGREES. JUST AS LONG AS YOU PUT IN YOUR TWO CENTS
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