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Naughty Aunt

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Kushina's Sister

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A/N: I do not own Naruto in any way.
First off I want to say that I do not hate Hinata as a character, but I just really dislike the Naruto/Hinata pairing. Also I wanted to have an antagonist/jealous character of some sort in this story, and choose to use Hinata for it. The logic will be that Hinata snaps as a result of that “it’s always the quite one” type of scenario. I want to play on that for a while and make her snap though events like getting really upset when she learns that both her sister and mother are in Naruto’s harem, and also she will not find out that Naruto is still in the village for a couple more chapters. If I add her to the harem, it will not be decided yet and I have to figure out how I would do that.
Second, I need suggestions for names for other woman that have been brought back, like for Hinata’s mother, Temari’s mother, Ayame’s mother, etc.
Third, I would also like suggestions for how Naruto takes the girls each, with aspects of location, if certain girls should be in threesomes or more, mother/daughter pairings, etc.
Forth, this is fanfiction, meaning that when one posts a story, they have the right to write it as they wish. If there are parts of a story that a reader does not like, flaming the story is one thing, but they have no right to go and idiotically say it’s a bad story because its not realistic cause again, its fanfiction, not canon. They also have no right to demand that the author write the story the way the reader wants. If the reader doesn’t like it, then they should go find some other story that’s more to their liking. No one is forcing them to read it.
Now, this chapter is to take off the incestuous aspect I wanted to add to the story, but there will be more later on once I get through a couple of other girls.
A few days had gone by since the males all disappeared, and the village was slowly learning to deal with the situation. Kushina had made Naruto stay inside of the mansion all during this time as it was risky to have him wondering around since he was the only male left. He really wanted to go out and look around, especially to tell Sakura that he was still in the village, but Kushina forbid it. But to make up for it, Kushina made sure that they engaged in lots of mother son bonding through sex. Kushina said it was a great milestone for a boy his age to have sex with a lover in every place in the house. The bathroom, the kitchen, then library, the bedroom, the garden(with a privacy jutsu of course), the hallway, the dining room, and every other place they could find, even the walk in closet.
After so much sex, Kushina had gotten sore and said she was cutting him off for a day or so till she felt better which annoyed Naruto. He had taken a 4 hour nap after she said this since he thought he would give his cock a bit of time off as well, and now he was waking up and heading down to the kitchen to see what he would have for lunch. When he entered, he saw his mom wearing only a white sleeveless shirt and red panties while bent over as she looked through the open fridge.
Naruto got in behind her and slapped her plump ass making her yelp and stand up straight in shock. Naruto circled his arms around her and cupped her breasts firm in his hands.
“Guess you’re not feeling sore anymore if you’re walking around like that mom,” said Naruto sucking on her neck.
“Oh, that feels so good,” she moaned.
Naruto used one hand to pull down her panties and thrust his cock in between her legs to tickle her clit.
“Oh, that’s so good, right there,” said Kushina.
Naruto flipped her around and locked lips with his sexy mom, then pulled back for a second and again attacked her lips while his mother hungrily kissed him back.
"Mom, you’re so hot", said Naruto in the middle of their kiss.
"Mmmm…….oh Naruto," she moaned letting her thin shirt feel his fingers as he touched her all over.
Naruto groaned in pleasure as he could feel his cock become uncomfortable inside his boxers. Mother pulled away from the heated kiss for some air.
"Naruto, I need more,” she moaned wrapping her arms around her son’s neck while son grinded his member in between her legs to rub her clit through her panties.
"Aaaahhh...Naruto-kun...,” she moaned as Naruto then ripped her shirt to pieces and became frozen by her D-cup breasts, they looked so much bigger then last night.
"You have great tits mom", he said staring at them.
"Go ahead and suck on my tits Naruto, enjoy the taste of your mommy's milk", she said pushing herself forward to press the tip of his cock more against her clit.
"You like that don't you naughty boy", Kushina said as she rubbed his member with her covered clit. Naruto decided to return the favor by grabbing her breast and kneaded it to make her moan.
"Your breasts are so soft mom ", Naruto said, his mom’s sweaty breasts slipped in and out of his fingers with her breathing, he couldn’t take it and took her erect nipple into his mouth and started to suck hungrily on it which made Kushina arch her back in pleasure as she used her hand to push his head more into her chest.
"Aaahhhh...yes Naruto, suck on mommy’s tits and drink all my milk", she moaned with her eyes closed, as she lifted her hips and started to grind her pussy against his hardened member making a muffled throaty groan escape his lips as he continued to lick her breasts, switching between licking & biting her nipples as she squirmed under him in pleasure as he picked her up and laid her over the kitchen table.
"Aaahhh...yes Naruto, drink it all", his mother screamed in pleasure as son continued to suck on her nipple and drank the squirting milk that was coming from her nipple. As he did this he continued to grind his covered cock along her covered pussy in synchronized movements.
"Your milk is taste great mom,” said Naruto as he licked his lips, savoring the taste of her milk before he started to lick his fingers. Her breast milk seemed to taste different then it had the previous night, but he ignored it and went back to sucking her tits.
"Oh're so good at pleasing your aun……mother", she said before grabbing him by his head and pulled him for another heated kiss as they wildly licked & sucked on each other's tongues.
Using her free hand Kushina did a jutsu that vanished her panties and Naruto’s underwear so that they were both fully naked now, she was surprised when his hard cock really felt like it had whipped her pussy lips as it slapped onto them after they were free of his boxers.
‘Kami, he must be about 10 inches’ she thought as she saw that Naruto had stopped sucking on her tits and moved down to her lower region.
"You’re so wet down here Kaa-san", he said making his mother blush.
"Don't say things like that", she said embarrassed before she felt the slip of his tongue on her pussy lips.
"Oohhh Naruto... do that again, hurry!", she said desperately, and Naruto latched onto his mom’s pussy and started licking it with such vigor that it made his mother arch her back in satisfying pleasure.
"Yes…that’s it baby...lick me mommy’s pussy", Kushina screamed in pleasure while Naruto continued to make his tongue satisfy her snatch.
"Oohh...right there...Naruto-kun, you're doing great….oohh", she moaned and shoved her son’s head more into her pussy wanting him to eat her more.
"Oh Naruto-kun...please hurry...I can't wait any longer...I want it now", she panted.
Naruto wanting to be a good son lined his cock up in front of his mother’s pussy.
“Take me Naruto, make me yours", she said.
Naruto didn’t know why she was saying that since he had already taken her multiple times in the last few days, but bent down and put them both into hot wet and passionate kiss, and Kushina wrapped her arms around him as Naruto slowly entered his mother’s wet pussy once more making her moan loudly into the heated kiss.
Kushina moaned loudly in ecstasy when her son fully entered his fat cock into her and Naruto was grunting as he felt her walls around his meat log.
"Oh fuck...your even tighter then last night mom,” he said while Kushina smiled.
"Naruto-kun...more…..thrust harder into me ", she pleaded in pleasure.
Nodding Naruto pulled his cock out so that just the tip was inside her pussy lips and then thrusted back into her with full force.
"Oh fuck…yes...that feels so good", moaned Kushina as her son continued to plow her while Kushina began to move her hips with him to match his thrusts for full pleasure. Every time Naruto hit her g-spot Kushina rolled her eyes back in pleasure.
"Do it again Naruto...fuck your naughty mommy", Kushina screamed pleasure.
"Kami, your pussy’s actually crushing my cock", he groaned pumping in & out of her with such force & speed.
"Yes Naruto, fuck me harder, fuck me faster...fuck your naughty au…mother as hard as you can, make me your good...aahhh...I fucking love this", she screamed and wrapped her knees around his waist just as he when back to sucking her nipples and feeding on her milk. His thrusts became faster as he continued to suck on her breasts and then picked her up still connected to each other and changed their position so that she was on his lap while he sat on the table surface. He continued to thrust into her as their bodies slide with each other. Naruto could feel his cock penetrate deeper into his mother in this position, her breasts bouncing up & down each time.
"Oh...Naruto-kun... you are so good...I..I'm cumming", she said hearing the sound of their skin make contract every time he plowed into her.
"I'm...almost there", he grunted and thrusted faster into his mother while her long hair wildly spread all around her.
"Naruto...kiss me baby...let your mommy taste you again ", she screamed just before she felt Naruto crash his lips against hers, both of them started to kiss each other wildly as their tongues wanted control with all of the slurping sounds they made.
"Oh kami, I’m coming,” she moaned as she continued to bounce on his dick before she could feel her climax coming.
"Mom, I’m gonna cum,” he groaned.
“Cum inside me Naruto, I haven’t had the feeling of sperm in my womb in so long. Cum inside me and fill me up,” she screamed.
Naruto still didn’t know what she was going on about as he had come inside her so many times in the last few days as well, but just went with it and his balls emptied themselves out and filled her womb up .
“Oh kami, oh fuck, I can feel your seed filling me up,
she moaned.
They moaned in pleasure as their orgasms ended, and Kushina fell down onto the table while Naruto just stared at her.
"That was great mom, you were really horny this morning", he said then noticing that she was giggling at his face.
“That would be because it wasn’t me,” said a voice.
Naruto turned away from seeing his naked mother on the table to see in the kitchen doorway……his mother, fully dressed and carrying some grocery bags. Next to her was a young girl about a few years younger than Naruto’s age who was watching the other Kushina on top of the table naked with sperm leaking from her vagina with an shocked and open mouth.
“Mom? But what……..I don’t get it?” he said in confusion.
The Kushina who was naked on the table sat up and said, “Hello Naruto, I’m your aunt Yumi.”

A bit later found the four people in the living room as Kushina told Naruto that her sister who had died years ago and her daughter were also brought back like she was, and had found where Kushina was and arrived when Naruto was taking his nap. Kushina had gone with Yumi’s daughter, Yuki, to get some groceries and left Yumi behind to at the mansion. They thought they would get back before Naruto woke up but as Naruto saw he had gotten up early and mistaken his aunt Yumi for his mother. They did look a lot alike, but it was obvious now that Yumi had a more wild side.
“So you weren’t surprised that I all of a sudden began to fuck you?” asked Naruto.
“No, my sister told me about how she already had sex with you prior to me showing up. I just wanted to get in on some of the action. Besides, it felt kind of kinky to have sex with my nephew while pretending to be his mother,” chuckled Yumi. The aunt was laying back in the couch while still naked and her pussy was showing a small leakage of sperm flowing out.
“Mom, that was just weird to see you doing my cousin,” said her daughter Yuki.
“Oh hush, don’t think I didn’t see you rubbing yourself through your skirt when you were in the doorway,” said Yumi.
Yuki blushed and yelped as her mother revealed that, and Yumi then said, “Now that I’ve had some fun, why don’t you go and get acquainted with your cousin. I’m sure he won’t mind giving you a fucking good time as well.

“You know, not most mothers would just go and wildly make their daughters go and have sex with a boy like you did,” said Kushina slurping off some of the cum leaking out of her sister’s pussy.
“Oh kami……..that feels good sis. Anyway, she needs it, she’s always been playing with herself, it’s about time she gets the real thing,” moaned Yumi as Kushina finished licking her away.
“Did I mention to you before that I was pregnant now,” said Kushina.
“What? Your pregnant, by Naruto, your son?” asked Yumi.
“Yep, but I haven’t told him yet so keep it a secret,” said Kushina.
“Then that means that I could be pregnant as well,” said Yumi grinning.
Then they both stopped, “Oh crap, Yuki.”

Meanwhile in the private hot springs room in the mansion, Naruto moaned as his cousin was stroking his cock and gripped it. Yuki still holding his cock said, “You fucked my mom ok, but let’s see if you can do the same to me.”
Naruto's mouth open when his redhead cousin engulf his member. "Ahhhh fuck" he groaned out as felt Yuki’s tongue wrap around his thick rod.
Yuki began bobbing her head up and down on his cock as he fell against the side of the hot spring.
"Hhhmmm" Yuki mumbled as she stopped after a few minutes of sucking him off for air. Naruto saw his cousin bend over one of the fake boulders of the spring and shook her ass in his direction. "Come here and fuck my virgin pussy, see if I’m just as good or even better than my mom.”
Naruto couldn’t argue for the opportunity to take his first virgin pussy, and lined up his cock with her tight little hole and pushed in slowly.
“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” Yuki moaned out in pain as Naruto broke her barrier. Yuki’s was only 1 year younger then Naruto, but her body was small, (Think of about a bit older looking then Hanabi is during the second series, with red hair, and blossomed early in her chest), so when Naruto invaded her depths it hurt like hell as her hymen was broken.
"Are you ok" Naruto asked as he stopped pushing in and held her small body. Yuki nodded and pushed her hips against his to get him to get back to it. "Your big, but keep going, I want you to fill me up more than you did my mom".
Naruto nodded and grabbed her hips and pushed the rest of his cock into her.
"Oh fuck" Yuki screamed, "How can you be this big".
Yuki arched her head back feeling her cousin slide another few inches into her depths, while Naruto started cupping her breasts gently. Yuki moaned as his left hand went to her small left breast and he began pinching her sensitive nipple.
Naruto felt his entire cock finally slide into his young cousin’s body, “damn, your even tighter than your mom" he said pulling in and out of her.
"Aaaahhhh" Yuki screamed feeling his cock touching her cervix and her pussy began to close in more as she felt herself release onto her cousin's cock. Naruto continued pounding away into his cousin’s tightness.
"Oh fuck, fill me up. Pump me more full of your naughty seed than my mom could take, fill me with your seed", moaned Yuki.
Naruto grunted and felt his balls empty for the second time that day and Yuki let her mouth open to scream but now sound came out as she felt her womb become drenched with her cousin’s sperm. She felt Naruto keep pumping more seed into her cunt as it tighten up once again.
"Fuuucckk, you’re turning me inside out" she screamed.
Naruto's grunted as he could still feel rope after rope of his cum being let loose into his cousin’s fertile womb.
They both fell back onto the fake boulders of the hot springs and panted from their activity.
“So, who was better, me or my mother,” she moaned before blacking out.
Naruto chuckled, “Hard to say, your all so fucking amazing,” he panted himself before falling asleep as well.
Kushina and Yumi came into the spring but already too late as they saw the two teens out cold and white fluid flowing out of Yuki’s vagina.
“Oh well, it seems we are too late,” said Yumi.
Well, if she is pregnant, Naruto will have to deal with it,” said Kushina.
“You as well, and me if I am pregnant too,” said Yumi.
“Oh, three babies is the least Naruto has to deal with. He might just have to repopulate the entire shinobi nations,” said Kushina.
“Wow, he better have a good amount of stamina and sperm to share with every woman out there,” chuckled Yumi.
Meanwhile, outside of the Namikaze compound, a purple haired ANBU had noticed Kushina had been walking around the shopping district a few hours ago with a limp, and followed her back. She had seen that a male, namely Naruto, was still in the village, and was finding no problem pleasuring woman on the spot.
“Must report this to the Hokage,” she said and started running across rooftops.
Now I need a decision on who should be in the next chapter, for the time being I will keep the next few chapters to only woman that are in the hidden leaf village and then move on to others from other villages and such.
So from my poll, select which leaf village woman should be next, a location in the village, and the situation that leads to it. The one that I like most I will choose for the next chapter.
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